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    Ferrer, victim of his era or less talented?

    Ferrer gets tons of credit for being consistent, super quick, competitive and super fit. He leads the tour in wins, but can't beat the top 4 and reach a slam final. Is it a function of being unlucky and playing in the Fed, Djoker, Nadal, Murray era? Or is he just a smaller player, who does...
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    Big Match Chokers

    Even Federer is capable of getting tight in close matches. Succumbing to pressure is very common. Even the top professional players are not immune. What players should be on the list? What elite individual player has handled pressure best in the the open era?
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    Ball Machine Choices

    Looking to purchase a ball machine. Can anyone offer me information or suggestions for choosing between the SAM P1, Silent Partner STAR and the Lobster Elite 1?
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    Polyfibre Cobra 1.20

    Does anyone have any comments about Polyfibre Cobra 1.20? Its presently my favorite stand alone poly. I've used it in a hybrid with Polyfibre Viper, but I prefer it alone.
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    Prince CTS Precision 90, What compares?

    I used to play with a Prince CTS Precision 90 (from 1990 to 1996). As a rusty heavy topspinning 3.5 player, I have started playing again, but I find myself rushing my shots with the new lighter racquets (Dunlop Aerogel, Volkl Powerbridge V1) . I recently restrung my old Prince just to get the...