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  1. OJ ROD

    Verdasco VS. Nadal Final

    Nadal took out Ferrer in straights, and Verdasco took out Djokovic 62,62.
  2. OJ ROD

    Any internet Montecarlos feeds?

    If anyone one posted a link it would be much appreciated?
  3. OJ ROD

    Why doesn't Federer wear sunglasses?- at the request of Augustus

    Here we are, turn on the flash light on you're helmets, we're almost at rock bottom.
  4. OJ ROD

    Good Highlights: Nalbandian vs Gasquet Cool looking points.
  5. OJ ROD


    Just went to the WTA tour site and they had ads for the newest 'Godfather' video game. (Just to get it out of the way) I guess EA games gave the WTA and offer they couldn't refuse.
  6. OJ ROD

    Who has seen Nalbandian Live?

    To does who have seen Nalbandian live, whether match or practice. I'm wondering how hard, heavy. and high he hits the ball. If you do answer please specify if you saw him hit in practice or match play, and if both, the differences you might have noticed. thanks
  7. OJ ROD

    Roddick taking the ball off the rise

    He's greatly improved that over the years. Just saw some highlights of '09 memphis and '09 Wimbledon. I really thought it was so ingrained in him, he was gonna find it near impossible to fix the timing of his shots. I know it took me awhile to get it, and I hadn't been doing it anywhere near as...
  8. OJ ROD

    Roddick's Movement He a good mover. Seems so much bigger and lumbering than Federer but still moves well. Federer is smooth, Roddick strong and hard working. Now, let me make it clear, I think Roddick is a ******bag, but, I do feel for him. Especially...
  9. OJ ROD

    Caption this

  10. OJ ROD

    Y'all remember this...

  11. OJ ROD

    Korda's slam given to Rios?

    I just read something about Petr Korda's australian title over Rios maybe being taken from him because of drug usage. Is this how it went? Was Rios given the title? Or is this not the case at all?
  12. OJ ROD

    More athletic, Nadal or Verdasco?

    I've been watching some of their matches and practices on youtube, and just got to thinking, 'both these guys are great athletes, both adapt to many situations on the court with great success, both are strong and agile, but, who's better?' If I take into account the mental side of athleticsm...
  13. OJ ROD

    Anybody has Rios practice video?

    I've looking for a Marcelos Rios practice video for a while. Or maybe just clips of his strokes. I haven't found it. Does anyone know where I can find one? You tube has some, but it's more point that just focusing on his strokes.
  14. OJ ROD

    What's Simon mindset when he goes against Federer?

    Can anyone offer any details on what you think is his mind set is? Tactics are also welcome, as well as an overall strategy.
  15. OJ ROD

    Ferrer and Gasquet like...hehe...

    Ferrer and Gasquet like, Nadal and federer. Ferrer and Gasquet a B version it seems to me, albeit more lopsided.
  16. OJ ROD

    Which player will get stronger(physically) or weaker once retired?

    I think a few guys are actually gonna get bigger and stronger once they retire. Guys like Djokovic, to fit the super male persona:twisted:, Simon, to be able to stay young longer, Ferrero, to be active in his academy, and my main guy in this is Davydenko. The guy may be super thin, but he has...
  17. OJ ROD

    Who would win in a fight?

    Nadal vs. Roddick Federer vs. Djokovic Murray vs. Verdasco Gonzalez vs. Ferrer My predictions: Nadal, Djokovic, Murray, and, well I don't know who would win between the last two, but THAT would be a real fight.
  18. OJ ROD

    Caption This

    Edit: Sorry, I should've kicked this off myself. Djokovic: Yeah, the speedo was kinda tight. And it WAS cold. Tipsarevic:....(well his face says it all.)
  19. OJ ROD

    Caption THIS

  20. OJ ROD

    Pennetta Kinda Like Tursunov

    I've been thinking about this for awhile and I think Flavia Pennetta is like a female version of Dmitry Tursunov as far as playing style. Granted Tursunov is a lot more go for broke, but that could be because of his energetic personality and testosterone. But even their ground strokes are...
  21. OJ ROD

    Nadal Gasquet First Round Match

    This could jump start the open for either of them.
  22. OJ ROD

    A Neutral Racket

    I'm trying to figure out which racket out in the market is a "neutral" racket. What I mean by that is a racket that doesn't really add anything. You get out of it what you put into it. But one that doesn't detract either. If there is such a thing in the seemingly endlessly expanding sea of...
  23. OJ ROD

    With a full swing which has MORE POWER!!!?

    With a full swing which one is generates more pace, Oversize Radical or Mid Plus?
  24. OJ ROD

    I'm sorry but is Gasquet guilty and suspended?

    One post will do it but go for more if you want.
  25. OJ ROD

    Caption this

  26. OJ ROD

    Nalbandian, sanctify him or crucify him.

    Here your chance to discuss one of the more talented player on the tour. Criticize him or praise him, not on his career. I didn't write this thread to find out his records or stats, there are sites for that. My goal is to discuss the player and the person. His technique, his tactics, his...
  27. OJ ROD

    How talented is Baghdatis?

    From a natural skills standpoint. I don't know very much about recognizing natural talents in a player, but I would just like to know. I feel he does have some kind of natural talent because he's game is pretty much based around good basics(Solid serve and groundstrokes, good strategic thinking...
  28. OJ ROD

    Santoro is the man

    I wish I could study under his tutelage. The art of tennis, treat the ball as you would like to be treat, rough or smooth, fast or slow, straight to the point drive, or scenic loop.
  29. OJ ROD

    Has anyone seen Nadal argue with an umpire?

    I was just watching his match wit Gil and he felt he got a bad call, reacted, said like two words and just played the point. That attitude is very refreshing to the incessant battering of other players (lets not give examples, this post is not an excuse to bash on certain players, consistent...