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    Lousy matches at Arthur Ashe Stadium

    Come on USTA, Stopping putting so many ladies matches or one sided men's matches at the Arthur Ashe, people don't just want to see big names, they want exciting and good matches. Gosh, I love Clijsters, but she has played all her matches so far in the main stadium, and you know how she can...
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    Australian Open TV Schedule [ESPN2/TC/ESPN360/BBC/TSN/Eurosport]

    Have fun. Will be good if this can be pinned. :twisted: US TV Schedule [ESPN2/Tennis Channel/ESPN360] Eastern Time Sunday, Jan. 17 7pm -2am: First Round, ESPN2 [Live] Monday, Jan. 18 3 - 8 am: First Round, ESPN2 [Live] 8am - 2pm: First Round, TENNIS [Replay] 3 - 7pm: First...
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    Nike congratulates Federer AD Basically you won't even see Federer in the ad... but seems like Nike is taking advantage of the attention given to Federer at the moment.
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    Roger Federer : Cover of Sports Illustrated

    According to Tennis Mag's Tennis Ticker: If its true then it would be great to recognize Federer's achievements. I gonna get my first Sports Illustrated issue in my life. :twisted::twisted:
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    Serena: " for women's tennis: "Clearly, women's tennis is better than men's tennis."

    Serena just took her cockiness to a whole new level. And now she thinks that women's tennis is better the men's tennis? Lolz. Yeah, personalities, arrogant personality like Serena. =)
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    French Open TV Schedule [NBC/ESPN2/TC/ESPN360/BBC/TSN/Eurosport]

    US TV Schedule [NBC/ESPN2/ESPN360/Tennis Channel] Eastern Time Listings Good news, apparently this year DirecTV, DishTV and even TimeWarner would have free previews of Tennis Channel for their subscribers. And of course DirecTV would have 6 HD mixed channels showing most of the courts in...
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    Australian Open TV Schedule [ESPN2/TC/BBC]

    USA Australian Open TV Schedule [ESPN2/TC] Eastern Time Listings. Schedule subject to change without notice by networks. Basically every single match in Melbourne will be shown either in ESPN2 or Tennis Channel or ESPN360 (livestreaming of 6 courts). TC will be showing the morning matches in...
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    Finding a string that suits top spin player

    Emm, i'm planning to restring my racquet in near future, but i'm in a dilemma as i can't decide what string to put in my racquet. I play with alot of top spin (i rarely play a flat shot) and slice quite alot in my backhand. Can anyone suggest me what kind of strings i should use? I'm...
  9. F [70USD to watch 40 ATP/WTA tournaments official livestreaming] [Watch 40 ATP/WTA tournaments official livestreaming],,12543,00.html They will launch it pretty soon. :) Seem to be a pretty cool deal (if the annual fee is around 70USD), especially i'm going to oversea to study means probably no TV for me...
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    Williams sisters playing tennis in high heels

    Pictures say a thousand words. They're nuts.
  11. F showing the men's final livestream at 5PM

    :) Just for those who will be working during tomorrow's monday men's final.. You may watch the final in :):) Hope this helps.
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    Women's tennis totally overshadowed by Men's Tennis in US Open

    Not sure whether you feel that, but so far i think the men players have totally overshadowed the women players. We have so many top matches between the men, such as Young vs Blake, Murray vs Melzer, Del Potro vs Simon, Djokovic vs Cilic, Nishikori vs Ferrer, Nadal vs Querrey, Federer vs...
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    US Open TV Schedule [CBS/USA/CNBC]

    US Open TV Schedule [CBS/USA/CNBC] Eastern Time Listings Good news for those with Direct TV. From Aug 25 to Sep 1, US Open interactive channels 701-707 will show matches from various courts.
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    Aviva - ATP's new lead sponsors?

