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    Any live streams for houston?

    title says it all ...
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    THOUSANDS still queueing at Wimbledon after 6.30pm

    So i spent 2 days at wimbledon, queued overnight, we got there at 1am wednesday night and we was queue card 1150 in the queue! and managed to get court 1 tickets, thursday night we queued from 9pm and we was queue card 890! court 1 tickets again ..... the demand for tickets has gone considerably...
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    Live streaming Houston??

    any live streams of the tournament?
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    Hewitt v Blake - Fan heart attack ??

    Well during the 1st set, the live scores suddenly stopped, then half an hour later it said 'match suspended'. i believe its because a fan apparently had a heart attack ... anyone confirm this ?
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    ATP World Tour Masters Tickets

    Hey guys, i was one of the lucky 5000 people who are able to buy tickets in advance for this event. However i've already now bought my tickets and would like to pass on the link so you guys can search and buy tickets. When...
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    FED CUP !! prize money?

    Title is basically my question ..... i can't seem to find how much prize money is awarded to the winners !! i've searched for a long time now lol and when i search the forums it comes up with 'fed' as in federer. i need to know since im comparing prize money between men + women
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    What can i write about?

    I didnt know what section to put this under but its for my college work. I have to write a 1500 word essay and my topic is tennis, the essay has to be quite interesting and have a couple of arguments. E.g i think im going to discuss the prize money between men and women and why in some...
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    Who was in the queue at Wimbledon 2008?

    Do you remember going through the little HSBC marquee of paintings of past champions? If so, who painted them paintings? they were really cool and was just wondering who painted them, so i could try get hold of one!
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    Djokovic v Hewitt

    I think Djokovic is the favourite but its not an impossible task for Hewitt to beat him, although the 5 set marathon match didnt help, but it could come to an advantage as Djokovic hasnt been in a really close and tough match yet so we will see how he will respond. Im going for Hewitt.
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    Australian Open Event Schedule

    What is the event schedule? EG what days are the 3rd round, 4th round etc.
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    yoc bermuda shorts

    i cant find a pic but djokovic was wearing these at the us open. if any1 has a pair are the pockets REALLY small? because i went into adidas and they were on sale £10 but the pockets were really small!! im sure they were his shorts too because they said YOC BERMUDA on the label.....
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    Hewitts Ranking

    Does anyone know what ranking he will end up tomorrow? i think its 16 but im not sure. Does the seed 16 at the us open guarantee u a top 4 player in the 4th round? im sure i read it somewhere on these boards before because hewitt was seeded 16th at wimbledon aswel..
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    Cincy Draw

    could someone please post the draw here? as i do not have adobe reader anymore. thanks. and the doubles please.
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    Post Draws...

    Can someone please post the draws for the upcming tournaments? Umag, Indianapolis and Kitzbuhel? And the doubles draw for Kitzbuhel please...
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    Best Match of Wimbledon 2007

    Well i think the Roddick v Gasquet match. I haven't really seen the other matches. What do u guys think ?
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    Federer receives BYE into Quarter Finals

    Haas has pulled out due to stomach injury. A shame really as Haas could of troubled federer and he says it himself in the link above. Surely Hewitt v Canas will move to centre court? instead of court 18?
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    My Hybrid - alu power / posg

    Well im not certain but i am most likely to have alu power & prince original syn gut or duraflex not sure yet. Is there something i should no about the tension ? i am not stringing myself btw. Do i keep the same tension for both or do i increase the alu power by few pounds or decrease it ? :S...
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    Hewitt v Canas

    So this is interesting.....they havent met for quite a number of years but Canas beat Hewitt last time at the FO but like i said that was a number of years ago. I havent been watching Canas on grass lately but hes beat Mirnyi....thats an achievement right? on grass? i havent been watching Hewitt...
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    Hybrid - poly in mains or crosses ?

    Heloo everyone, i havent posted here for a long time. Well i hav gamma pro in my rds 001 & alu power in my rdx 500. I havent used my rdx 500 for a long time since i got my rds 001 & when i hit with it the strings are infact DEAD. So i want new strings, im thinking a hybrid as i have...
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    French Open Karaoke???

    Ok last year 2 guys did a karaoke with players at the french open and the vid was on you tube.......i cant seem to find it can anyone help ???
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    Lleyton Hewitt v Gaston Gaudio

    I think Hewitt will take this one in straight sets because he is in great form....perfect for the upcoming grass season....Gaudio CAN be a great player but i dont think he has the confidence to beat Hewitt and Hewitt will be up for this as Gaudio beat him in straight sets 2 years ago. Gaudio has...
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    Hewitt at Roland Garros

    Sooo.....what do u think on hewitts chances at the french open? ... If hewitt can take his form into austria which i expect him to win he will have a very good chance at the french open. I think the quarters/semis should be his target providing he avoids nadal/federer. I expect him to beat...
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    Wilson K90 or RDS 001 ??

    I am going hong kong soon and i will be buying a new racket.....its either the rds 001 mid which has very good reviews or the wilson k90 even though there hasnt been hardly any reviews on going in february and im guessing the k90 will be out by then. I currently use the rdx 500 mid
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    New Yonex's ????

    Besides the RDS 002 are there any other racquets coming out that players like hewitt and nalbandian will be using ? well i know hewitt uses rd tour 90 but i mean the 'paintjob'
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    strings/racket on plane...

    im going on holiday soon and may buy another racket....will the racket/strings be affected by being in the suitcase and flying on the plane ??
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    ATP Confidential Blog Book

    Will this book be released in the UK anytime soon ? i would love to get hold on one as i am going on holiday soon and im sure this would kill some time on the flight. Im not so positive to buy of TW because of custom fees
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    ATP Confidential Blog Book

    Where can i get this in the uk ?
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    Hewitt in 2007

    So what do Hewitt fans expect of him or neutral fans ? I think he has at least 1 more slam in him. He can beat anyone but Federer. I expect him to bounce back into the top 5 and he doesnt have as many points to defend next year like this year. So he should improve his ranking as the season goes on
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    Which Lacoste t-shirt to get?

    I have 4 choices 1. white/green wimbledon polo roddick wore. 2. same as above but in black/white 3. White zipped t-shirt 4. The blue polo which gasquet wears or wore at the us open Which one shall i get? This is for going out and stuff not for playing tennis btw.
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    Post Pic of Andy Roddick Wimbledon polo

    can anyone do this or find a pic of it? i cant find one as i need to show someone this so they can buy it me from the store. Still cant tell properly from the slideshows on roddicks website