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  1. Santoro071

    Are your Racquet & Bag the same Brand?

    Yes. A couple of Yonex RDS racquets, and a Black Yonex 6-pack bag.
  2. Santoro071

    How many mains and crosses have you broken in one shot?

    The best I've done is 4 mains/0 crosses right at the top of the head. I was going for a hard flat serve down the T.
  3. Santoro071

    Patrick McEnroe - worst commentator in the game?

    PMac isn't the best, but he's far from the worst.
  4. Santoro071

    what is your tennis shoe brand?

    Adidas, Barricade IV's and Tirand II's.
  5. Santoro071

    Take it on the rise or take it at the highest point?

    If I wanted to put it away, I'd hit it at its highest point to get a better angle. I could also hit it on the rise to one of the corners to set up an easy volley as my next shot and put it away then.
  6. Santoro071

    the height of serve toss

    Its about 1x my body height. It looks a lot higher with the knee bend before the swing.
  7. Santoro071

    what kind of forehand grip do you use?

    Recently switched from eastern to semi-western. Its helped my consistency with keeping the ball in, especially the short balls.
  8. Santoro071

    What do you think of this court.

    Looks like Roger's aware of the edge as it appears he is foot faulting :)
  9. Santoro071

    white at wimbledon

    They would just come out white anyway :p
  10. Santoro071

    white at wimbledon

    They almost didn't allow Nadal to wear his "pirate pants" last year I thought. But they decided to allow it in the end as long as it was white.
  11. Santoro071

    Scotty Doesn't Know

    Awesome song/movie :grin:
  12. Santoro071

    Hard Hitters vs. Spin Doctors

    I think a hard hitter would be more effective only because with spin doctors/junkballers I find there is a lot more time to react.
  13. Santoro071

    If you could be sponsored...

    Yonex, its simply what I use.
  14. Santoro071

    Tees or Collared shirts for Tennis?

    No collar for me, I use t-shirts.
  15. Santoro071

    what racquet do you use

    Yonex RDS 001/002
  16. Santoro071

    Sports Drinks

    It contians electrolytes in the form of potassium and its so much tastier than just plain water. Coconut water is my "sports drink" of choice :p I just dilute it very slightly with purified water and I'm good to go.
  17. Santoro071

    Sports Drinks

    Gatorade and about a gallon of coconut water.
  18. Santoro071

    What Brand of RacQuet do you use?

    Yonex. I just love the feel.
  19. Santoro071

    Mind Game - What do you think about between points?

    Its always something tennis related. It can be past points, future points, mechanics, etc.
  20. Santoro071

    Masterclass in fluidity

    Great vids, thanks for shareing.
  21. Santoro071

    Prediction: Ferrer to upset Fed

    I think Federer will take him.
  22. Santoro071

    Hammer grips vs pistol grip on the 1 hand backhand

    I've always used a hammer grip, but it doesn't seem to me like there would be a specific advantage in using either grip.
  23. Santoro071

    What racquet tricks do you do?

    I can bounce the ball on the frame a few times but thats about all I've got. I think I'll work on my Blake flip next time I practice :)
  24. Santoro071

    Federer looks bloated

    I'd say that its from the lighting and because he is in motion. Cause there's no difference in his arms.
  25. Santoro071

    Walmart Starter shorts

    Thanks for the tip. I'll be sure to take a peek at my local wal-mart.
  26. Santoro071

    Is this a pic of a cracked frame?

    It looks like it could just be the paint to me. But its kinda hard to tell without seeing it in person.
  27. Santoro071

    IHBH Poll: Which wing is stronger?

    I'll have to go with forehand on this one for most people.
  28. Santoro071

    My Racquet History -- What's yours?

    1991-1994 -Prince Junior 1994-2007 -Prince Series 90 Pro 2007 -Yonex RDS 001 Mid -Yonex RDS 002 Tour
  29. Santoro071

    Will Nadal ever be beaten on clay?

    I think he'll lose sometime this year for sure.
  30. Santoro071

    How do the pros check the calls on the hard courts without spot shot?

    Like others have said, when you hit the ball hard enough, it will leave a green scuff mark on hard courts. And thats what you see the pro's looking for when they walk over to where a ball just landed when their not sure.