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    Isospeed REXXXER - New oval poly on the market

    I wish Isospeed made all their strings accessible in the US, not just Europe :(
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    Andy Murray?

    He was always bad since he first arrived on tour. That's why I never liked him. Being young and immature is one thing but you're 35 now, it seems pretty pathetic the way he behaves on court.
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    Do you restring racquets you demo?

    Do retailers even allow this? I thought you are not allowed to. I can't properly demo since they always come with dead crap strings
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    Pro Staff 100 v13? Discuss here!

    ohh man 2pt hl after strung? That is atrocious qc smh
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    Tier One Sports tennis strings?

    It's all preference and play style. Some of ya'll are so closed-minded and opinionated here
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    Ultimate racquet for a 4.5 player

    Ya'll trying to break into the racket market now?
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    What do guys think of the Fed - Cilic match drama?

    Some of these umpires are extra and just want their 5-10 minutes of fame instead of quietly doing their job. Isn't he smart enough that gaining attention as an umpire is going to get him likely fired from the big matches and tournaments going forward?
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    Inverdale and Courier discuss Zverev's 'image' and reputation.

    He was never likeable even before the off court accusations. Arrogant, all the screaming, obnoxious "Let's go's!", and racket breaking doesn't help either...
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    What Tour Level Players use in retail racquets!

    Injury after injury. Recently had back surgery. He really fell off after 2018
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    Who is the current top villain on tour?

    Djo-COVID, Zverev, Fognini on the Men's side Serena, Putintseva on the Women's
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    "l'Enfant Prodige" Lorenzo Musetti's Racquet mystery (HEAD)

    It's becoming more prevalent these days. Might find a really good combo that brings the best characteristics out of two strings versus one.
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    Shapovalov Geneva Sleeves

    Their height isn't the issue but they are both 150lbs soaking wet. Federer, Nadal and Djoker aren't 6'1 - 6'2 sticks, they are pretty built. It's like a heavyweight vs lightweight going against each other. Who got the advantage in a long physical 5th set match?
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    Shapovalov Geneva Sleeves

    There will always be someone better than him to take him out in the SF of slams just like Dimitrov. Like I said, good player but not great
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    Shapovalov Geneva Sleeves

    He'll be another Dimitrov. Couple Slam semi's and occasional master's 1000 but not really a big-time multiple slam winner. His game is all flash, too inconsistent. Although he hits very big for his size I think his relatively small stature isn't built to last compared to the new breed of 6'4+ &...
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    Being at your prime and seeing 35 years old guys winning tournaments must be frustrating

    What if the 18-20 year olds (Sinner, Musetti, Acarez) currently start upping their level and game and start dominating even before the 22+ next gen players (Tsitspas, Zverev, Shapo) when the big 3 are truly done? I'm still confused... Who's the next gen and the next next gen, and so on?
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    How stiff is Rafa's racket?

    I thought it was 65 RA strung
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    Wasabi 1.23 is pretty thick. Just as thick as 1.25 or maybe even thicker. On a 100sq in 16x19 racket, it was 3 grams heavier than majority of the 1.25g polys in my experience.
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    Wilson Blade update delayed

    Hopefully they change the formula around. Head's been killing it lately with most of their graphene 360+ lines. I disliked the feel of all Wilson's racket starting with countervail and v7's weren't that great either...
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    2020 Prostaff update

    I thought the v11 versions were pretty powerful compared to v13. TWU data indicates that as well...
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    Diadem Elevate Tour

    I measured both the Elevate and Elevate Tour demos strung as a hybrid and they both came out to have 323 swingweight according to the SwingTool app. I was expecting the Tour to be closer to 330 since that was the popular consensus but I'm actually happier with a lower 320's swingweight.
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    Mayami strings

    Were they receiving that much criticism and negative review because people here weren't receiving their samples? The email sent out seemed really personal and less of a professional business decision. I think they bit more than they could handle and along with health issues, they couldn't meet...
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    Mayami strings

    Did y'all receive that lengthy email? So what now? We won't be getting the free samples?
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    Mayami strings

    Lol same
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    Mayami strings

    never got mine and I signed up a while ago...
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    Most intelligent tennis player ever? (tennis wise)

    I think Fed's intelligence is a bit overrated. His genius and natural talent are obvious during his prime years or when he's steamrolling over opponents but he rarely makes the necessary adjustments during a tough match hence his poor 5-set record or during tight situations especially against...
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    Are there any benefits to smooth strings?

    I think the only shaped poly to win a major on the men's side is RPM Blast with Rafa and Stan? Please correct me if I'm wrong
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    Toroline Wasabi

    Same 3 for $5. One 1.25g and two 1.23g
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    gravity MP demo from TW

    TW is not good with sending demos that are in playable condition. I received 3 rackets with all dead strings making thuds. I received a refund
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    Best serves of all time?

    I'm not a fan of tree-tall height-induced servebots like Isner and Karlovic. Sampras and Roddick on the other hand were only 6'1 and 6'2 respectively who simply had great technique and knew how to use most of their body for a great serve.