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    Yonex poly tour pro 120

    Hi TWE, Are you going to stock Yonex pt pro 120 or pt spin in reels?? Currently you only carry 125. Thanks.
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    ball cases excluded from free shipping!!!!

    I just purchased equipment worth 343 Euros. I find it ridiculous that I have to pay 15 euros for shipping just because I bought a case of balls. Ball cases are excluded from free shipping because they are bulky....(?) Come on... Cases? Really?? Id understand that for buying a stringing...
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    Well i guess its the question of the days TWE:):):)... Are we going to see the new RF Jordans??????? P.s. And also what about new yonex V cores??? Estimated date?
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    babolat balancing tape

    Hi TWE, I was just wondering when is the Babolat balancing tape with the new adhesive going to be available....??? Thanks!
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    YONEX E-zone Ai 98 (310g) Review

    I just had the stick delivered and I took it for a quick hit. First impressions: 1. Solid like its predecessor the Xi. Same specs more or less. 2. More maneuverable frame, slightly more roundish 3. Good power, spin 4. Quicker head acceleration than the Xi. 5. Overall its a better Xi which...
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    Donnay pro one 16x19

    Hi TWE, Are you going to re-stock the 16x19 Pro one or just the 18x20 ??? If yes when do you expect delivery? thank you.:)
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    YONEX E-zone Ai 98

    when is the new yonex e zone Ai 98 going to be available at TWE??????
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    Delpo-Woz with no racquet contract....Where are they heading?

    So what do you guys think/would like to see??? Delpo to Head or Yonex? Or maybe ambassador of Babolat's new line??? Woz to Babolat? Or maybe Wilson? (Who else is out of a contract?)
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    Luxilon 4G....impressions?

    I ve been playtesting various setups lately. From luxilon i have tried Alu power and Alu rough. Not yet the 4G though. Any feedback/comments for this string???
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    YONEX stringing

    Is it true that due to the isometric shape of the yonex racquets you must always string with 2 pieces.??? Can it be done with one piece?? and what hybrid configuration would you recommend for ezone xi 98?? tension??