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    Bring on Delray!

    I don't know the last time I've ever looked so forward to a regional 250 tennis tournament. I don't know if it's the natural optimism of the new year, or the dearth of professional tennis in 2020, but I cannot wait to see good old best of 3 matches with no gimmicks. No Cincinnati in New York...
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    Brad Stine has done a great job with Tommy Paul

    Tommy Paul looked real strong today against Duckworth. Paul would be great for American tennis if he can break out. Much more personality than Opelka, Fritz, and the other Americans in his class. Doesn’t take himself or the game too seriously. He played in a few of those weird tournaments...
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    Uncool scheduling French Open

    Putting Schwartzman smack dab in the middle of Yom Kippur evening. He's the last match of a set of four that start at 11am Paris time tomorrow. Everyone knows how long FO matches take. He'll be going on at 5pm if he's lucky. Many practicing Jews won't be able to watch him - and some...
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    Why didn't Thiem Destroy those weak 2nd Serves?

    I'm reading a lot of people ragging on Zvervev for the slow 2nd serves, but shouldn't we be focusing on Thiem allowing it? I know AV threw in a few 120mph 2nd serves, but not that often to stay that far back. Have you ever seen what the top WTA players do on 2nd serves like that? Point over...
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    It was Novak’s fault, but. . .

    Why are the linespeople and ballpersons wearing the same uniform? It seems Novak was hitting the ball to a ball person, who are trained to watch for balls especially on changeovers. I’m not saying you have to go full shirt and tie like Wimbledon, but a different color shirt (like you’ve done in...
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    If Rafa plays, he won't lose a set in the 2020 US Open. Here's why. . .

    I go to the practice sessions every year at the US Open. Nobody practices like Nadal. The other players will let a really good shot go because they know they'll probably hit a weak return which will be put away. Rafa goes after everything. The only other guy who did that was Schwartzmann...
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    Federer has four months to retire as the All Time Slams Leader

    But first a joke: There was a flood. A man went on the roof of his house. A raft came by. "Get in" said a man in the raft. The man on the roof replied "No thank you. God will save me." A motor boat came by. "Get in" said the driver. The man on the roof replied "No thank you. God will...
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    this doesn’t sit right

    Fed fan here, but I don’t like this...
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    Time to mic the linespeople

    Can’t believe it’s come to this but with all the talking in the stands at USO Ashe, you can’t hear the lines calls half the time - even on tv. I’ve been there and sitting in the higher seats is like watching a match at a bar. If you tell people to quiet down (which always gets you funny looks...
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    Sasha Zvervev

    Is that it for him?
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    Welcome to NY gentlemen

    As a longtime Queens resident, I’m so proud of the way our visitors have assimilated into our culture while visiting. From Djokovic saying “I’ll come and find you”, to Medvedev flipping us off, and finally to Roger for saying “I’m sick of this sh-t”, they really fit right it to everyday life...
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    FINALLY - a next gen with personality

    Medvedev’s post match interview on court was phenomenal. The anti-Theim.
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    It's too hot to play tennis in NY this week

    Real feel is high 90's. You won't hear about it because it's no-names playing this week in qualies, but it's absurd to have a hard court tournament this week in August. The players should strike. There's no reason not to have this tournament in October other than a slight financial advantage...
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    It wasn’t only the CP’s.

    I know the champion points were painful, but this point was the one where you can make the argument he choked. He should have won this one. Side note, very similar to the second cp about 20 minutes earlier.
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    Is OAT necessary?

    People on here seem pretty smart. Is “of All Time” redundant when following “Greatest”?
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    The missed call on the final point

    When Fed was serving 3-6 in the final tiebreaker, there was a missed call that cost him the point. He would have crushed that floater and it would have been 4-6 with another Fed serve. One mini-break. Hardly insurmountable. When the call was made Fed angrily hit the ball into the net -...
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    Assign a Beatle to each Wimbledon Semi Finalist

    Title says it all. Mods, feel free to delete this stupid thread.
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    Dear Guy Forget

    I know you've been dealt a bad hand with the weather, but here's what to do. Reschedule all matches to Saturday. Move the championship to Monday - period. A Saturday with those four guys will make the FO relevant again - leapfrogging AO into 3rd place, maybe even 2nd if USO has another bad...
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    I don’t get the IW worship here

    Half filled for Osaka. 3/4 filled for Federer v Stan. Not loud for any match. And you want to ditch NYC for this? I realize that a majority of the ticket holders were awaiting arraignment for the college admissions scandal, but still. . .
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    Best Three Slam Resurgence for Tennis?

    Each of the big three have won three slams since 2017 after going winless for at least two years. Which resurgence does the most to promote the game?
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    The unsung winner of AO 2019

    Dan Medvedev. The only guy to lay a glove on Novak all tournament. If you saw the match, you’d know Novak was legit flustered. 9 years younger than any of the big three. Mentally strong. Watch for this dude.
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    New poem at AO ‘19?

    Here in the US, we are treated to the same filler commercial from the Australian board of tourism every year. My compatriots know the one - the beach visuals with a voiceover by a woman who barely has the strength to speak. Is 2019 the year we get a new filler spot?
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    What might have been

    As we wait for the next grand slam to start in the next few weeks, what match do you think would have had the biggest impact of the loser’s career if the results were switched. Last 5 years only. Not counting finals.
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    Why not Steve Johnson for Laver Cup

    Steve Johnson is one of the best team tennis players of all time. USC won four NCAA consecutive championships when he was there and he was player of the year for two of them. I wonder if they consider the team angle when they invite players or is marketability given priority.
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    Happy 1st Anniversary of 37, Roger!

    One year ago today, Roger Federer was defeated by Juan Martin del Potro at the 2017 US Open. Upon that event, the TTW forum members began declaring him 37 years old. Congratulations on making it through your first year of being 37 Roger! May your second 37th year be as fruitful.
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    Millman definition

    There was a thread earlier asking to describe John Millman in one word. Little known fact, there is already a definition of the word. Millman (MILLman) noun. The millman (old English: mill man) is the inferior player a superior player purposely loses to in order to avoid the succeeding...
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    Thank you Dominic Thiem

    The day after Labor Day is the worst one of the year. End of summer, back to school, shorter days and Rafa over Anderson in straight sets. But wait a second. What’s that? A reason to look forward to September 4th? It’s Nadal v Thiem! An actual match for Rafa at Flushing Meadows for the...
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    My impressions of US Open 2018

    Random thoughts: New Louis Armstrong Stadium is beautiful. It's like a minor-league baseball ball park with no bad seats and a completely open feeling so you can see tennis while walking around the stadium. They just have fix these hideous huge brown side panels. I don't know their purpose -...
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    Which under 30 player would have had a chance?

    against the level of tennis we saw last night/today? Not just the talent, but the stamina? the only player I can think of is Stan and he’s obviously not <30. I don’t see anyone beating both these guys in a tournament for a long time.
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    Boola Boola - Let's Hear it for College Tennis

    Kevin Anderson played in the 2007 National College Championship for Illinois. He lost to UGA's John Isner. Support your local college tennis program - try to go to match sometime. They're amazing players, no matter the division.