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  1. dmastous

    Babolat Star 3

    It really depends on the condition. Last year it would have fetched around $1500-$2000, but the Star 5 at $3000 may have changed that.
  2. dmastous

    What is, all things considered, the BEST natural gut?

    Bow Brand. It has something that the others don't. I don't know what it is; liveliness, spunk, spark. But it is different.
  3. dmastous

    How much do you guys think about technique when you play?

    This is why you drill. You think about technique when you drill so you don't have to while you play. The only time I'm thinking about technique is when my shots are off. Otherwise it's fire at will.
  4. dmastous

    loose wrist or tense wrist?

    For me, both the wrist and grip are fairly loose until the point of contact. Not limp, but flexible. As the racquet reaches the point of contact, both the grip, and wrist firm up, then after contact they relax again. Same as before, not complely loose, just enough to allow freedom of moment.
  5. dmastous

    K90 unloading in the For SALE/TRADE

    So after 4 pages of the same old same old I'm curious; Just who is selling their KFeds and where can I get one? I've got one, I love it, and I need a second.:-? Other than those on **** (12 and none with the 4 1/2 grip), I see it only for $199.
  6. dmastous

    Sharapova wants more money

    They are both wrong. Sharapova's insatiable appetite for money is disgusting and greedy. She's earning 25 mil a year, and that's not enough. I'm sure she is able to afford to feed her entire home town in Russia by now, and hope she is doing something like that. Pierce needs to think about the...
  7. dmastous

    Why do Muslims hate the Jews?

    These are all well documented facts (Rodney King amongst the extermination of the Indian nations and slavery? Sheeesh!), and we have been flogging ourselves over it for the past 20 or 30 years. It seems the further in the past they are, the more guilty we become of these crimes. Despite all our...
  8. dmastous

    Is Serve and Volleying tiring?

    A little more sprinting and a lot of lunging. You have to really keep on your toes at the net. But less taxing over the course of the match due to shorter points.
  9. dmastous

    wrist/doctor problem

    My first reaction would be to follow your doctors advice. The pain you describe is in the area of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. But if you doc tells you it's inflamation, hopefully he's examined the area, taken x-rays and is giving you good, informed advice.
  10. dmastous

    VIdeo of my serves and groundstrokes

    This is good. A little brotherly competition.... I look forward to seeing you prove your words.
  11. dmastous

    Lendl - free of tennis

    The attitude of the some of the people on this board annoys me sometimes. This is one of those examples. You hate Lendl because he was boring. Because he wanted to play golf. Because he didn't seem to like tennis, and in fact probably didn't. You hate him and throw this vitriol at him for what...
  12. dmastous

    Favorite Tennis Magazine

    Hey, I'm in a nice air conditioned room. :) It just happens to be at work. :(
  13. dmastous

    Favorite Retired Player

    Yannick Noah & Kimiko Date
  14. dmastous

    A question for Americans

    I recorded a cricket match between Pakistan and (I think) England while I lived in the Philippines. It's interesting. But I still don't understand it much.
  15. dmastous

    VIdeo of my serves and groundstrokes

    100% correct. You need to walk before you can run. You aren't Federer, or Nadal, and you can't get away with swinging like them.
  16. dmastous

    A question for Americans

    "These games were usually played by peasants[/URL],...." Not any more.
  17. dmastous

    Why do Muslims hate the Jews?

    One man's meat is another man's poison, in a philosophical way. Your morals are given you by your family, your church and your government. You are informed and, in some ways, caged or controlled by those morals. This is why human shields have been used in Iraq, and weapons caches are being place...
  18. dmastous

    benefits of extreme high tensions?

    Pros have excellent motions and don't need the free power provided from lowering the tension. Lower tension mean less control. So they increase the tension to improve their control.
  19. dmastous

    VIdeo of my serves and groundstrokes

    Seek professional help. With practice you may achieve 3.0 someday. There are just so many things to point out it would be overload. I'll point out the first thing I saw. The serve. You have a nice knee bend, but your letting the toss come to you and hitting while your knees are still bent...
  20. dmastous

    Novak Djokovic to miss Rogers Cup

    I think Djokovic is a talent. He could be (have been) a top 5 player. But he's not fit enough, or his body just can't take the grind of the tour so he may be a "what could have been...." Maybe if he didn't bounce the ball so much it would be less wear & tear. It could work.
  21. dmastous

    Hard, Clay, And Grass.

    I'll re-quote your statement...... Still support that? You may be right, but we'll have to wait until Sept to see.
  22. dmastous

    Hard, Clay, And Grass.

    Than why is Federer 1 out of 3 against Nadal on hard courts (Federer fan here btw...)?
  23. dmastous

    A question for Americans

    I've heard a story that American football grew from soccer. They say that some guy got tired of kicking the ball around and picked up and started running. Everyone tried catch him and they had so much fun they played that way from then on. Or maybe that's rugby and football grew out of rugby? I...
  24. dmastous

    Hard, Clay, And Grass.

    The jury is still out on hard courts. I'd put Nadal in there until Federer can show he can beat him on hard courts. Blakes 2-0 record against Nadal is insufficiant information. I need a larger sampling to say he is Nadals equal if not better. As for Federer, he is hands down better than Blake.
  25. dmastous

    Why do Muslims hate the Jews?

    This appeared as I was framing my reply. The killing of innocents is the issue here. It's the one thing that makes them wrong and destroys any credibility they have in this world (IMO). Unless they stop this practice they will never get me to listen to their side. It's unequivocal for me. What...
  26. dmastous

    Why do Muslims hate the Jews?

    Bloodlust is a part of a carniverous beast (which we, in part, we are). We have our dark side, all of us. But I described the victim's family's "celebration" as usually very quiet and sedate. A quiet thanks to whichever God they believe in is usually sufficient, with perhaps a toast to their...
  27. dmastous

    Why do Muslims hate the Jews?

    You can use semantics to make any point you want. There is a difference, whether you want to admit it or not, between killing or murdering a convicted individual who wrongfully murders another human being and an (assumedly) innocent human being.
  28. dmastous

    Why do Muslims hate the Jews?

    There you went and did it... Can't we talk about birds and bees instead? This is the same kind of argument that the pro choice people use (unborn baby vs convicted murderer). But there's a big difference between beheading, slowely and painfuly with a small knife, an innocent person (and even at...
  29. dmastous

    Need help keeping things straight

    Unfortunatly there's not much that can be done about it other than repetition. It needs to be come instinct to make the grip change. A the finish of your serve motion the racquet should come into the area of your off hand and you use that hand to, as you recover and note where the ball is...
  30. dmastous

    Adding Lead Tape to 3 & 9

    It won't improve your stroke per/se, or keep you groundstroke in the right path. It will help cut down on the torque or twist you feel if you don't hit in the middle of the racquet, which most topspin players don't do much of.