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  1. Kaptain Karl

    Seeking a better string. Maybe I changed too many variables...?

    Last week I received my first change-of-frame rackets in over 20 years. While demo-ing a few frames I noticed quite a difference in the "feel" with the various strings in the demo sticks. I ordered new strings, too. Order #___22529. "Ugh!" Help! NOTE: I live and play in the High Country...
  2. Kaptain Karl

    HS & College Coaches: Input On Best Camps, Please

    If you're an experienced high school or college coach, I'd like your opinions. If you have some promising kids, what camps do you recommend for Christmas break or summer? (I hope this doesn't seem too rude, but if you are not a coach your opinion doesn't really carry much clout with me.)...
  3. Kaptain Karl

    Reliable & Relatively Easy-to-use Video Camera?

    Coaches and Teaching Pros, I'd like your recommendations for good, solid, simple video cameras to use, please. I'd like to be able to do swing and competitive analysis, reviewing the clips on my MacBook (10.4). A friend who uses the Windows platform raves about the Canon FS11, but I cannot...
  4. Kaptain Karl

    Help From Other Instructors or Coaches - Anticipation & Footwork

    Help, please. I have a player (17 years) on my HS team who is a real mystery to me. He probably has the worst kinesthetic sense of any player / student I've ever worked with. (He hasn't a clue how his body moves, until he sees it on video.) But then his "fix" is frequently worse than the...
  5. Kaptain Karl

    Venus Radwanska - Wimby '09

    Whoops! I was posting in the wrong thread. Then I realized there was no thread for this match. Venus "routined" the first set, 6-1. Rad opened with a hold and a break for 2-0 in the 2nd. - KK
  6. Kaptain Karl

    String for Old Timer?

    I don't know what string to get. If any of you String Experts have been playing since the days of WOOD, I'd like your suggestions. (No offense to you youngsters, but I want experienced input.) I'm 6'2 200 pounds and play all court tennis with an emphasis on attacking the net. At 52, I'm not...
  7. Kaptain Karl

    Reflecting on the 2009 AO

    Looking back on OZ, these are my thoughts. I think Tennis Australia has greatly improved the OZ Open. (This is a really “dead” time in Pro Tennis for me. I don’t get the Tennis Channel, so most of the pro tourneys between now and the French are a mystery to me.) The Courts - OZ...
  8. Kaptain Karl

    Problems With The USTA ... (They do nothing!)

    I've been holding in a RANT. I'm letting loose. I wonder if this dynamic is widespread...? The USTA, that (fine organization) has made promise after promise to our mountain town. In the eight years since a local man started an Town Tennis Ladder ... Open Drop-In Doubles Days (Sat and...
  9. Kaptain Karl

    Big Prank in Grand Central Station. Cool!

    Over 200 New Yorkers recently walked into one of the busiest train stations in the world, New York's Grand Central Station, and at exactly 2:30 pm, all froze in place ... for five full minutes. See the link. (And there's more in the "back story" link. This was pretty impressive ... and...
  10. Kaptain Karl

    One Terrorist Down -- A Few Hundred To Go

    I am so sick of these vermin. I'm glad another one has bitten the dust. Hezbollah deputy commander Imad Hezbollah deputy commander Imad Mughniyah was recently killed by a car bomb in Syria. [He] was responsible for numerous infamous deadly attacks against the U.S. and Israel...
  11. Kaptain Karl

    <Moved> Taxes: The Rich Need To Pay ... More / Less

    From an Obama thread, we are discussing if the rich are paying enough or too much in taxes.... <Mod Mode> Moved these posts here, because several of us made an Obama thread "jump the tracks" with this related discussion. If any of you want your posts back there, please click my Screen Name...
  12. Kaptain Karl

    KK's Shoe Review: Wilson Trance All Court

    ** This has been an education. See how much my appraisal of this shoe has changed. Read this review. Then read my last post. ** Knowing other play-testers have recently reviewed the Trances, I purposely did NOT read their reviews before posting mine. (I’ve never done this before and I...
  13. Kaptain Karl

    T2Tennis - Anybody Participating?

    Attn: Atlanta, Nashville, Birmingham, South Florida and Charlotte TT-ers. Are any of you playing in the T2Tennis programs? Is it well-run? How do you like it? Please tell me anything you can about it. Their site is They are introducing the Denver area this summer. Local...
  14. Kaptain Karl

    US President's Directives -- President Becomes "King"???

