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  1. Z-Man

    ALTA B1 (Atlanta) What's the USTA Level?

    A question for the Atlanta / ALTA players: What's the level of play at ALTA B1? I've been sitting out for a few years, but I just joined a B1 team. I've never played that low before. What's the general level? Maybe weak 4.0 with 4.5s at line 1 and 3.5s at lines 4 and 5? Thx Z
  2. Z-Man

    Tennis in Toledo, Granada, or Seville?

    I will be in Spain next week, and I've always wanted to play on European red clay. I'll be in Madrid, but also in Toledo, Granada, and Seville. Is anyone familiar with courts in these towns? I'd just like to hit for an hour with a decent club pro. I am staying in the city center of each of...
  3. Z-Man

    Tennis in Hilton Head Dec 30th - Jan 4th

    Looking for 4.0+ singles / doubles / hit. I'm a 4.5 player. Thx Z
  4. Z-Man

    USTA's Management of the 4.0 - 4.5 Gap. Ramifications of the "Big Bump?"

    I watched some 4.0 matches and played some 4.5 matches at a state tournament this weeked. Based on what I saw, the USTA isn't doing a very good job managing the gap between 4.0 and 4.5. They have bumped most of the better players out of 4.0, but 4.5 is more packed than ever with former college...
  5. Z-Man

    Ideal Weight for My Body?

    I am 5'9" and have recently lost about 10 lbs. I now weigh 163 lbs. Do you guys think there is an idea tennis weight for each height, or does it really depend on the body type? Is lighter always better? I have an average build, fairly muscular with stout legs. I might be able to trim...
  6. Z-Man

    Strings for an Aeropro Drive + RPM Blast or ALU Power?

    I'm tinkering with an Aeropro Drive + Cortex. Currently strung with Lux ALU Power at 55 lbs. That seems a little tight for me, might try 54 lbs. Should I also try RPM Blast? I see a lot of people use it in the APD. If I like 54 lbs in the ALU Power, what tension should I try in the RPM...
  7. Z-Man

    Looking to hit in Hilton Head July 3-7

    I will be in Hilton Head the week of the 4th. Looking for a good 4.0 or a 4.5. Singles or doubles. Thanks, Z 7o6-523-1o7o
  8. Z-Man

    ALTA Finals and USTA Georgia State Tournament the Same Day

    Why couldn't ALTA and USTA plan their calendars a little better? Surely they understand that a lot of people play both. My entire USTA team is also on the same ALTA team. If we win our ALTA playoff match this morning, we will have City Finals on the Saturday of the USTA state tournament in Rome.
  9. Z-Man

    Need Help Planning a Spring Break Trip. Suggestions?

    I would like to take my family some place fun (and warm) for spring break. We have two boys, ages 4 and 6. I probably won't get to play any tennis, but I figured there are some well-traveled folks on TW who might have some suggestions. I want to go some place the kids will enjoy, but I'm...
  10. Z-Man

    4.5 Looking to Hit in Hilton Head, SC over Thanksgiving

    If anyone will be in Hilton Head this Thursday-Sunday, I am looking for someone to hit with. I am a 4.5. Looking for 4.0, 4.5, or 5.0. Singles or Doubles. I stay in Sea Pines. Thanks, Z
  11. Z-Man

    Need Advice on Hybrid String Tension in a PS 6.1 95

    I am using Lux ALU in the mains and NXT in the crosses of a PS 6.1 95 (open pattern). What tension should I use if I'm aiming for the middle of the suggested (50-60lbs)? Right now I've got the Lux ALU at 52# and the NXT at 56#. It feels fine to me in the current cold weather. I don't want it...
  12. Z-Man

    Hilton Head Thanksgiving Week - Anybody Want to Hit?

    I'll be in Hilton Head Thursday-Sunday, Nov 26-29. Looking for 4.0-5.0 match, singles or doubles. I'm a 4.5. Email me: Thanks, Z
  13. Z-Man

    What's the Rule When You Correct a Call?

    Let's say the other team is serving to you and your partner calls the serve long, but then corrects his call and says it was in. You returned the ball into play. I've heard you play a let if you returned the ball, but you lose the point if you didn't because you should never be able to gain an...
  14. Z-Man

    Hilton Head July 4-6

    Anyone want to hit? Singles or Doubles (4.5). Email me therubesga(a)
  15. Z-Man

    Bridgette Wilson-Sampras on Life After Baby: New Parents Should ‘Stay Connected’

    For the record, I don't read "Celebrity Baby Blog", my wife forwarded me this... When Bridgette Wilson-Sampras welcomed Christian Charles in 2002, her two-year marriage...
  16. Z-Man

    Is ALU Power Stiffer Than Big Banger Original?

