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    Pro Hurricane

    I currently use Pro Hurricane 16 on my n 6.1 95... and i usually get it strung at 55.. and before i use to play a power game.. and i realized thats my game.. so i go for more control and spin on my game instead of flat out power. I was wondering should i string at a higher tension?
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    murray serves 145mph :(

    and the sad face is for?
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    wheres the n-code?

    did all the players using the n6.1 90/95 .. immediately switch to the k-factor rackets?
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    n6.1 90 , n6.1 95

    It was stated earlier that the 90 has less power than the 95. I want to keep everything I have off the 95. If I did switch to the 90, how I would keep things about the same. As far as power went.
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    n6.1 90 , n6.1 95

    16 x 18
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    n6.1 90 , n6.1 95

    i currently play w/ a n6.1 95, and i was wondering if the 90 plays better? From what I've read is that its less forgiving but if I could handle it.. would there be any benefits from the switch?
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    Adidas or Nike?

    nike clothes shoes = adidas and nike
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    any n sixone 90 or 95 users

    i use a n6.1 95.. semi western forehand.. 2hbh
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    Clement's sun glasses

    he wears oakleys not sure what kind though..
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    Question about string tension

    do strings move around when the string drops the original tension?
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    Fabrice the magician

    video stops 2 secs into it
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    nsixone 95 v. PS Classic 6.1

    bump for more info..
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    Spend Time With Your Family !!!

    Sorry to hear about your loss. It sounds like you had a great relationship with you father. Although, I've never lost anybody close to me. One time in church the preist said, "Although it might be hard, there is no need to mourn over the lost person, because he is now blessed with the greatest...
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    why does nadal always say no? when he ends a sentence in english!?!

    Its part of the Spanish language. In spanish, you say something like EX. (Roger es inteligente. No?) .. meaning Roger is smart right? more or less he's asking if they agree. if its correct the reason he says it is because Rafael native tongue is spanish, and its just part of the...
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    Can tension........

    Snapping down on the ball still though right?
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    Can tension........

    Thats what I thought about the technique, but i wasnt to sure on the tension. Right now I have just a basic flat out pace first serve and it's been working, but i want to add another weapon to my arsenal.
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    Can tension........

    if you string at a higher tension it it be easier to hit a kick serve and make the ball jump more .. or does it just depend on the racket action?
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    fantasy football...

    if anyone is interested in joinin my fantasy football league.. leave ur email and i can send an invite... or go to the league home page.. and register for my league..
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    Felt like...

    Federer, Agassi, Roddick & Nadal all at once. Yesterday, I had a team tennis match and played to matches. I won the first 8 - 1. Due to consistency of serve and placement. Running down almost every shot. Hitting nice returns off the serve. I felt like Nadal, Agassi, and Federer all in...
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    Wilson nCode 6.1 Question

    what did the babolat question have toido with anything?
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    Wilson nCode 6.1 Question

    What if you use a western grip, and your fav. player used a Babolat, then is the 16x18 for you?
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    Roddick & his shoes

    Why the strap?
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    Roddick & his shoes

    Roddick wears the Babolat Team All Court shoes... does he get his shoes customized to have that strap in the middle?
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    How would I make my n6.1 18x20 play like a 16x18?

    Why not just buy a 16x18?
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    Ten bestest players of all time for girls and guyas both!

    NO! She's mine. I proposed first! You can't offer her anything. Our knowledge of Nadal can't be matched. We are a perfect fit for each other!