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  1. AnotherTennisProdigy

    Is this the year Djokovic gains advantage over big four in H2H?

    Djokovic won't even the h2h for the same reason Fed can never do it, Nadal won't do well enough to reach him. It's honestly up to Nadal on whether or not the h2h changes at all this year.
  2. AnotherTennisProdigy

    Djokovic >>> Agassi

    I've always been on team Agassi, but Novak has too many titles and weeks as #1 to be below him.
  3. AnotherTennisProdigy

    Jack Sock, can he be the Great American Hope?

    Top ten is definitely possible. Next American Hope? That's a really big task (which involves winning slams), and he's already showing less promise than Roddick did. Result wise I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up like Blake.
  4. AnotherTennisProdigy

    Should the Big 4 become the Big 5?

    The "Big Four" era is over with Federer and Nadal on the decline, no need to make things weird. If anything it'll be a Neo Big Three with Novak, Murray, and Wawrinka, although Wawrinka will have to be more consistent to have me convinced.
  5. AnotherTennisProdigy

    Who do YOU think will win Wimbledon 2015 and WHY?

    Murray and Djokovic are the only reasonable picks in my opinion. We have no idea how good Fed's form is going to be. It's hard to call Wawrinka as a favorite, I still consider him as a "wildcard" player.
  6. AnotherTennisProdigy

    What makes you think that Murray is better than Djoko on grass?

    Murray's game is better suited to grass than Djokovic's. Don't mistaken this with him being superior than him on grass, that's more debatable. I think people come to this conclusion based on their forms at the moment. It took Djokovic five sets to beat Murray on clay (Murray's worst surface)...
  7. AnotherTennisProdigy

    Rank TOP Forehands by their 2015-Level

    I like the idea of Sock's forehand, the amount of action he gets on it is crazy. Also, is Raonic's forehand really that good? It's solid at best in my opinion.
  8. AnotherTennisProdigy

    Why Stanimal Managed to Beat Nole But Murray Failed ?

    The big problem with Murray is unless his game is on there isn't much that he does better than Djokovic. He's better at the net, has a better slice, and a better first serve, but only when he keeps his serve % high.
  9. AnotherTennisProdigy

    Bookmakers say Nole is the favourite to win Wimbledon

    He should be the favorite in every slam honestly. However keep this in mind, he was logically a much bigger favorite in RG than he will be in Wimbledon yet he still managed to lose.
  10. AnotherTennisProdigy

    What's the main reason Serve and Volley has died out?

    In terms of playstyle commitment there's high risk and little reward. Federer has shown that if you have the tools and the touch it's definitely a viable strategy. However, why commit to a playstyle when being a baseliner is the safer choice? I feel this is also the reason we don't see many...
  11. AnotherTennisProdigy

    Rank their peak level: Cilic, Del-Potro, Wawrinka

    Agree with the above, Wawrinka>Delpo>Cilic Don't get me wrong, Del Potro is literally my second favorite player on tour next to Fed, but I don't think he reached as high a level as Wawrinka. If you watched that 2009 Us final again Fed wasn't even serving all that well, yet it still took Delpo...
  12. AnotherTennisProdigy

    Nadal Forehand

    It's a shadow of its former self at the moment, go back five years and see his forehand. The relentless pressure, especially on clay, it created on the opponent was incredible.
  13. AnotherTennisProdigy

    Does Murray belong?

    I could have sworn we just had a thread about this, it's based on preference. Is he the worst of the big four or the best of the field? It's the same thing really. Don't forget though, the nickname came about during the period where virtually every important tournament was split between the...
  14. AnotherTennisProdigy

    Nadal's Wimbledon prediction

    My prediction's not an option in the poll.
  15. AnotherTennisProdigy

    Is it the end of moonball shots at Roland Garros?

    Sounds like American tennis. You don't want to play American tennis.
  16. AnotherTennisProdigy

    Rate Your Favorite Wawrinka Slam Title Run

    Aussie for me, in terms of matche quality that tournament was really good.
  17. AnotherTennisProdigy

    The Bitterest Pill

    To be honest it felt like he was biding his time, banking on the chance that Wawrinka would fall out of his "zone". It honestly wasn't a horrible decision, I though Wawrinka's level was going to drop eventually too. However he kept the level up and steam rolled him.
  18. AnotherTennisProdigy

    Is Djoker's FO window closing?

    Logically, no. Then again, logically he should have won it this year.
  19. AnotherTennisProdigy

    Stan: I'm not as good as the Big Four

    It's a little harsh on himself, especially after a big win, but I appreciate how realistic and respectful he is. I mean, there aren't many careers that have more slam titles than masters 1000s. The difference in masters titles is pretty big, although they don't seem to carry that much value in...
  20. AnotherTennisProdigy

    How will Stan do at Wimbledon?

    The way grass interacts with his game is a little strange. On one hand the faster court helps him get winners more easily. It's not a coincidence that all the players that Rafa lost to were all bang-bang players. Plus he gets the benefits all big servers get. On the other hand he has less time...
  21. AnotherTennisProdigy

    Is it better to lose in the first round of a slam than being runner-up in the slam?

    There are 64 first place losers, but only one runner up. Would you rather get second place or last?
  22. AnotherTennisProdigy

    Wawrinka or Murray: who wins the next slam?

    Mostly depends on Murray. He's had the best clay season in his career so far, if he maintains his form his chance will come for sure. If previous results are anything to go by Wawrinka will remain a wild card, either going big or going home.
  23. AnotherTennisProdigy

    One player who should have watched today's match and learn something is Murray !

    There's a difference between waiting for an error and working the point by moving the ball around. Telling him to unload on every shot doesn't make use of the good points of his game.
  24. AnotherTennisProdigy

    Which player of the big 3 is most like Sampras?

    Logically 1.) Federer 2.) Djokovic 3.) Nadal If you disagree give me a reason to change my mind.
  25. AnotherTennisProdigy

    Do people hate player or get mixed up with their hatred for the fans of them?

    I dislike the word fan, because it's short for fanatic. I support Roger all the way, but am I a fanatic? No, I'm a tennis fan first and a Federer second, if the final of a slam is Federerless then I'll be just as happy as long as the match is good. Same thing goes with hating players. Some of...
  26. AnotherTennisProdigy

    RG15 SF: [1] N. Djokovic v [3] A. Murray

    Well, it was fun while it lasted
  27. AnotherTennisProdigy

    RG15 SF: [1] N. Djokovic v [3] A. Murray

    I voted for Murray, new KoC in five. I'm a believer.
  28. AnotherTennisProdigy

    RG15 SF: [1] N. Djokovic v [3] A. Murray

    Murray gets first ace of the day.
  29. AnotherTennisProdigy

    RG15 SF: [1] N. Djokovic v [3] A. Murray

    Not good for Murray, Novak's serving has been almost perfect the first two games.