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    A shoe like the Asics Resolution 2, but narrower

    Can anyone recommend any shoes that are light and flexible like the Asics Resolution line, but more narrow? The Resolution 1 was great, but the newer models are unfortunately (for me) wider. I've already tried the Barricade 6 and CC Genius, both of which I thought were too bulky. I was...
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    Cranberry/Silver Lake - Upstate NY

    Any 4.0 or 4.5 men in this area? I'll be there 8/9 - 8/12 and will be looking for someone to hit with. Thanks, Vin
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    1993 French Final or Other Long Matches

    I'm looking for statistics regarding how much tennis is actually being played during a long match. For example, I have a book that says the 1993 French Open final between Courier and Bruguera lasted 5 hours and they only actually played 15 minutes of tennis. I also found a NY Times article...
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    Federer's Health and Perspective

    Watching yesterday's final inspired me to write an article about his encounter with mononucleosis last year and the immense pressure he seems to be putting on himself since that time. Despite it being an awesome match, I found it a bit painful to watch very much like last year's Wimbledon final...
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    USTA in Jacksonville FL

    Does anyone here play or know about the USTA scene in Jacksonville FL? Is there a good amount of 4.5 and 5.0 tennis? Do you have to be a club member to play on a team? Is it reasonable to commute from Amelia Island or Yulee for matches?
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    Todd Martin Serve

    Does anyone have video of Todd Martin's newer abbreviated serve or know where one is? Thanks
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    Asics Resolution vs Adidas Barricade 4

    Can anyone compare these two shoes? I love the Asics but nobody has them available in my size and I am sick of this always happening with Asics. Or, if anyone wears the resolutions and can recommend a similar shoe, that would be nice too. Thanks
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    I would like to to a survey to see what normal "jitters" are in relation to tennis. For anyone who gets them, I'd appreciate it if you would answer the following questions. I have hypoglycemia and also seem to be very sensitive to adrenaline and am trying to sort out what is normal and what...
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    Gamma Progression II 602 FC

    Is this a top of the line drop weight machine? What are some comparable machines? How important are the fixed clamps? I've strung on the Klippermate for a few years and have become pretty fast with the floating clamps. They seem easier to use than fixed clamps, but I've only used fixed clamps a...
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    Live Stream of Outer Courts at Aussie Open?

    Are there any websites that will be streaming some of the outer court matches at the Australian Open that are unlikely to make TV? If I have to pay, that's fine. Thanks
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    Angled Forefoot?

    Does anyone know of shoes that have a bit of an angled forefoot such that it sort of rolls your foot to the outside? I'm very happy with the Asics Sensations as they seem to be well suited for this, but Asics tennis sneakers are not easy to find in the US. Both TW and H Bird have all their...
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    TW's "Shoes for Pronators" List and NB 780

    I was excited to find this list and purchased the New Balance 780's because they are on it. Well, the 780's seem to be solid shoes, but even with my custom orthotics, the resting position of the front of my foot is still rolled inward too much. So, for anyone with orthotics for correction of...
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    Strings Similar to Polystar Energy?

    I've been using this string for a couple of months now and like it, but I'm curious to try some other polys. Can anyone make any recommendations? The only improvements I'm really looking for is a longer lasting crisp feeling and better availability (i.e. available at TW). I also wouldn't be...
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    NB 802 vs 780 - Motion Control

    I'm looking for a pair of sturdy shoes to aid my orthotics in stopping my severe over pronation. These two seemed to have risen to the top of my list. Can anyone compare them, or offer any other shoe suggestions?
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    Durability of Poly Polar

    I tried this string for the first time last week and thought it was nice - played a lot like a synthetic gut I thought which is what I've been looking for. However, after 4 hours of play, the mains (strung a hybrid with syn gut) were notched half way through. Since I'm playing with a new racket...
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    Soft Polys and Tension Loss

    I'm pretty new to poly and have been using Touch Turbo. I really don't like how there's a couple of hour break in period, then it plays well for about 5-8 hours, then plays noticably more muted and sloppy. Do all of the softer polys do this? To be honest, I prefer synthetic gut, but am trying...
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    Clips of Gasquet

    Does anyone know where any exist? I know tennisplayer and procomparetennis don't have any. Does tennisone?
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    Is Touch Turbo the most powerful?

    Is Touch Turbo the most powerful poly?
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    New Nikes with Replaceable Outsoles

    Has anyone seen the ad in the latest Tennis Magazine for the new Nikes with replaceable outsoles? Interesting idea, but that's all I've seen of them. Does anyone have more info on them?
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    Asics Insoles

    According to the TW site, the insoles in the two current hard court Asics shoes can't be removed. I normally replace the insoles in my shoes with Spenco insoles. Are the Asics insoles good enough that not being able to remove them is not a problem? Thanks, Vin
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    Trying to Like Poly - Advice?

    I'm a spin player and tear through string pretty quick. My current string of choice is Wilson Synthetic Gut Extreme 16g and I get about 6 - 10 hours out of it. Now that I have a ball machine on the way, I'm sure it will be even less. I want more durability! Being concerned about the health...
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    Goodbye DNX 8

    Since I've written a lot about the DNX 8 and a few seem to have been following my progress, I figured I owed it to you all to say that the fling is over. :( I still think it's a great racket, but I've concluded that stiff rackets are just not for me. The typical stiff rackets feel awful to me...
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    Nike Breathe Free 3 - Clumbsy?

    Has anyone noticed the Breathe Free 3's felling clumbsy? I'm finding the shoe rolling over a lot which worries me about rolling my ankle. This has never happened with either of the previous Breathe Free's. I was thinking maybe it could be the insoles I have in them (Spenco), but I have them in a...
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    Nat Gut - 1st time, hybrid or no?

    I'm trying gut for the first time. Is there any compelling reason to not go with a hybrid the first time? I'm a string breaker, so if I end up deciding to stay with gut, I'd probably use a hybrid to keep costs down. I ordered a pack of Klip Armour Pro, Babolat Tonic, and Gosen Sheep Micro for...
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    DNX 8 vs Pure Drive and Roddick Pure Drive

    I've been playing with the DNX 8 for over a month now and had a brief chance to try the two Pure Drive's yesterday in some doubles with big hitters. The Pure Drive had an extra grip on it, which may be why it weighed 11.7 oz, but based on playing just a few games with it, I was producing...
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    Mojo - Gut Question

    nevermind ... did some digging and found my answer. :)
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    Problem with tweeners and big swings

    Has anyone who's dropped down to a tweener from a player's frame had trouble when taking a big cut? Ironically, this is where I did well with a player's frame, but I can't seem to find 5th gear nearly as easy with the tweeners. All the lower gears seem to be better with the tweener, but I...
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    Mojo - V1 Question

    I'm thinking one of the V1's would be good for my wife. She says she'd rather have an OS and you also say that the DNX OS is better than the MP, but it's extended length, which you typically frown upon. Are you comfortable recommending an extended length frame like this to thin but fit 3.0...
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    Training like a pro

    During a long gap of not playing tennis, I became somewhat of a weightlifting nut. After getting back into the game and taking it seriously (playing nearly every day), I had a lot of trouble keeping up with the heavy lifting in addition to the tennis - even lifting only 2x per week. I have a...
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    Sampras to use a bigger racket

    From Tennis-X ... Pete Sampras speaking with the Houston Chronicle on his comeback: "I'm actually trying a bigger racket. I used a small racket my whole time on tour. But now I'm an old guy, I need some extra power. I'm using the racket that Roger Federer uses. I don't even know the name of it...