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    Preferred Color For CoPoly

    What color copoly string you would choose to use in your racquet if they were offered in the following colors?
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    Prince Mono - "A Blast From the Past"

    Anyone remember using the Prince Precision Mono? On a whim I knocked the dust off this bad boy, strung it up and took it to the courts last night. What an absolute blast! More fun than I remembered. The 97.6 headsize, 11.7 once/329 swingweight, mono shaft, 62 flex and controllable power...
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    Yonex RDX 500 Head Size

    Has anyone noticed any variances in terms of headsize on the Yonex RDX 500 mid? I just strung two new frames, back to back for a customer today. I usually measure frames before and after stringing and I thought it was unusual to see one racquet with a stringbed approximately 3/8" longer than...
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    Usrsa...kudos Bayyybee!!!

    Recently the USRSA has received some criticisms on this board for their string ratings and playtesting methods. This post is to buck the bashing trend and congratulate them for an INCREDIBLE job in putting the Stringer's Digest 2005 together. The Spring/Summer edition not only features the...
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    Gamma 6500 Clamp Issue

    I use an older Gamma 6500 for some overflow stringing I do locally. The clamps on this bad boy have a plastic casing and are metal where they hold the string. Recently the metal has come lose from the plastic housing. It is now a chore to insert the string and fiddle with the metal inside to...
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    Where was Venus???

    Did anyone hear the announcers mention where Venus was while little sis was winning the Aussie Open? Is it just me or has no one even mentioned her disappearing act? Just curious. I find it parculiar that she wasn't in the box supporting her sister. Maybe there was a reason that I missed.
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    New Dunlop?

    Has anyone heard or read anything about a new Dunlop Maxply McEnroe stick that is supposed to be coming out in 2005? Specs? I saw it listed in the TW ad in the March Tennis magazine that arrived today, end of January. :confused:
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    Racquet cosmetics

    Was wondering how many of you, if any, are less than pleased with some of the new racquet cosmetics? I prefer classic dark colors...glossy paint and accent colors are fine. I recently picked up a Yonex RDX 500 mid. The racquet is great, but I find the graphics detract from the overall appeal...
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    Power Angle Racquets

    Has anyone hit with these racquets that have a diagonal stringing pattern and claim to be healthy for the arm? If so, what are your impressions? Thank you for the feedback as I am curious to learn more.
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    Wilson Rollers Info Needed

    Hi all! A lady on my wife's tennis team had her racquet and bag stolen recently. She is crushed because she was playing with a Wilson Rollers racquet that she absolutely loved. She asked me if I could help her find a new one. I asked her what model it was and all she knows is that it was...
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    Wow! Having read the past couple months of comments on these boards it appears that Yonex-itis is running rampant. I checked the CDC website earlier to see if any official warnings have been issued. Surprisingly, there have not. Still, I remain concerned for my message board colleagues and...
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    Yo Bret, Gamma Question

    One of the clubs I string at has an older Gamma 7500. We won't go into what I think about it...but rather I am wondering about calibration. I asked the area Gamma sales rep (who also works at the club part-time) and he indicated to me that the Gamma 7500 is self-calibrating. No one at the club...
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    Slazenger X1

    After reading the recent playtest review by nobadmojo I figured I'd give the Slaz a hit. I have been playing with the Estusa PBB on and off, but the 92 head is just too demanding for my game. Figured the 95 head on the X1 might be a better fit. I was shocked at the power this frame...
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    Prince Thunderbolt OS Specs

    Does anyone have the specs on the Prince Thunderbolt OS? I have a stringing customer who is looking for a new racquet that will play similarly. Any suggestions? TIA!
  15. J

    String Movement Question

    I was having a converastion with a customer today and he asked me an interesting question regarding string movement. He recently changed from a ProKennex stick, 16 x 19 pattern, to a Head LM Radical OS with an 18 x 19 pattern. Both sticks were strung with the tension at 1 pound under max. The...
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    Estusa PBB setup

    Curious to know what your favorite set-up is for those of you hitting with the PBB. Add any lead to help with serve? How much? Where? What about string selection? What strings do you use? What tension works best for you. Of course I realize I am asking for subjective opinions, but I'd like...
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    Shearing issues - Prince More Attack

    Good morning! I have a customer who uses Wilson Sensation 17 in a Prince More Attack. Just recently within 1.5 weeks she has sheared the string at two different points on the racquet. I know Prince had issues with the first generation of the no grommet racquets, but the More Attack is later...
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    Head Intellistring

    This is a string that I have not personally playtested so I need to hear from some users. When installing are there advantages to reducing the tension on the mains as if it were a poly? Overall, what are your impressions of this string? Can it be compared to anything? From what little I know...
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    Racquet Customization

    Hey all you customizing gurus... A racquet has the following specs... Head Size: 98 sq. in. / 632 sq. cm. Length: 27 inches / 69 cm Strung Weight: 9.8oz / 278g Balance: 9 pts Head Heavy Swingweight: 323 Light racquet that is head heavy. Want to add 2.2 oz to handle to increase...
  20. J

    Yonex RQ 260

    Hi all! Yonex just introduced the new Yonex RQ ti 260. Am wondering if anyone has the specs on the original Yonex RQ 260? Would love to get my hands on these. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Also any input on the new ti 260 will be appreciated. TIA!!
  21. J

    Prince Premier w/ Softflex

    Does anyone have any experience using this string? If so please comment on durability, tension maintenance, power as well as your personal likes/dislikes.
  22. J

    Kudos to TW!!

    Not only does TW offer to match the best prices on strings, (in the unlikely event they haven't already set the low price standard), but they stand behind their product. I recently had a set of Bow Brand Gut snap during installation. I sent a note to TW along with the broken string...
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    Head Protect System

    Has anyone demoed or heard much about the new Head Protect System designed to protect from tennis elbow? I have heard the technology is called Electronic Dampening System and supposedly it reacts differently upon impact, not after, giving "revolutionary vibration dampening." Marketing hype or...
  24. J

    Volleying return of Serve...Legal?

    Is volleying a return of serve legal or must the receiver allow the ball to bounce in the service box before making contact? Thanks!
  25. J

    TF 5500

    Anyone have any experience with this machine? IF so, please share your opinions on how this machine does in regard to frame mounting, clamps, tension etcetera. Thanks!
  26. J

    Gamma Zo Power and Young Arms

    I do not have much experience with the Gamma line of strings and hope to learn from the collective wisdom of this board. I recently was asked to string a Gamma hybrid for an 11 year old girl who is ranked in the top 10 juniors in our state. The hybrid was a Gamma Zo Power 16L main 58 lbs...
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    Straightening Strings

    Just out of many use a tool for straightening strings when done stringing racquets? What tool do you use? I always straighten mine by hand and wonder if I might be missing out on something. Thanks for your input!
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    Unique Tournafiber Irradiated Strings

    Has anyone played with the Tournafiber Irradiated string? If so, what are your impressions? Does it compare favorably with NXT/Excel type strings or is it more in line with regular sensation and alpha gut 2000 or none of the above? Thanks!
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    Atlanta Tennis Discussions

    Hey all! I have noticed a number of Atlanta area players posting on these boards. Recently I have created a discussion board for all, but it specifically includes several opportunities for those in Atlanta Leagues to have a variety of discussions as well as locate players and teams. If you...
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    Yonex Tour Super 880 ti soft

    Does anyone have any experience with Yonex strings? Specifically I am wondering about tension maintenance with the Yonex Tour Super 880 ti soft. What about softness? How does it compare to NXT/Excel/Phenom? Am seeking a durable multi with good tension maintenance as an alternative to Phenom...