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    Pictures from the O2 23rd Nov 09

    Hi all, Took some pictures from the singles matches last night at the O2 (Nadal/Soderling and Djokovic/Davydenko)...unfortunately I am at work and can't post at the moment but will look at posting them later! Hope you enjoy them.
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    RIP Sir Bobby Robson

    Just heard on the news that a great football manager and person died today. Big loss for the city of Newcastle. Thoughts and wishes go out to the family.
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    Sampras v Henman Queens final 1999

    Just watching the repay of the Queens Final between Sampras and Henman....if only there were still some true/traditional serve volley players in todays game as it would make Wimbledon more interesting than the baseline game that is seen today. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the...
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    Federer's backhand down the line improved?

    Since the losses to Nadal at the French Open and other clay court seems to me that Federer is hitting more winners or forced errors with his backhand....I have never seen him strike the ball that well...also, he is using the backhand down the line more often that so he can...
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    $20,000 for Fed's racquet....

    Hello all, Just doing a little search on E***...found someone selling a Federer racquet for $20,000!!! Also, the description is wrong....for a true 'racquet connoissuer' as they put it...the grip should be 4 3/8 not 4 1/2!! Anyways...for those who wanted to check it you go...
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    Head producing limited edition racquets

    Hi all, if this is old news then apologies....but just noticed that head are or will be selling Replica Head radical racquets in memory of Agassi...wonder how many people will be purchasing those...if wilson does teh same for sure they will sell by the bucket load too :-)
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    Murray the moaner......

    After watching several of Andy Murray's matches....altho at times it is great to have the court side microphones....I am becoming more and more bored with Murray's snide comments....watching the match against Roddick...he was going on about 'He's giving me nothing....' One thing for Muray to...
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    Nicholas Kiefer's racquet

    I was at Wimbledon last year and had a good look at Kiefers racquet...unfortunately I didn't take any pics of it...but with all the pj's that are happening, does any one know what he actually plays with? The pj, done like an n-code 6.1 or team, didn't have the n-code badges on the PWS and also...