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    String Bed Stiffness Riddle

    I have 2 Pure Drives (2015). One is about 2 years old and the other is a few months old. The older one is pretty beat. Both are approximately the same weight I tend to restring them at the same time with the same string, tension, machine etc (Alpha with Wise) For some reason the String Bed...
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    Bags for Longbody Racquets

    I'd like to buy a tennis bag as a gift for someone who plays with a Gamma Bubba. I'd assume that it would fit in a Gamma 12 Team bag, but wanted to confirm. I'd also like to know if there are any other alternatives (like the Nike Court Tech) or suggestions.
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    Tennis Magazine subscriptions

    Does anyone actually get their magazines in a timely manner? The latest one has been on the stands for weeks and mine hasn't arrived yet in the mail. The pervious issue showed up about a month after they hit the stands. I suppose it could be a result of the bulk mailing status, but this is...
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    Backup Racquet Strategy

    I'm curious how folks handle the rotation of multiple racquets. I have a couple of relatively identical Prince Tour 98 that are strung the same. (Full Bed Poly) I tend to save the freshly strung racquets for matches and use the oldest strung ones as practice racquets until the strings break or...