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    New Tennis Magazine - help!

    Hi everyone - Last night I was at Borders Bookstore and a new tennis magazine caught my eye. It was the debut issue and cover featured Henin in a non-tennis photo. Does anyone know the name of this magazine? I can't remember it... thx in advance!
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    WTA Bank of the West/Stanford photos

    Took some photos at the Bank of the West Tennis Tournament two weeks can check them out at: enjoy!
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    Indian Wells Photos (Henman, Sharapova, Federer, Shaughnessy)

    Went down to IW for the second year in a row. What a great tournament for spectators! We were only there for the first weekend but had a blast. Anyway, here is a link to some of the photos that I shot: enjoy!
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    carbs before a match...good or bad?

    Hey everyone, I am far from being any type of nutrionist, so here is my question. Long time ago, they used to say eat up on carbs the night before a match, like pasta, so you will have energy the next day. My question, since it seems as though the trend nowadays is to avoid carbs, is it...
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    arch vs adidas

    on the fence of either the nike air zoom (or max) or the adidas barricade 2s (or a3s). need opinions from peeps who have had both or know which has better arch support. thx in advance!