    I'm going back to stiff string, but I want the kindest poly I can find. Is ALU Power stiffer than Big Banger Original? I used BB Original over a year ago and liked it. I hit with ALU Power Rough last weekend, and it was also great but I think it seemed stiffer that I remember BBO. Thanks, Z
  17. Z-Man

    Anyone Try Filling a Racquet Handle With Expanding Foam?

    Has anyone here ever tried filling a racquet handle with an expanding foam like "Great Stuff"? Modern racquets can do amazing things, but they just don't have the feel of old school foam handle racquets like the POG. Has anyone tried using foam to improve feel?
  18. Z-Man

    Avulsion fracture of the fifth metatarsal

    I found out last week that I unknowingly fractured my foot some time ago (maybe many years ago), and the bone never healed. Meanwhile, I've been running, hiking, playing tennis, etc. It bothers me a few times a year, but I always thought it was just tendonitis. For some reason it suddenly...
  19. Z-Man

    The day before a big match--exercise or rest?

    I'm in fair shape, but I could do better. The day before a big match, should I go for a run (for me 2-3 miles), or should I just rest? The run will help my lungs, especially if I'm playing singles, but if I'm not running regularly, it could make me a tiny bit stiff the next day.
  20. Z-Man

    POG 4-Stripe Vs New Tour POGs

    After two months playing some old POG 4-Stripes I purchased from the auction site, I tried out a POG "Tour"--the latest iteration currently for sale on TW. I was surprised to find I prefer the newer version. All of the racquets were strung with Gamma Professional at 64lbs. I do believe the...
  21. Z-Man

    The Trigonometry of Foot Faulting

    Just like everyone else here, I have a regular opponent who foot faults. Just before he makes contact, his left foot lands about 2.5 feet inside the baseline. It drives me nuts. After playing tonight I started to wonder. Just how much of an advantage is he getting? So I dusted off my...
  22. Z-Man

    Special Balls for a Crazy Fast Indoor Court?

    Are there special balls made for crazy fast indoor courts? Some friends of mine put lines down on an indoor roller hockey court. They also purchased a special free-standing net so we can play indoors when it rains. It's awesome--the only problem is that the court is insanely fast. A normal...
  23. Z-Man

    Raising Money to Build Local Courts - Ideas?

    I live in a small town in Georgia that's trying to raise money to add 4 more clay courts at our public facility. We think the city and the county are on board, the USTA will help, and hopefully a local foundation will be generous. However, we still need to raise some money. Does anyone have...
  24. Z-Man

    Editing Photos in Vista Photo Gallery--Handy, But Ruining My Pictures?

    I've found Vista Photo Gallery to be a useful tool in editing photos. I have Photoshop, but the editing feature built into Vista is integrated and easy to use. My concern is what I might be doing to the pictures. I've noticed that the file size is greatly reduced after I edit a picture...
  25. Z-Man

    Wrist Pain - How I Finally Got Rid of it - ICE!

    This is for those of you with the same problem--pain on the pinky side of the wrist. Mine developed after experimenting with a PD+ strung with poly. Here's how I kicked it: 1) Ice - I now ice the wrist for 15-20min after I play. I bring ice to the court and apply immediately. I cannot...
  26. Z-Man

    How Wrist-Friendly are These Racquets?

    POG LB - 11.9oz 12pts HL, 28in Long, Extremely Flexible (feels about 60) LE Radical - 11.8oz 6pts HL, 27in Long, 63 Flex LE Radical - 12oz, 7pts HL, 27.5in Long, 63 Flex (I added 1/2 inch) Prince TT Bandit - 10oz, 6pts HH, 27.5in Long, 67 Flex POG OS (The new one) 12.3oz, 4pts HL, 27in Long...
  27. Z-Man

    Please Suggest Some Songs for My Band to Cover

    My band is experimenting with having a female singer come in and do a set at each gig. She's a great singer, and I think it will add some nice variety. The problem is her song selection. It's terrible. Can you guys recommend some good songs for us to cover with her singing? We try to pick...
  28. Z-Man

    Fiberglass in Racquets

    Why don't they put fiberglass in racquets anymore? I dusted off my old Prince Graphite Pro last weekend, and the thing was amazing. It's heavy, very flexible, and headlight with a thin beam and a leather grip. I've never hit with a racquet that has as much power and control. I believe the...
  29. Z-Man

    Some Observations From a Division 1 Match

    I saw Auburn play LSU last weekend. Great match. A few observations: -These guys go for it on almost every shot. They take huge cuts at the ball, but they also make tons of unforced errors. They might hit as hard as the pros, but pros can keep the ball in the court. They must figure that...
  30. Z-Man

    Racquet Observations From a Tournament

    I played in a 4.0/4.5 team tournament in Destin at the TOPSL resort last weekend. The top teams are mostly 4.5s with a few 5.0s sprinkled in. It was a great tournament, and some serious talent was on display. Some racquet observations: A lot of people were using traditional "players"...