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    Tennis in Omaha, NE

    Hey all, Wondering what the tennis scene in Omaha, NE is like. I may be travelling out that way. Thanks.
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    Osaka out of top ten

    Awesome. Can't wait for her to retire completely. She seemed like a warrior but turned out to be a snowflake.
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    What type of fan does tennis need now?

    More Fed fans so we can reminisce about the good ol days.
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    Why is there a 17 Slam difference between Djokovic and Murray?

    One was mentally weak, the other wasn't.
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    aus open: who should host it if not Melbourne?

    Melbourne, FL. Weather is perfect in January.
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    The way Djokovic went down in straight sets tells me something was up

    Djoker wasn't injured. He was fatigued. His legs were gone.
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    20-20-20 remains!

    Enjoying it, realizing the inevitable has simply been delayed. Enjoy the moment.
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    Where can I get that Med doll?
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    Med-ication please!!!!!
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    Agree with this. She is so pretty I don't mind the yelling :)
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    Wood racquet buying tips ...

    Big thanks to @Ultra 2 and @dak95_00 for getting me set with some wood frames. Strung full poly, 18g at 35#. Ready for some dubs :)
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    Public Tennis court etiquette

    If the lessons were actually free, and the pro was only on a single court for one hour, then I have no problem. If the "tip" was required, then I would have a problem. Would the pro keep giving me a free lesson on the public courts if I didn't give a tip?
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    Public Tennis court etiquette

    Not to knock what you do, but I think private citizens making money off a public facility is a travesty. If public funds were used to create/maintain a facility, those same citizens should have first crack at them. I have friends that teach private lessons on public courts. I give them hell too...
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    Singles only and Doubles only leagues

    We created our only singles only league out here. The difference is there are no teams, just players. Most singles players want to play every week, not have to go through a rotation. I like that the USTA is doing this, but the team format is not the way to go about it.
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    Public Tennis court etiquette

    If I am going to wait for a court I let the folks playing that I will be taking the court in an hour as per the posted rules. When the hour is up I'll go on the court. Folk will try and bully others by disregarding posted rules and courtesy. I'm having none of that. BTW, teaching pros given...
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    Naomi Osaka out of Cincinnati losing to Teichmann 6-3 3-6 3-6

    I rooted for her before all the shenanigans, when she seemed humble and likeable. Now I root for whomever she is playing against. Let those loses send her to an early retirement.
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    Wood racquet buying tips ...

    Thanks. Any brands better quality than others? Any trick to stringing or pretty straight forward?
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    Wood racquet buying tips ...

    Looking to pick up 4 wooden racquets for me and my buddies to mess around with. Anything in particular to look out for? Any brand/model that is reliable? Will restring them as well. Any tips on string (was just thinking synthetic gut) tension? Thanks in advance.
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    Like him or not, Sweet Tsits' has the most exciting game outside the Big 3

    ... so it looks like Med bagged himself a Masters Moose in Canada eh?