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  1. Slicerman

    Serving differently between singles and doubles.

    Do you guys serve differently between playing singles and doubles? I know a lot of players will stand further from the center hash when serving in doubles. But do you guys go for different percentages in doubles? Or alter your serving style and tendencies? Personally, I like doubles because...
  2. Slicerman

    Any overgrips similar to Head Xtreme Track?

    I bought a pack of Head Xtreme Track overgrip a couple of years ago on sale. Can't seem to find this overgrip anywhere now. Is it discontinued? Or rebranded as something else? I kinda like this overgrip, tacky but not overly so and also very durable. Been having some dermatitis issues on my...
  3. Slicerman

    Raducanu may be the winner of US Open but..

    .. the moral victory goes to Leylah :cool:
  4. Slicerman

    Tennis benefits from pull-ups and other lat exercises?

    Have you guys received any benefits directly related to parts of your tennis from training your lats/upper-back muscles? If it helped, then in what way has it helped you? Feel free to share any experiences or ideas
  5. Slicerman

    2020 Roland Garros Mens QF: Andrey Rublev vs Stefanos Tsitsipas

    Andrey Rublev "the Russian Brawler" VS Stefanos Tsitsipas "the Kid (who doesn't know how to fight)"
  6. Slicerman

    Why does the US Open have so many first time slam winners?

    Some players with US Open as their first grand slam title: Sampras, Serena, Safin, Hewitt, Roddick, Delpo, Murray, Cilic, Osaka, Andreescu, and now Thiem
  7. Slicerman

    2-hand backhand grip, left thumb position

    Hey guys, something I realized about my 2-hand backhand grip (I'm a righty). I tend to keep my left thumb straight and resting on the top bevel. I don't wrap my left thumb around the grip, which I see most players do. I'm not sure how this came about, but I used to use a one-hand backhand. The...
  8. Slicerman

    Skipping your warm-up doesn't save time..

    .. because you'll end up needing to do rehab exercises and spend more time doing recovery afterwards anyway. Make sure to always do your dynamic stretches prior to playing. I made this mistake earlier this week, took 1-2 days for a sore knee to recover. Lesson learned.
  9. Slicerman

    What makes Sascha Bajin such a good hitting partner?

    I think everyone knows by now that Sascha Bajin is currently the coach of Naomi Osaka. He was also previously the regular hitting/training partner of Serena and Azarenka. He seems to be highly sought out by the top WTA players to be a training partner. What do you think are the attributes that...
  10. Slicerman

    Describe John Millman in One Word!

    hard work
  11. Slicerman

    Dunlop Championship Hard Court Tennis Balls?

    Are they any good? How do they compare to Wilson US Open Extra Duty OR Pro Penn balls?
  12. Slicerman

    Do 2015 and 2017 Blade 104 bumper/grommets fit the 2013 version?

    @TW Staff Just wondering if the newer version (2015 and 2017) bumper/grommets fit the old 2013 version of the Wilson Blade 104 Thanks in advance
  13. Slicerman

    How to get huge forearms like pros?

    Are there conditioning exercises that are done to increase muscle mass in the forearm? Wrist curls, extensions, etc with high weight?
  14. Slicerman

    Babolat Origin vs Synguts?

    Hi, I was wondering how would Babolat Origin compare to Wilson Syngut Power in terms of spin, power and durability? Both in 16 gauge (1.30mm). Thanks.
  15. Slicerman

    Question for string breakers (poly and syngut)

    This question is for string breakers who have experience with both types of strings (poly and syngut). Ideally strung on the same/similar racquet. On average, how many hours does it take you to break poly strings? What about synthetic gut? How many hours until they break? I'm trying to gauge...
  16. Slicerman

    Which is more challenging to handle?

