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    Why are Christians Afraid of 666?

    i saw my post count and got a sudden chill. catholic school has scarred me.
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    Agassi's Goodbye Tour is a Stinker

    what a way to go out....losing early all the time. who's to say the USO will be any different? he should have retired while he was still close to the top and not as an an aging geezer way past his prime.
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    Which Pros Do You Think Read This Board?

    This is probably one of the most popular tennis boards around, if not the most popular. I can't help but think some of the pros, maybe in their boredom or just desire to know what people think, have googled their way into this messageboard. i wonder what they think about all the opinions...
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    Tiger Woods is the Greatest Golfer Ever

    no ands, ifs and buts. he's the michael jordan of golf. i wish it was this cut and dry for tennis. congrats to tiger for winning the brit open.
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    Monfils Pic on TW homepage

    Ok that was really scary, not flattering at all...scared me out of my seat!!! Don't they have other Monfils pics to choose from? geez.
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    Do One-Slam-Wonders deserve to be in the Hall of Fame?

    i say no. i hate it when they do give it away to one-slam-wonders a la novotna. puh-lease. she had a lucky week. ill puke when they give it to roddick, sharapova, kim, myskina, and kuznetsova and so on and so on when they retire. i think giving a one-slam-wonder a spot in the HOF...
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    Maria Sharapova Wimbledon Wallpaper: MUST SEE! or you can go to and scroll down. this is the only thing the media finds interesting about wimbledon this year.
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    People Shouldn't Be Able to Edit Responses

    im probably guilty of editing 3 or 4 but they were for grammatical errors. now i just wont care about them. what i see some people doing is editing the content of their response. people need to be more responsible for what they say and not try to cover up their ****.
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    What's the big deal with the DaVinci Code?

    why are some people so threatened by it? im sure the child-molesting priests as shown on the media do/did more damage to church PR. we all know the church is perfect in its divine holyness and all that stuff. i think people can tell fact from fiction. i take that back... most people can...
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    What X-Men/mutant power would you wanna have?

    i want psylockes. the psychic blast probably stings more than adamantium. plus, it helps to be like a ninja.
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    The Death of American Tennis

    gone are the days of the American domination on the men's and women's tour and i think that it's really sad. this country has all the money and resources to be pumping out champions left and right. on the men's side we see roddick slipping and probably will never get back to the top spot...
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    Sweden's Enqvist retires from tennis

    STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) -- Thomas Enqvist is retiring from tennis after 19 ATP titles and a Grand Slam final, he told a Swedish newspaper for a story published Thursday. The 32-year-old Swede said he can no longer take the physical strain of playing. "It feels sad but unfortunately my...
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    RODDICK aint that bad

    roddicks record vs the top 15, and miscl players, as per atp website as shown: (xxxxx's wins - roddick's wins) LOSING = roddick has a losing record vs player WINNING = roddick has a winning record vs player 1. federer 10-1 LOSING record 2. nadal 1-1 TIED record 3. nalbandian 1-3...
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    Federer now a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

    i saw the pics on yahoo. what a cool guy roger is. a true renaissance guy. he does a lot of good stuff for the game and charity stuff. i hope he doesnt get injured and sticks around for a long time to come. its nice to witness someone in my generation working on being the greatest of all...
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    Im RoOtiNg for the Swiss Miss

    Hingis is the $h*t!!! So nice to her back and slap the girls around the court. She's not as mental as before and her game is just awesome to watch. I hope she makes it all the way and shows these girls how to PLAY tennis. It's so nice to see someone construct points and win with their head...
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    Sharapova and Roddick in LOVE

    just heard from espn and some aussie lady commentator said it too while on an interview with ESPN, that Masha and Roddick are an item. ESPN said that theyve been together since the fall and Masha has been watching Roddick play poker recently. She said to an interviewer that "she does not want...
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    Who's Going to Win Wimby?

    Might as well start this now since the grass court season is so short. What's your prediction? I don't think Sharapova will repeat but I say Fed will get his hat trick. This is going to make people mad but I say Nadal is gone before the second week. flame on, lol. I hope the women's...
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    Spoiler: Verdasco Vs Arod

    Umm, why did AROD give up match pt and end up losing the match? WHY! I'm speechless. I don't know anyone in their right mind that would do that....Verdasco's serve looked out. AROD was so cocky about it too, cuz he had 2 more match pts to close out Verdasco. tsk tsk tsk.
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    Whats wrong with Fed's foot?

    I got scared when I read some stuff from people stating the injury could sideline him awhile. Anyone know what it is or if its anything serious at all? The article in yahoo just blew it off like it wasn't a big deal. I think he's well deserving of some time off and this might've just been a...
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    Anti-Doping in the WTA and steroid infused nite-creams after you look at the pdf file.... okay, so um Myskina looks like she's really on 'roids....lmao. svetlana k. got hit up hard for her urine samples too. even their own country doesnt trust them....look how many...
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    If you were a pro..........

    With all the drama from the JCap/S. Williams duel, let's hear how you feel about line calling.
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    Steffi the bag designer?! Interesting!
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    Who's the best tennis commentator? Worst?

    Commentators are a huge part of the tv tennis experience. This is why I like and dislike some. Who's your fave? Patrick Mcenroe: good for technical/tactical reviews. too many davis cup allusions and self promotion, its gagging. pretty good commentating except when he tries to suck up to...