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  1. tennispro11

    Go Mediate

    Some of the most exciting golf I have watched in a long time. I would be happy for either of them to win. Rocco is an awesome guy and so is Tiger. T
  2. tennispro11

    Should Henin retire? ... Well she did.

    What a sad day for women's tennis. One of the most well-rounded and fun to watch players is leaving. One more reason not to watch women's tennis. T
  3. tennispro11

    PC to Cell Phone Music Transferring?

    If you have a computer with Bluetooth that is by far the easiest thing to do. I have an HP laptop with it and a Blackberry Curve, man it is so easy. You can send videos, pics, and music to your phone or from your phone to your computer. T
  4. tennispro11

    Anyone wanna come over and help me do laundry?

    SoBad, dude, I need to come party with you! It's a shame I am on the other side of the world. Keep updating us with your laundry and with everything else. It is entertaining! :) T
  5. tennispro11

    Teaching Pros...OHB or THB?

    Use a 2HB, I can teach either one. Can hit a one hander just choose not to use it very much at all. More comfortable with the 2HB. T
  6. tennispro11

    What TV shows does everyone watch routinely?

    Lost, NCIS, The Unit Some of the best stuff on TV in my opinion. T
  7. tennispro11

    your picture...

    Hey let's move over to CC's bistro! We can talk there and have a few virtual beers! So it is getting serious now? That's what you wanted right? Actually I think I have found the one!!!! I can't believe it! She was in front of me this whole time!! I am drinking some Heineken! T
  8. tennispro11

    your picture...

    I know you weren't trying to be rude. :) I think you are one of the more thoughtful posters on here. You and Fee seem to be well spoken and very insightful. T
  9. tennispro11

    your picture...

    So your going to be awake for awhile? Me too! Going on a vacation! A much needed one at that! First break I have had in about 4 months! Yeah too many idiots on here. Get tired of arguing. So how is the relationship with your lady goin? T
  10. tennispro11

    your picture...

    I have been here. I don't get into the serious stuff on here anymore. Too many dipwads for my taste. So what's happening Ivan? T
  11. tennispro11

    your picture...

    Well ok. To each his or her own. Being healthy is never a bad thing. ;) T
  12. tennispro11

    your picture...

    Are you sure? Surely someone as smart as yourself can see that us men might think you were attractive. T
  13. tennispro11

    CanadianChic's Corner - The NON-Chat Cafe Bar and Bistro

    Spiders really freak me out too! What is the deal with that? I can deal with snakes and other creepy things but spiders just give me the shivers! Did you find it, CC? T
  14. tennispro11

    The future of the USA...?

    This coming from a teenager? Tell me, what exactly is it you are trying to say? :confused: T
  15. tennispro11

    Do you guys go clubbing?

    Oh yeah dude! I am always up for dancing with some random chicks! I like to be good and drunk when I go, but it always ends up being a really good time. :) T
  16. tennispro11

    CanadianChic's Corner - The NON-Chat Cafe Bar and Bistro

    Ah, I see. Thank you for that young person's lingo. :) So how many drinks does it take to get you wasted? It takes about 12 beers to get me buzzed. Rum and coke is always a good choice. That was my choice in college. T
  17. tennispro11

    CanadianChic's Corner - The NON-Chat Cafe Bar and Bistro

    LOL! Is busted the same thing as wasted? So what are you drinking tonight? T
  18. tennispro11

    CanadianChic's Corner - The NON-Chat Cafe Bar and Bistro

    Yo, that is actually pretty sweet! So was there some tough competition or did you just wipe the floor with em? :) T
  19. tennispro11

    CanadianChic's Corner - The NON-Chat Cafe Bar and Bistro

    That is pretty awesome! How'd you win the 150 bucks? I once found a 50 dollar bill at the tennis courts!!! T
  20. tennispro11

    CanadianChic's Corner - The NON-Chat Cafe Bar and Bistro

    Just about to crack open a beer! I will take a shot with you! T
  21. tennispro11

    Your Height/Weight

    You sound like a very pissed off woman in a man's body. Did I get that right? Princess Bossass told you that you were way off the mark in your first post, I would value her opinion wayyyyy more than yours, especially when dealing with the opposite sex. I called you out too, because you said...
  22. tennispro11

    Your Height/Weight

    You need to chill out. Pull your panties out of a bunch! Sheesh! T
  23. tennispro11

    200+mph 2.5 Video

    Now this is what we need! Some videos with some humor. Thanks! Made me laugh. :) T
  24. tennispro11

    Our team

    My guess is these courts are somewhere in Europe. Am I right? T
  25. tennispro11

    Kswiss ad in tennis mag?

    Very Nice!!!! Sexy Time!!!! Now what is the ad for? I completely forgot! ;) T
  26. tennispro11

    Your Height/Weight

    I know a few women who are healthy and around Ms. Frodo's size. One of them can actually eat more than me. They exercise and I give them lessons twice a week. One is 5'4" and 92 lbs and the other is 5'6" and 97 lbs. I asked them what their trick was and they said they had been that way since...
  27. tennispro11

    Kansas vs. Memphis (Spoiler)

    Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!! I would have loved to have been able to party in Lawrence! What a great game. T
  28. tennispro11

    Your Height/Weight

    Well I had my physical two weeks ago, and I can tell you that I am without a doubt 6'1". T
  29. tennispro11

    Your Height/Weight

    I don't think anybody has really lied about how tall they are. They seem to be pretty honest respones IMO. T
  30. tennispro11

    Your Height/Weight

    6'1" 190 pounds T