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    Try to figure out who this player is

    Does anyone know who this player is? Thanks!
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    Trying to identify player

    Does anyone know who this player is? Thanks!
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    Pam Shriver needs to be fired

    Pam Shriver needs to go. She tricked Melanie into an interview on the court after losing and she made her poor nine year old sister spell "believe" before the match. She just needs to be fired - I'm sick of her.
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    Devvarman - Lopez

    Can Somdev Devvarman win a set off of Feliciano Lopez?
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    Throw elbow out on forehand

    I read a post awhile ago where someone said to finish the forehand by "throwing the elbow" towards the net. I thought it was an interesting tip. Anyone here remember giving this advice or reading it on the forums? One reason I find it intriguing is because you can see how Joker's elbow...
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    Should Mauresmo hang it up?

    With Mauersmo's confidence in shambles and a loss to a qualifier at the French, is it time for her to hang it up?
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    Identify this player!

    Can anyone identify this player? I have studied video of pro servers for at least seven years now, and I have never seen as much coil in the arm and racket as this guy is getting. Obviously I know who this player is. But I'm curious to see if anyone else can guess correctly...
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    Marty Fish

    Does anyone here remember seeing a series of clips, run during the US Open, where they interviewed a player on his best shot? There was one on James Blake's forehand where he famously talked about "sit and lift". And there was another one with Marty Fish on his serve. And another from the...
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    Clint Stephenson

    Hey guys, There has been a thread reviewing Clint's DVD, and I wanted to show how he has really helped me understand the modern forehand. Check out this comparison of Hewitt and Chela from an overhead angle: In his video...
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    How Many More Grand Slams Federer will win

    I'm curious how many more Slams people think Federer will win. I say he takes three next year. Two the year after that. Then at least three more in the rest of his career. So I'm predicting 8 more slams, giving him 20 total - 6 more than Pete's record 14. What do you guys think?
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    John Isner

    John Isner - Forehand Hey guys. If anyone has been following the Legg Mason Tennis Classic, you know that John Isner is one match short of a miracle. He was given a wild card slot into the tournament after Fernando Gonzalez pulled out last minute. He has gone on to knock out Tim Henman...
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    Superbooga - question

    Hey Superbooga, I remember from awhile back you said that the key to groundstrokes was "pressing into the ball". I like that concept a lot and was curious how you came up with it? Jeff
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    The elbow is bent and unfolds into contact for onehanded backhand

    How many people think your arm should be bent and you should "unfold" the forearm into contact (like throwing a frisbee) on the one handed backhand? I voted one "yes" for Mark Papas (in absentia) If you want to look at a pro onehander for reference, here is one...
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    Video Instruction for Beginners

    Duplicate Post Sorry
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    Identify this player

    Does anyone recognize this player? I am not sure who he is. If anyone knows, please let me know! Jeff
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    Fernando Verdasco Forehand

    Hey guys. I just posted a video of Fernando Verdasco's monster forehand on my site. You can check it out here: I was watching him hitting with Nadal, and it was unreal. The power was crazy. I'm curious to hear what everyone thinks...
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    Has anyone tried this ebook

    I paid for the ebook at and felt ripped off. It says that it teaches pro technique but the ebook just has pictures of some guy holding a racket with a tennis ball photoshopped on his racket. It seems like he is false advertising by saying this ebook was "As Seen on TV" and...
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    Roger's Incredible Windshield Wiper Motion

    If you want to understand the Federer forehand, you need to see this! Bottle not allowed on this thread.
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    Great Tennis Book

    I was studying video the other day, and remembered something I had read from a book I bought a few years ago. I hunted down the book from my bookshelf and reread it, and realized why I thought it was one of the best tennis instruction books it I had ever read. It's called "Tennis Strokes That...
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    Virtual Tennis Academy

    Does anyone have a membership to virtualtennisacademy? It looks like a great site.
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    Kick Serve

    A lot of people have been asking about how to hit a kick serve. Here is a good view of a kick serve from the front:
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    Federer Forehand

    Check this out: May take a few seconds to load. What do you guys see? How does he get such a far in front contact point? Is it from a pulling motion? Looks to me like he pulls the butt of the racket all the way up to the ball...
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    Federer forehand

    There is an interesting exchange on TennisOne between Oscar Wegner and Doug King about the Federer forehand: Oscar argues that Federer comes directly across the ball to the left on contact, and suggests this is the next step in tennis...
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    Federer - Nadal

    Watching this match all I can think is WRIST RELEASE. I've never seen hitting like this before. For that guy who wants to copy Connors...good luck :)
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    Federer Forehand

    Check out this picture I took of Federer. Is this the most insanely far out in front contact you've ever seen???
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    Wrist release on the backhand

    BB, I'm curious about your thoughts on the "wrist release" on the one and two handed backhands. I think it occurs on both shots just like the forehand. But maybe less on the two hander? What do you think? Also the more I study Federer the more I think he is a master of two things on the...
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    Topspin and hitting through the ball

    This forum has posed a lot of great questions about modern forehand technique. I have learned a lot from the answers as well as from the questions posed here. I have decided to give my answers to some of the best questions. Anyone can view the answer to the first question "What is topspin"...
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    Wegner forehand article

    On TennisOne, Oscar Wegner just put out an article on the forehand. I know Oscar Wegner is a hotbed of controversy around here, so let me state up front that I like his idea of "finding the ball". I like his idea of "accelerating on contact". I even like his idea of a more delayed backswing...
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    New tennis website to see how the pros serve

    Hey everyone, If you are interested in really learning how the pros serve, check out my latest website instruction with pro videos: I use my video footage, shot at 60fps, to show you how the pros get such huge pace and spin on their serves. If...
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    Bungalow Bill and Wrist Release

    Hey Bungalow Bill. I was reading the thread in about whether or not Federer releases his wrist. Check this out. Anybody that thinks he doesn't ought to see this clip: Jeff