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  1. TennisProPaul

    Bag vs Joh

    Im watching this live streaming and it really looks like Joh had recovered from his terrible eye injury. Joh really like to attack and get to the net. I really like his game.
  2. TennisProPaul

    Rios downs McEnroe and vows to stay unbeaten

    Marcelo Rios showed why he is the man to beat on the Merrill Lynch Tour of Champion by defeating John McEnroe 6-2, 6-4 to win his third consecutive title. The scoreline didn’t do justice to the competetiveness of a match that was played in front of a packed crowd, and often saw the American...
  3. TennisProPaul

    I predict Gasquet will beat or go 3 sets with Federer

    I just feel like Gasquet will give Federer all he can handle today, but who knows
  4. TennisProPaul

    List of String Sets Under 5 Bucks

    String Sets Under 5 Bucks Here is a list from the company I buy from. Please reply with your favorites out of this list. I would pick, monogut, courier, enduro tour, head pps 4.95 Courier OG Micro Super 16g 3.50 OG-Sheep Micro 16g , 176, 18g 4.00 Crossfire Mono Gut 1.75 Ashaway...
  5. TennisProPaul

    Andy Roddick Serve
  6. TennisProPaul

    marat safin and tommy haas
  7. TennisProPaul

    Most Important String Quality Poll

    What are your personal most important String Factors Playability Durability Power Control Feel/Comfort Widebody Use Spin Potential Holding Tension Resistance to Movement Price
  8. TennisProPaul

    107 in or more should keep the same main and cross tension?

    It seems Spadea keeps the same tension for both mains and cross. Agassi also, yes I know he does not use a POG os anymore but his frame is stil 107in and Im sure plays close. The question is if a frame is large 107 and up does the advantages of changing the tension (lower for cross...
  9. TennisProPaul

    If Murray makes top 10 will he stil be overhyped?

    will he need to make the top 5 to not be overhyped?
  10. TennisProPaul

    I predict Federer will have a good tough long match with Malisse

    I just have a feeling it will go the distance , but Im just guessing
  11. TennisProPaul

    Will Murray be the Next top 10? G.O.A.T coach for Gilbert?

    Im very impressed with the way Murray is improving fast. I see him in the top 10 very soon. Gilbert is the GOAT coach IMO.
  12. TennisProPaul

    49-88 lbs ????

    Where I buy my strings I noticed 49-88lbs under the string . Is that right? If so i have never seen any string listed being able to take 88lbs. Kirschbaum Super Smash Spiky Reel Composition: Polyester Monofilament with Textured Surface Gauge: 16g (1.30 mm), 17g (1.25 mm), 18g (1.20...
  13. TennisProPaul

    Does Federer hold the ATP record for most Bagel Sets? G.O.A.T- B.S.

    I wonder what male pro has won the most bagel sets of all time. G.O.A.T B.S. greatest of all time bagel sets discuss
  14. TennisProPaul

    Tursunov has the #1 or co #1 forehand

    I would still rather have Federer's forehand because Tursunov has more bad days then Federer but holy shi* he can crush it
  15. TennisProPaul

    Federer yells Shi* on TV and gets no Warning

    ok so he laughed and everyone laughed but still, how fair is that not to give him a warning like everyone else? Am I wrong?
  16. TennisProPaul

    I predict Tursunov gets beat bad by Federer

    I seem to like to out on limbs so there you have it. Ok my new prediction is the match will be close and go to 3 sets, but Federer will still win and easy in the 3rd.
  17. TennisProPaul

    Berdych may beat Nadal today

    thats my prediction
  18. TennisProPaul

    Why does Nadal ...

    why does nadal always have to pick his butt? does anyone else notice this? note: Nadal is actually my favorite player, but Im having trouble understanding why he is the only player on the tour I see picking his butt.
  19. TennisProPaul

    Haas vs Tursunov : 3 set battle

    They are about to go 3 sets. After the 1st game Haas was telling the chair umpire how can he be one of the best, as he should be taken off the chair because he is terrible. Haas has been blasting him a few more times. Very funny comments from Haas, and Im very surprised he did not get a...
  20. TennisProPaul

    Safin is a total **** today

    No fight in the 3rd set. NONE
  21. TennisProPaul

    ** Is there a diff between Fluorocarbon Resin and Emulsion?

    Fluorocarbon Resin is added to strings like luxilon, making the strings slick, to help reduce knotching and allow the strings to move back into place. ** Is there a diff between the resin and emulsion? Can we all make a list of all strings that have Fluorocarbon Emulsion or resin. -...
  22. TennisProPaul

    Baghdatis vs Benneteau in 3 set Battle

    Im watching this match live via internet stream 7-5 Bag 6-2 Ben Then 3-0 Benneteau looking like a blow out in the 3rd. then..... The come back Its now 3-3 and the crowd is going wild like a davis cup match Bag is one of my 8 picks for the ATP game. Come onnnnnnnnn
  23. TennisProPaul

    Live streaming ATP tennis is not really live...

    Im watching live on tv while i watch live streaming and the streaming is 15 seconds behind the tv. is this normal?
  24. TennisProPaul

    Gaudio vs Moya : Live on

    What a great 1st rd match up. I hope to see lots of long ralleys. I paid 19.95 for full live streaming computer coverage of 3 masters tournaments. I have high speed cable so it works great. If you have dial up forget it Live tennis No commercials Coverage during change overs locker room...
  25. TennisProPaul

    Nalbandian & Sanguinetti

    6-1 first set to Sanguinetti as Nalbi in his first match since wimbledon is playing like crap. Sansuinetti quallified so he is sharp.
  26. TennisProPaul

    Rusedski at The Masters Looks Cool with all Dunlop, but what shoes?

    Im watching the live streaming and Rusedski looks very sharp in the white and blue all dunlop from his shirt, shorts, socks, racquet, and bag all match, but what shoes is he wearing as I cant see?
  27. TennisProPaul

    I just ordered ATP Masters Live Streaming and I get no match??

  28. TennisProPaul

    Holy Crap Screw Luxilon Alu Power

    I just tried the 330 foot 28 buck reel of Ashaway MonoGut 17g and holy cow this string plays just like alu power because of the fluorocarbon emulsion, but slightly better at better then 1/3rd the price. This mono gut is not the best tension holding poly, but to reduce tension loss greatly I...
  29. TennisProPaul

    Best George Bush Video Ever

    enjoy and be ready to laugh so hard you will cry #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6...
  30. TennisProPaul

    ATP Masters Series Canada: Wild Cards and Qualifiers all on one side of the draw!!

    I have never seen 7 of 8 Qualifiers and 4 of 4 wildcards all on one side of the draw for a masters tourn or any tourn for that matter. Im sure it must happen sometimes, but I have never noticed it. There should be a rule where they at least they make sure its even. 4 on the top and 4 on the...