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  1. 10ACE

    Yonex Ezone 98 Grommet?

    Does anyone know when the Yonex Ezone grommets will be available for purchase? The DR grommets are different. Thanks
  2. 10ACE

    Nike wimby not on Sale?

    Nike's Wimbledon was on sale for a week or more and then the sales were lifted. Usually, their appeal for that season would be on sale now and for some reason it is all out of whack this year. What gives?
  3. 10ACE

    Nike Vapor 9 Redv and Bluev..gone?

    I realize these went on sale, but they were in stock this past Sunday (not on sale) and now not even listed? Did these sell out super fast-or pulled? Thank you.
  4. 10ACE

    USTA Rankings Odd

    How can someone be ranked #2- been in only 2 tournaments- reached finals in both- and has a 3-1 record- but a guy ranked #9 is 12-0 and has won every tournament he's entered?
  5. 10ACE

    Demo timing fail

    Tough part about demoing 4 racquets with 3 in and 1 waiting, all of a sudden you will have 1 in and waiting on 3- then it goes waiting on all 4!Order date 6/13- ship date 6/15 now 6/19 now 6/22 Hahah that system needs to revisit management for an overhaul.
  6. 10ACE

    How to Make a My Stroke Video Speechless- gear; check, "come on"; check, encouraging music check, slow motion check, shirt change check, I mean this is how to do it everyone and he's 12.
  7. 10ACE

    Donnay X series price drop!

    Well the March gift is in- Donnay has slashed their price- of course this is whith out that kit- but who needed it really!! Great frames- hope to see this lift their presence
  8. 10ACE

    Donnay XBlue99 vs Dunlop Bio300 Tour...=Xred99?

    Let me start off by mentioning my current racquets of 3 years Dunlop AG 200- @12.87oz and 2 at 13.13oz. Finding that they are slowly taking away from my game- the power that was once there is dwindling- physically I am not. Strung MSV hex mains 16 and Gosen OG sheep mirco 16 @ 60/58- and yes i...
  9. 10ACE

    Hybrid MSVhex 16L w/ Gosen Pro Tuff 15L

    I am a full bed poly fanatic- string MSV hex 16L at 60lbs. Just looking to test out a hybrid- tried before with NRG2 17- and that moved around way too much- bit too much pop too at 60lbs NRG2 I like the solid feeling of hitting a full bed of Hex- but would like to see how a hybrid of a pretty...
  10. 10ACE

    Staple Size Used for Buttcap

    I borrowed a staple gun- however I can't find the staple size that I see used for a racquets buttcap--- on the gun it says staple size range 6mm-19mm The staples used for the buttcaps- look more like 1mm-2mm???? Anyone?
  11. 10ACE

    4.0 Tourni top Seeds 4.5!!??

    I am playing a 4.0 tourni and the top seeds are 4.5- should be a good time- but how can 4.5 play down- is this legit?
  12. 10ACE

    USTA Late rule?

    where in this 350 page booklet does one find that for ever 5 minutes a 1 game penalty will be given? Is this something that you would force in a Flex League? Flex league is usually with fun people and good games but taking it to someone for being late and enforcing the 1 game for each...
  13. 10ACE

    Who serves 2nd set after TIE Brkr

    Technically, I guess I had no idea If your opponent ends the set serving, and you start the Tiebreaker does that mean he serves to start the 2nd set? I thought it was the other way around- sorry this happened recently
  14. 10ACE

    NIKE HAT worn by Isner & Berdych

    When will Nike release this hat- they used to issue this hat in the early 2000's it's a sphere material and in my opinion much better then feather lite? Thank you Isner wearing it in white: b) in black...
  15. 10ACE

    Groomet/Drill holes Misaligned raqcet head

    As the Title states I just received two Racquets (Dunlop 200 AG). Strung one and when I went to string the other, there was a major issue with misaligned grommet holes. The middle two holes in the throat were not only too close- they were on a diagonal! This lead me to check the other...
  16. 10ACE

    Top Multi's full bed, thoughts?

    I searched and didn't find a thread. What do people recommend for a multi, full string job. and with a multi if you're use to using 18ga how do you feel about 16-17ga? My initial consideration go to Gamma Live wire, and MSV soft touch, just wondering if some multi users out there have...