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    Lead tape on 2018 Pure drive

    Hi guys, asking re application of lead tape on the new pd Going thru a babolat phase atm so gonna buy a PD to keep my racketholism under control temporarily. My desired spec is more close to the PD tour (or even a bit heavier) but given bab's qc i thought prob safer to get the standard version...
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    Pure drive woofer grommet vs pre-woofer grommet

    Hi guys i got one of the earlier gen pure drive.. one with pre-woofer grommets. I was something of anyone could tell me how would the feel/playability change if i change the grommet to the woofer ones? Thanks in advance (contemplating whether i should update the grommet, as if i take the...
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    sw increase from capping tgk260.2

    I am thinking about capping a tgk260.2, can anyone please tell me how much increase in swing weight roughly? and does the feel change? many thanks
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    Head tgt 297.1

    Hi guys n girls, does anyone know what grommets goes into head tgt297.1? Much appreciated for your help in advance
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    steam 96

    Hi All, was wondering is the steam 96 same mold as the blx tour 95? thanks in advance
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    tecnifibre 315 dynacore vs 320 vo2

    Hi all, was wondering if anyone could pls share their experience comparing the new 315 dynacore with the previous tfight 320 vo2/atp/tp? thoughts on power, comfort, control, spin etc? much appreciated
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    sony sensor on head racquets

    Hi for the sony sensor user on head racquets.. I was wondering about getting a sony sensor to put on my graphene speed. I realize it's not listed as a compatible racquet. Do I have to replace the stock head butt cap with something else like a wilson smart sensor cap or would it fit straight...
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    VCore tour G 310 vs Yonex RDX 500

    Had a hit with a friend's RDX 500 the feel, spin, control and the amount of power. Was wondering what's the current available yonex closest to the RDX500, would it be the VCORE tour G 310? Can anyone compare those 2 rackets? Thanks in advance
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    sony sensor on non compatible rackets

    Hi All, Was just wondering if anyone can tell me your experiences on putting sony sensor on non-compatible rackets. My guess is that it shouldn't affect the spin nor the racket speed too much if at all, and the ball speed probably not very accurate at all, but am wondering about the accuracy...
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    wilson sony sensor butt caps prostaff vs non prostaff

    Hi could anyone pls tell me whats the difference between the prostaff vs non prostaff butt caps for Sony sensors? I'm thinking about buying some top put on my other non wilson rackets. . Not sure which ones to go with Thanks in advance
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    2015 blade 98 comfort level

    Hi guys, I was wondering what are your consensus on the difference between the 2015 blade 98 16X19 vs 18X20, particularly the comfort level. I read that the 16x19 is a little stiffer on rdc, but with more open string pattern just wondering if it will feel softer or not THanks in advance
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    prince tt95 vs tech 315 ltd 16*19

    Just wondering if anyone can compare the two (textreme 95 vs tecnifibre 319 ltd 16main) for me if they've hit with both. Am currently looking for new toy to buy and both of those intruige me. My ideal se is usually in the 320-330 range,I am familiar with adding a bit of lead tape, so if I was...
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    Wilson Steam pro 95 grommet

    Hi for all the grommet experts, was wondering if you know what grommet that's currently available that'll fit in the steam pro 95? I was thinking maybe the blx tour 95? Thanks in advance guys
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    Tecnifibre TFight 315 dynacore

    wondering if anyone has had a hit with the TF 315 dyncore yet? Love the look of the new stick, just wondering on your thoughts thanks
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    help calibrating EAGNAS manual spring tenisoner

    I've lost the manual of my EAGNAS manual crank EAG-700, unfortunately, I have forgotten how to calibrate the manual crank. It's about 3lb under at the moment. Does anyone can tell me how I go about rectifying the discrepancy? Thanks in advance
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    2012 95 vs 2014 95

    Hi guys, I am looking at getting a 95 but where I am, demo is not an option. Was wondering if anyone can please give me some comparison between them. I'm particularly interested in the 16X18 version. Thanks heaps
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    Prince Tour 100 (16x18) Racquets new vs old

    Hi Guys, apologies if it's been asked before, I couldn't find the thread Anyone could please tell me whether any discernible difference between the new and old version of the Tour 100 16X18, i know they differ in stiffness, but does that transfer to more power? sweetspot?? spin potential? or...
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    tFight 320 v02 vs EXO3 tour

    Hi guys, am wondering if anyone who has hit with both racquets can give me a comparison between both racquets eg power, spin, control or whatever you can comment on. It's hard for us Aussies to get our hands on some of these racquets to demo. Thanks heaps in advance :)
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    Stay with APDC or buy Technifibre VO2 320

    Hi guys, am thinking of buying my brother a pair of VO2 320s for his birthday... just wondering what u guys think? he's 5.5, powerbaseliner 1hBH with a very heavy forehand. Serves big and rarely comes to volley, he currently uses APDC which he loves...but I guess everyone loves to play with...
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    prince speedport tour question

    what's the difference between the speedport tour and the speedport tour demo that the tennis warehouse is selling?? thanks in advance
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    maxply mcenroe woodie - string tension

    for all u stringing expert out there...what tension would you string your maxplay mcenroe woodie at?? (syn gut) thanks heaps in advance
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    k90 gromets

    just wondering...where do u guys get ur k90 gromets?? thx in advance :) ( i couldnt find it on TW website) never mind guys,,, i just found it..
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    RDS001 or K 90

    Help guys... I am currently using a FxP prestige... am thinking about getting a new racquet to muck around with... should I get the RDS001 or the K 90.. anyone played with?? any comments or comparison would be greatly appreciated... thanks