    Aviva leads in ATP talks Found this in Sports Business Daily. It would be a great news for ATP if this deal finalizes.
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    US Open Series attendance

    Lets talk abit about the attendance in USO Series tournaments. I have seen some matches of Rogers Masters so far. The attendance during afternoon matches was okay, but the night matches attendance was excellent. Almost sold out every evening. I haven't get to watch the women's matches...
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    Wimbledon TV Schedule [NBC/ESPN2/TC/ESPN360]

    For other countries please refer to US Wimbledon TV Schedule [NBC/ESPN2/TC/ESPN360] Eastern Time Listings "ESPN Interactive TV, a Wimbledon first for U.S. tennis fans, will be seen in 30 million homes served by DISH Network and...
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    French Open TV Schedule [ESPN2/TC/NBC/ESPN360]

    Scroll down for Eurosport, BBC schedule. Roland Garros - Eastern time listing Sunday, May 25, 2008 -French Open Day 1 Tennis Channel 5 a.m.-noon (live); 5-8:30 p.m. "French Open Tonight"; 8:30 p.m.-3 a.m. (replay) ESPN2 noon-5 p.m. (replay) Monday, May 26, 2008 - French Open Day 2 Tennis...
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    Sony Ericsson Open TV Schedule

    Have fun and enjoy FSN coverage. :twisted::twisted:
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    Federer signed up for Stockholm Open

    Just read that in ESPN. A surprise move from Federer. Stockholm Open is scheduled 1 week before Madrid Masters, which probably means Federer will have to play 4 weeks straight... Stockholm > Madrid > Basel > Paris :???:
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    Free 2-Day Shipping offer

    Just want to ask when will it end? I would like to order stuffs in these few days. :)
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    Australian Open TV Schedule

    Australian Open TV Schedule USA Schedule Eastern Time Listings Sunday 13 January 1900-0000 Day 1 [ESPN 2][LIVE] Monday 14 January 0330-0600 Day 1 [ESPN 2][LIVE] 0600-0800 Day 1 [ESPN Classic][LIVE] 0800-1400 Day 1 [TC][Replay] 1900-2100 Day 2 [TC][LIVE] 2100-0100 Day 2 [ESPN 2][LIVE] Tuesday...
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    Perhaps time to boycott SI?

    Can anyone tell me why SI is so popular in US? It seems to me that its one of most stupid sports mag i ever seen. :) Luckily i'm not a subscriber or anything of SI, it makes me feel sick when they treat tennis like a piece of rubbish. :twisted:
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    Federer vs Woods Nike Ads (3rd edition) Nike never fails to make great ads. :D :D
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    WTA Drama : Featuring top 8 :D :D :D This is so funny.. Nice stuff from Tennis Mag.
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    Hingis to retire for the 2nd time After another strings of injuries, she's considering to retire again.
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    nBlade vs Pure Drive Tour vs nTour 2

    Yeah, i need some help here from some experts... This is my 2nd time buying a racquet so i don't have much experience... Was tempted to buy the k6-1 95, but sadly, i don't think i'm good enough for that racquet after demoing it. I'm a baseliner, kind of like a counter puncher, play with alot...
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    Please identify this racquet

    I found this racquet in my house... Seem to be a powerful racquet. Can anyone identify this racq?
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    USA to drop US Open Man, this is shocking. :confused: :confused: First USA network gave up The Masters [Majors in golf] to ESPN, now they giving up on US Open as well.
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    WTA really needs some scheduling change.

    I'm glad that WTA and ATP will reform in 2009, no more big and small tournaments being held simultaneously and top players are allowed to participate anyone of them. Just look at this week, top players are battling in Moscow, then Jankovic and Venus chose to play in Thailand Open instead of...
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    Federer to play Estoril Open This is abit shocking. I didn't expect Federer to add any clay court tournaments in his schedule.. So now he will play Estoril Open --> Monte Carlo ----> Rome ---> Hamburg ----> Roland Garros. I hope this will help and he will finally win...