    Which of these two types of shots would you consider more challenging to handle? 1) A groundstroke that is heavy, fairly fast and driven with decent spin that lands near the service line OR 2) A groundstroke that is moderate pace with slight-moderate spin that lands on the middle of 'no man...
  17. Slicerman

    RHS and swingweight

    I have some thoughts and questions about RHS and swingweight (and possibly balance). After talking with one of my local racquet techs (also strings at Wimbledon), I had the inspiration to modify my racquet (2015 Blade 16x19) to be closer to even balance while maintaining a moderately light...
  18. Slicerman

    What happens to your serve if you change from syngut to poly?

    What differences do you typically see when making the change from syngut to poly regarding the serve? What do you notice about its spin, depth, drive, shape of shot, accuracy, etc? How do you feel about your serve when switching between these two types of strings? Did you have to make any sort...
  19. Slicerman

    Tournagrip vs Wilson Advantage?

    How do the two compare? Out of the two, I've only used Tournagrip. How well does Wilson Advantage hold up (anti-slip, durablity, feel, etc)? I am starting to consider Wilson Advantage because it a lot less expensive compared to Tournagrip (about half the price at one of my local stores). Your...
  20. Slicerman

    Which is better for playing on top of the baseline? 1hbh or 2hbh

    Which type of backhand is more effective at playing close to the baseline? aka hugging the baseline. Or does it matter at all? Your thoughts? Recently been trying to make to the switch to a 2hbh. Still have a decent slice bh after a couple of years of hitting a 1hbh.
  21. Slicerman

    How to make it harder for your opponent to hit DTL?

    What do you do to make it more difficult for your opponent to hit down-the-line? Heavy spin? Big bounce? More deep? More pace? Angles? What do you do?
  22. Slicerman

    Serving: what would you rather do?

    If you're starting to develop a proper serve and you were to play a casual match, which would you rather do? A) Hit proper serves (eg. 2nd serve kick) even though your consistency with it isn't there yet and you're likely to hit faults or B) Abandon your training and revert back to old habits...
  23. Slicerman

    Lighter or Heavier racquet; which do you serve better with?

    Lighter or Heavier racquet; which do you serve better with? About how heavy or light is your personal racquet or racquet of choice. (static and/or swingweight) And also how tall are you? My current racquet has a swingweight of around 329-330. With a static weight of about 12.0oz I'm 5'7" and...
  24. Slicerman

    Which is your better dropshot?

    In general, which side is your better dropshot? For me the backhand side always seemed more natural and easier to hit. What's your take on this?
  25. Slicerman

    Ideal height of a drop shot?

    What would be considered the ideal height over the net when hitting a drop shot from the baseline? How high should you clear the net by? Regarding being high enough for safety, but at the same time low enough to make it difficult to get to.
  26. Slicerman

    What type of playing style/tactic is this called?

    What type of playing style/tactic is this called? -If a player deliberately hits short slices to pull their opponent to net, only to hit a passing shot or lob over them to win the point?
  27. Slicerman

    What type of player/playing style is this?

    Lately I've adopted this habit or mentality of playing. When receiving a high loopy shot or moderate shots that land in the middle of no-man's land, instead of backing up behind the baseline and wait for the ball, I sometimes I have a tendency of rushing forward towards the bounce taking the...
  28. Slicerman

    How important is tricep conditioning on serve?

    How important is tricep conditioning on serve? When I practice serve a lot I seem to wear out my tricep and occasionally deal with some mild tricep tendonitis afterwards, especially when practicing a lot of topspin/kick serves. At the same time I suspect that I might be too tight with my...
  29. Slicerman

    Who is more likely to complete Career Grand Slam?

    Stan and Andy both tied at 3 grand slams each, who do you think is more likely to complete the career grand slam?
  30. Slicerman

    Would a Wilson Juice 100S play okay with full syngut?

    My friend uses a Wilson Juice 100S (100" 16x15) and needs to have his racquet restrung. He use to have a hybrid in it Alupower+Wilson sensation, but the multi broke. Aside from slice he's mainly a flat-hitter who only occasionally plays at a intermediate level. Would a syngut like Wilson syngut...