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  1. Stratotanker

    Calling (former?) Blade 16x19 CV Users

    Hey everybody, Over the past two years I've had the chance to hit with a bunch of new racquets, but I still play my best tennis with the 16x19 CV Blade (w/ 2 grams at 12, ~335 SW, 32.5-33ish balance, Hyper-G or similar polys in the mid to high 40s). I've only got one CV blade left, however...
  2. Stratotanker

    Practice Video: Feedback Requested (1HBH/FH)

    I filmed some hitting with my buddy this morning, and thought I'd post and ask for some input from the group. Points from the drop feed at first and then on to some serving. We're hitting on an OmniCourt here, which is sand over astroturf, and very popular in Japan. I've been messing around...
  3. Stratotanker

    Video Critique/Advice

    Hello, I'm about two months into playing tennis after about a ten-plus year layoff after high school. I'm really enjoying rediscovering the game. I filmed a quick video (hitting, point play, serve compliation) with an older friend of mine at the local park. The intensity level isn't super...