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    What do I have to look at???

    I need some advices from all you experts here..... A local pro shop is selling me a 2 yrs old Gamma 8800ELS, and I am going there on Wed to take a look, if it is in good shape, I might just take it home right away. The pro shop is well established and have nothing negative ever heard, so I...
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    Mutual Power ATLAS 9600 s, good deal this time??

    The sales is ending in couple days, wondering is $799 a good deal for this machine. Have anyone use it and is it durable? Any comments is welcome!! :) :)
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    what do you guys think of this...?

    I just started stringing for my friends' racquets, so far the result and feedback from them are very positive. Now I am thinking about doing it for more people in the club. So I need to stock some stings, what do you guys think if I start off with these two types of strings: 1) Maxim...