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  1. QuentinFederer

    Thiem using Pure Strike

    I owned an original strike 18/20. Good frame, sadly got a crack and I had to throw it out. I actually think the newer strike plays better but the old one had a unique feel.
  2. QuentinFederer

    Thiem using full poly

    At WTF Dominic Thiem is using a full bed of red poly. Almost certainly this is RPM rough which he has been using as a cross recently.
  3. QuentinFederer

    Krajicek: "peak Djokovic beats peak Federer"

    Peak Federer beats every other peak player except Nadal on clay.
  4. QuentinFederer

    Is Formula one going to survive?

    It’s true, they won’t race against Alonso. I’ve never rated Vettel or Hamilton. I mean sure, they’re both very fast drivers, but 4 and 5 titles seems to greatly exaggerate their abilities. They’re both top 20 all time drivers, but neither are anywhere near being the GOAT. Vettel has always been...
  5. QuentinFederer

    Is Formula one going to survive?

    I used to be a huge F1 fan but I’ve not been watching it that closely since they brought in the V6 engines. It’s just formula Mercedes these days. Hamilton isn’t particularly popular here in the UK. There are some fans of his, but mostly we realise that he’s only winning because of his car and a...
  6. QuentinFederer

    Wilson New Project Racquet New Line

    Beam thickness 24mm on all versions? Are those strung or unstrung weights?
  7. QuentinFederer

    I clocked a serve and it was 85 mph

    Depending on the type of radar you used you are quite likely actually serving a bit faster. On TV when we see serve speed of pros the radar measures the ball immediately after its hit. Most radars the likes of us amateurs use measure the ball after its already close to the net and has lost speed.
  8. QuentinFederer

    Babolat PURE DRIVE VS 2019

    Tour version?
  9. QuentinFederer

    Wilson New Project Racquet New Line

    Hopefully H22
  10. QuentinFederer

    Does khachanov have the potential to be the next Soderling and dethorne Nadal at RG??

    The only player that has any chance against a healthy Rafa at RG is Thiem.
  11. QuentinFederer

    How Good Are Mischa Zverev's Volleys?

    Mischa is a great volleyer. If the courts played faster he’d be able to achieve a lot more, although that’s not to say he hasn’t already done well. He’s come back from some career threatening injuries, reached a peak of world 25, won a 250 title this year, and 2017 Aus Open quarter final.
  12. QuentinFederer

    New Dunlop Srixon

    Thanks Tiffani, will the 18x20 95 version be updated?
  13. QuentinFederer

    New Dunlop Srixon

    Hi TW, I’ve recently seen on Kevin Anderson’s Instagram story that he is practising with a new paint job. This paint job was also seen at the announcement of the new Dunlop AO ball. Do you guys have any more info relating to the new racquets?
  14. QuentinFederer

    What frame grips the ball best?

    I’ve hit some excellent drop volleys while shanking with the K6.1 95.
  15. QuentinFederer

    2018 US Open Quarter-final - Rafael Nadal (1) vs Dominic Thiem (9)

    This court is perfect for Doninic. Slow enough to give him time to execute his strokes, fast enough to utilise his serve and go for winners. Rafa is playing right into Thiem’s Hands right now, standing so far back. If Nadal wants to win he’ll need to start taking time away from Thiem.
  16. QuentinFederer

    One year too many

    Australian Open I did enjoy. Rotterdam was good but he was a bit up and down. Stuttgart I didn’t ever feel like Roger found his best. IW was the one I enjoyed least, Roger was pretty foul tempered. Cinci was far from ideal scheduling wise with the rain, and I hope it was that combined with...
  17. QuentinFederer

    One year too many

    2nd and runner up. As I’ve already made very clear to those who have read my other comments, his results are fantastic by the standards of almost any other player. But this is the GOAT we are taking about. And it’s not only the results, but the manner in which he has achieved them. He is not...
  18. QuentinFederer

    One year too many

    What was your question ?
  19. QuentinFederer

    One year too many

    I’ve been a life long fan of Roger, he’s the player I grew up watching. I supported through all the hard times and never stopped believing in his ability. It wasn’t always fun, with a few bad years and his racket change. However, I still believed he could do well and never stopped enjoying his...
  20. QuentinFederer

    One year too many

    It’s probably selfish of me to want Roger to retire if he’s still loving playing professional tennis, but I still don’t want to see him go out with a miserable decline. I also don’t believe he is particularly enjoying tennis these days, his on court demeaner is pretty surly these days.
  21. QuentinFederer

    One year too many

    Success and form are relative. By the standard of almost any other player Roger has had a good year. But this is the GOAT we are talking about. And even when he’s won titles he’s still not looked that good, line many other occasions his reputation has won him matches. So many players lose to the...
  22. QuentinFederer

    One year too many

    Roger Federer’s 2017 resurgence was near perfect. 2 grand slams and 3 masters after several barren years and knee surgery. He finally managed to consistently beat Rafa. He may have skipped a huge chunk of the year, had a back issue through the US Open swing, and had a flat WTF, but his 2017 was...
  23. QuentinFederer

    Novak Djokovic Disagrees With Roger Federer's 5-Set Rule Proposal

    Agree with Roger, more best of 5 is what tennis needs. Also a grass court masters.
  24. QuentinFederer

    Please Prince Textreme Beast Longbody, be everything I ever wanted....

    Will the racket be available in the UK? As a fan of heavy frames I’m keen to get my hands on it.
  25. QuentinFederer

    Can Novak recover on time to survive Anderson bombs tomorrow?

    Both guys are obviously going to be pretty tired tomorrow. I think the time on court and scheduling evens things out on that front. Djokovic is a great returner but has struggled against big servers. If Anderson can have 70%+ first serves in then I can see it being a competitive match.
  26. QuentinFederer

    The Birthday Thread

  27. QuentinFederer

    The Birthday Thread

    It’ll take a while to get used to seeing him without the iconic swoosh headband
  28. QuentinFederer

    The Birthday Thread

    Thanks, it’s been a great day, brilliant weather here in the UK and great tennis/football(soccer) on TV!
  29. QuentinFederer

    Should Dan Evans get a Wimbledon wildcard?

    2nd best British player right now. They’d be stupid not to give him a wild card. He got banned for recreational drugs which is not as bad as performance enhancing anyway.