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    Posted this earlier in other equipment but thought it more suited here. As I got the camera to help analyse my game and got no replies there . Maybe some. One here can help. Hi all, Can anyone tell me if they have used the GO Pro hero 5 session camera whilst playing tennis with the head and/or...
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    Hi all, Can anyone tell me if they have used the GO Pro hero 5 session camera whilst playing tennis with the head and/or quick clip mount? If so is it safe to do so or does it fall off I.e the camera whilst running or hitting the ball. I plan to use it for tennis purposes to record some...
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    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone can help me here. I have a technifibre 315 dynacore rac that I believe when first strung plays well. After a few days gets real tight. And loses most of its power. I checked the string bed and there is tension loss near the top and different at the bottom...
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    Can anyone let me know whether the Hero 5 camera is good and able to be used for tennis. for example could I clip it onto myself whilst playing to record my strokes or would it simply fall of with impact of stroke and running around?
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    just got these head revolt pros anyone else using them
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    Review of these

    http://m.****.com/itm/111857166254?_mwBanner Has anyone used the head red colour revolt tennis shoe? If so your views ? I want a strong durable shoe who h these supposedly are.butnot good for wide feet which I have . Still would like your views.
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    Hello all, Posted another thread above looking for a shoe. This thread however, is one in which if possible would like your thoughts on the footwear I got today. Am a hardcore tennis player who runs through shoes but would like light shoes that are easy to run around in. So bought such a shoe...
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    Need some help

    Hello, Would like to know if anyone can tell me what is the name of these Adidas shoes. Been looking to get them for a long time . Have run these down and the name inside the shoe is erased. thanks ....... [/IMG]
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    Lets not discount Goffin. For such a small man physically for him to run around the court and try to hit around his bigger opponents is nothing short of spectacular. Developed admiration for his work ethic and DTL's off both wings. God knows how he runs so fast
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    Hi y'all, Was having trouble with the pallets of the technifibre 315 that I am currently playing with. I am used to playing with a head prestige all my life and had no trouble flattening my FH out with it as my hand wrapped around it. However, with the TF it seems the pallet is more oblong in...
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    FH issues

    Hello All, Wondering if anyone can help. Recently especially as I have gotten older when returning hard hit shots I cannot seem to hit it back on the forehand side with topspin. Either I smash it out or frame the ball or lob a weak return back. Which of course the opposition then pummels. I...
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    Gone to ......

    Lately my FH has gone to pieces. Used to hit some good topspin semi western grip and could flatten it out when I wanted. Not always the most consistent especially as I have gotten older . Lately though I cant seem to hit with any topspin even when I bend my legs and take my arm back and rip...
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    Has anyone tried the Diadem 16 g strings. Some say they are insane spin wise but low on control?
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    Subject Fitbit Charge HR HI all, I was wondering if any posters are using this particular wearable. IF so is it Accurate (especially when it comes to measuring the sleep patterns )? Can accurately measure Heart Rate Does it actually cause pain in the wrist and /or a rash on the wrist where...
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    Db bh

    Hi All, I tend to wrist or arm the ball when I am hitting the double handed backhand. When I try to take a good backswing and then hit through it it goes long. As my topspin FH has a good takeback and swing through all in one action I wish the backhand was the same ..... I would like a...
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    Need some insight

    Hi all, Recently been playing with a technifibre 315 dynacore. 16*19 string pattern. NOw I am no Agassi just a very good D3/average D2 player who played for a mid ranking college in Sciac in southern cali. With this new racquet I am breaking strings every two days after roughly three...
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    Quick question

    Does one break strings faster in a 16*19 string pattern vs an 18*20 as I have noticed that recently with me. Thanks
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    Tennis drills

    How many times a week do you y'all do tennis drills ? I mean agility drills, ladder drills, track sprinting, medicine ball etc? SOme people where I play do it everyday . Others do it 3 to 4 times a week and swear to the effectiveness of it by doing it only a few times . Others say everyday...
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    Coiling and uncoiling

    Hi All, Does anyone have any good videos or tutorials to the correct method of "coiling and uncoiling" in tennis? And as to the effectiveness or it? thanks
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    Has anyone played with this?

    Hello All, Tecnifibre TFight 315 Dynacore Racquet Subject the above has anyone played with this racquet? IF so can you describe the feel of this as compared to say a Head Prestige MP ( microgel, youtek versions) Is the feel stick, or plush like? And how is it spin wise if you have...
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    At the risk if sounding like a noob will a 4pts hl racquet feel lighter to swing through the air than a 7 pts hl racquet ? Thanks
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    Hello all , Seems in matches am slow in running left or right to pick up hard, hit shots but quite fast in picking drop shots i.e in a straight line. What are the best drills to improve my side to side movement? Have struggled historically with that. Lastly it would be greatly...
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    Any recc

    Hello All, Recently trying out the head prestige Ltd edition Ig prestige MP.Previously played with the Donnay Gold 94. Am torn right now. On certain shots the prestige offers alot more such as heavier shots, less topspin though, better volleys and also good balance and stability...
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    Hello all, Recently I have developed a lower back problem , tonnes of pain. Last 4 days. Not enough that I cannot play tennis but am in some discomfort. Recent changes to my tennis routine: 1. Have begun footwork drills (cones, etc...) For the last two weeks. 2. Secondly have been...
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    Can somebody shed some light on this?

    Hi!! I am a topspin centric player (trying to work on making it heavier). Am in my 30s been playing for roughly 17 years. Normally do great against hard hitters but get into trouble against floaters and people generally who put no pace on the ball. Lately have been working on...
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    terrible pain

    terrible pain I am in my mid 30s and an avid tennis player and work out twice a week. Need my exercise and have to sweat it out everyday. However over the last week have developed a terrible pain behind my right shoulder lower down where my shoulder blade ends and connects to my back. I...
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    terrible pain

    I am in my mid 30s and an avid tennis player and work out twice a week. Need my exercise and have to sweat it out everyday. However over the last week have developed a terrible pain behind my right shoulder lower down where my shoulder blade ends and connects to my back. I worked out...
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    For kids - our future

    Any idea how many months or years it takes to teach a kid say either from 7 yrs old and to ten years the game of tennis from scratch? For example: 1. How many hours a day of regular drills, hitting or training, tennis tips/instruction would the child need in order to progress to a level...
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    Tennis instruction songs

    Hello All, I was interested in running a tennis introduction camp for ten years and younger kids.....and wanted to play some upbeat and happy songs for them. I was wondering if any of you know of any songs which I could purchase and then play for the kids. If you do know of any songs...
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    Issues with these strokes

    Can anyone help? 1. Having trouble hitting my two hander BH. Been arming it too much lately. When I go to hit it hard invariably it goes out. When I try to lessen the speed it is too topspinny and lands short . Can anyone give me a refresher with the basics of hitting a good effective BH...