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  1. Mark-Touch

    Will Dimitrov ever win a slam?

    Just wondering. The guy is 30 years old now.
  2. Mark-Touch

    2021 Indian Wells Med vs Dimi

    Mad Med is da Man!
  3. Mark-Touch

    Did anyone here complain about my post?

    Someone deleted it because of "Trolling". It was simply a humorous post. Did anyone here get the humor?
  4. Mark-Touch

    Radacanu and Murray have a go at it!

    Have any of you seen this video yet? Sorry that should be Raducanu and Murray... :) Is there any way to edit thread titles yet? Emma holds her own very well and it's Murray who can be heard making the noise. :)
  5. Mark-Touch

    Was Djoker's "I love you" genuine?

    Djoker got all sentimental and teary-eyed during the trophy ceremony. Do you think he was being sincere when he said "I love you" to the crowd or was it theater?
  6. Mark-Touch

    Slam pre-match interviews

    Those two pre-match interviews that we just saw accomplished nothing, zero, nada. Why do they have them? What are they trying to prove? If I was a player I would be trying to concentrate on nothing other than the match ahead. The last thing on earth that I would want is to be distracted by an...
  7. Mark-Touch

    Leylah top three in world

    For tennis instincts. According to one of the most authoritative women in the sport, Chris Evert. A woman who won 18 singles slam titles.
  8. Mark-Touch

    Canada has four Canadians in the 2021 U.S. Open semi's!

    Did you know that? Leylah, Emma, Gaby and Felix.
  9. Mark-Touch

    Ashe Vs. Armstrong

    What's the difference between the stadiums from a practical standpoint? ie. rain? I see Armstrong is suspended now but Ashe isn't.
  10. Mark-Touch

    Who won this match?

    Player A - Player B 4 Aces 4 3 Double faults 8 63% First serve % 52% 77% Win % on 1st serve 71% 64% Win % on 2nd serve 58% 4/8 Break points 2/2 38 Receiving points won 25 97 Points won 82 17 Games won 14 7...
  11. Mark-Touch

    Breaking the 7' barrier

    Do you think we will see a 7' or taller ATP player in our lifetime?
  12. Mark-Touch

    Gasquet two places at the same time!

    How can Gasquet be placed in the draw as 1st round against Med, meanwhile he is currently trying to get through the Qualies? Huh?
  13. Mark-Touch

    Pat Cash can be reasonable...

    I have heard and read a lot of trash talk coming from Cash on these boards and never took a shine to him when he was an ATP player. However I just watched an interview he did recently (it looked like it was at his home) and he comes across as very down-to-earth and reasonable in what he was...
  14. Mark-Touch

    Pat Cash can be reasonable...

    Thread moved to the Former Pro Player Talk forum:
  15. Mark-Touch

    Who was the first ATP player to use their un-tucked shirt as a towel?

    Anyone know? Lew II do you know?
  16. Mark-Touch

    King of beards...

    That would be... ? (BeatlesFan just look at the beard please)
  17. Mark-Touch

    Poll For All (but Americans): Have You Ever Played Tennis On Grass?

    Poll for non-American players only please.
  18. Mark-Touch

    Tennis Ball Re-Pressurizers

    Anyone here familiar with these? Anyone used one? Do they work?
  19. Mark-Touch

    30's slams

    If my calcs are correct, the record for slams won in their 30's is: Djok 7 Nadal 6 Fed 4 Rosewall 4 Laver 4
  20. Mark-Touch

    Private tennis court

    Do any TTW members have a private tennis court? Today for the first time I started to seriously consider building a tennis court on my property. Tennis is one of the greatest joys of my life and politicians in my area have taken away my ability to play on public and even a private business'...
  21. Mark-Touch

    Pre-packaged junk

    All the pro players seem to copy each other. Is there no natural food besides bananas they can eat for energy instead of that junk they squeeze out of those thin packages?
  22. Mark-Touch

    'Real Bounce (tm)'

    As seen this week at Monterrey. 'Real bounce' It's the real thing, nothing can compare. No triangulation, no computer calculations nor simulations. No Hawkeye money-under-the-table to buy lucrative ATP/WTA contracts. Just real cameras, capturing the actual video of the ball bouncing on the...
  23. Mark-Touch

    Reckless A.O. tournament organizers!

    The tournament organizers are being totally reckless! They know how potentially deadly this mutant virus can be. Yet they allow the ball kids and chair umpire to risk their lives without face masks! Shame on them!
  24. Mark-Touch

    Printable draws...

    For years the Australian Open has been the laughing stock of the world when it comes to printable draws for their tournament. This year (2021) they haven't let us down! They continue to hold this highest distinction. Try to print a legible draw from their site. Good luck!
  25. Mark-Touch

    How many more slams for Fed if ....

    A.O. didn't change from grass to hard court in 1988? Bonus question. Why has Nadal only won one A.O.?
  26. Mark-Touch

    Crystal ball for 2021

    It's time to take stock of 2020 and look to the future. How do you see the world in 2021 shaping up?
  27. Mark-Touch

    Singles Career Grand Slam

    Men or women. Who besides Agassi and Sharapova scored a Singles Career Grand Slam with their FIRST four singles grand slam titles? Lew II?
  28. Mark-Touch

    Will Nadal ever win an ATP final?

    If so, when do you see it happening? If not, how can you explain it?
  29. Mark-Touch

    20 x n < 20 x f

    It's pure math. It's all in the variables. :)
  30. Mark-Touch

    We now have two GOATS!