    I don't care if the Pres. is GOP or DEM or Indie ... no President should have as much power as this gives the Office. Yikes! Corsi on National Security Presidential Directive 51 and Homeland Security Presidential Directive 20 Am I missing something here, or is this scary for the rest of...
  15. Kaptain Karl

    Woofin' or Whinin' -- Singles Match Results

    The outdoor season is really here. Yea!!! No more snow. This thread will be the companion piece to Cindy's "Your Last Match" thread for doubles. Post your ... results / lessons learned / boasts / gripes ... about your last Singles match. - KK
  16. Kaptain Karl

    TW Colorado - Big Hit

    How many Coloradan TT-ers want to get together for a hit? Last year the Croats did it. Last week the Miami-area TT-ers had a great hit. Let's see if we can do the same. I'm willing to meet up in the Springs ... or in the Denver metro area. We'll work out the Where and When based on who...
  17. Kaptain Karl

    danhtuhoc's Theory: Hats Produce Losses

    Okay, danhtuhoc's, constant spamming the various threads has prompted me to create a topic just for him/her. Most of you have seen the claim: My first thought on reading this post -- each of the dozen times I've seen it -- is either, "Yeah, but _____ didn't lose until the Quarters. How did...
  18. Kaptain Karl

    KK's Moderator Goof -- Apologies

    BreakPoint and a few others - I accidentally DELETED about four Serena/AO threads. I'm sorry, but I don't have an "undelete" button. I was trying to MERGE the threads ... which was appropriate. I clicked the wrong button. I apologize. I'll be more careful in the future.... - KK
  19. Kaptain Karl

    What Skiing Forum is the Equivalent of TT?

    I just got back from three days at Alta. (Fun, cold and serious skiing.) I'm at a loss for finding a comparable Web Forum for skiing ... like TT's. Anyone? - KK
  20. Kaptain Karl

    Need Buttcap Logo ... Sticker ... Decal

    I searched like crazy. I didn't find anything *near* this question: My new PK 7Gs (do) have the PK logo on the buttcap. The problem is, the logo is stamped / embossed on the CLEAR plastic buttcap and nobody can see the thing if I spin my racket for serve. I called PK. They told me I'm...
  21. Kaptain Karl

    What's Going-on With M____?

    I saw some "low-lights" of Molik's loss. They made me wonder if her inner ear problem is back. On two different shots she completely missed balls she was all set up to hit. (One BH, one FH.) She got blasted out in the First Round. ::Sigh:: I've liked her playing style and I'd love to...
  22. Kaptain Karl

    Some Pros "Mail In" Their Matches...?

    I'm wondering if anyone else noticed this.... Clijsters' post-match interview notwithstanding -- where she said she played really well against JHH in their Semi -- I thought she looked very much like she was almost "going through the motions" in that match. She'd be up a break ... and...
  23. Kaptain Karl

    PK Kinetic 7G or ... ?

    Relative Racquet Finder II: Test Case, KK Remember ohplease's excellent Relative Racquet Finder, where he created an applet for those who'd like a little different way to search for a stick? Well, I do. And it's time for me to put it to the test. I'm going to chronicle my search/demo...
  24. Kaptain Karl

    The Six Playing Styles Described

    There have been numerous threads addressing different playing styles. But they’ve pitted one style against another ... or deeply analyzed a particular style. Here, we’re going to define all the different styles of play in one location. (At least that’s my goal.) 1 - Define and...
  25. Kaptain Karl

    WTA Whackiness: Is It Fix-able?

    On another thread a while ago, laurie posted... Curious, I just finished the book. It certainly reinforced some of *my* preconceptions (like)... 1 - Chris Evert's "outside the court activity" was "white washed" by the Press. 2 - Capriatti is really ... vacuous. 3 - Seles might...
  26. Kaptain Karl

    *Spoiler* Wimbledon: 2nd Week Predictions

    The other threads are too long. Let's start the Second Week with a new one. Men I'm really looking forward to several of these matchups: Federer - JCF is the end for JCF (Roger in 3) Gonzo - Youzhny could be interesting. (Gonzo in 4) Hewitt - Dent ... I'll admit it. I was...
  27. Kaptain Karl

    Fashion Question: Ladies Attire

    One Old Fart has a question for your Generataion X and Y kids: I'd like to know... 1 - Your Gender? 2 - Your Age Range? 3 - If you think the current "fashion" for young women is actually ... attractive? (The Low-Rise-Jeans-combined-with-a-top-which-stops-an-inch-or-two- above-the jeans...
  28. Kaptain Karl

    Roddick's Class at the French

    I noticed something when Andy Roddick was leaving the court after being defeated in the FO. Something pretty classy ... and no one commented on it. As he was hurrying off the court -- obviously not pleased with just being dispatched by this Argentine kid -- Andy passed a young boy (10-12...
  29. Kaptain Karl

    Van der Meer or Braden? Who's the goof?

    Okay, I admit that title is intended to be provacative. Here's my predicament: I have an elevated bias AGAINST ... one of these two. But I cannot keep them straight in my mind. This prompts me to discount them both, which I know is not fair. So, please help me identify who is who...
  30. Kaptain Karl

    Fun & Different Tourneys / Contests

    On another thread, I mentioned a one-day "Equalizer Tournament" I run each year. I got a few questions about it, so here's a new thread for discussion. Coaches, instructors, directors ... share your fun ideas too. - KK