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    rate this guy i saw this guy on youtube and i was wondering what ntrp rating he would be. I thought it would be interesting to hear your opinions because he uses 2 hands on both wings. :)
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    deformed abs?

    my right abs are bigger than my left abs and is clearly visible that my right abs are bigger. is this normal? has anyone else experienced this? is there anyway to fix it?
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    Go13illy needs a lil help

    About 2 weeks ago, I was probably playing my best tennis ever. I would self rate myself a strong 3.5 or a weak 4.0. I then broke my strings and didn't play tennis for about a week. My dad also bought me a new racket, a Babolat pure storm limited, I tried it out the day after i got, i was playing...
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    I'm new to this warranty stuff since I never needed to do warranty, but I recently broke the racket of my handle by serving(I'm not a very good server) and I wondered if I can get a warranty on this? I bought the racket in the summer and I'm not sure if I can get a warranty so can someone tell...
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    hey is this okay?

    Well, im 13 and every night i do 50 pushups 30 sit ups, 30 second plank, and 40 lunge jumps. Do you think its okay? Or should i stop something or add something?
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    Are most people on tennis warehouse old people?

    after reading a lot of posts i realized most people are like 30 and older. Im 13 myself so i was wondering if there is anyone else my age or around there instead of 30+. No offence to old people. I'm just wondering cuz i feel lonely. :-|
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    Need help

    I play tennis a lot, about 5-7 days a week for about 2-3 hours with my brother. Sometimes, my forehands can be great, very consistent, and powerful, but on some days they just suck. I write everything i need to remember on an index card so I can play well but it doesn't seem to work very...
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    Yo Gabba Gabba

    DO you guys like Nathaniel? I think he is an excellent dancer and an inspiration for those younger dancers out there. It wouldn't be a surprise to see him on " So You Think You Can Dance? " one day. Well heres Nathaniel, tell me what you think.
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    Do you like waffles?

    Yes, I like waffles. Do you like pancakes? Yes, I like pancakes.