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  1. VacationTennis

    More comfort than ezone 98

    I think the newest ezone 98 (not the tour) is considered a pretty comfortable racket, but after demoing it it's a little harsher on off centers than my Ai98. I tested them side by side both at 45 lbs and played a couple long grinding matches on the ezone 98. The rackets look almost identical...
  2. VacationTennis

    Failed attempt at switching to Prestige MP

    Long time Ai98 user here but had a chance to pick up a pair of new Prestige MP over the fall. Been using it over the winter and like a lot of things, however coming into the spring I'm still not fully sold yet. Pros. Way more control in 18x20, way more stability on returns, and outstanding...
  3. VacationTennis

    Cyclone is too sharp

    I have a player that really likes Cyclone mains with Velocity MLT crosses - but it only lasts about 8 days and we're looking to get some better duration out of the setup (while keeping it affordable). Can you think of an alternative to Cyclone that is rounder, but is at a similar price point...
  4. VacationTennis

    Fognini shoes AO?

    Anyone know what shoes the Fogster was wearing? They were neon yellow and white but couldn't find these when looking around at all the shoes on TW. Thought he was on Asics.
  5. VacationTennis

    Replacement for the Yonex Ai 98?

    This winter my RF97A was feeling more like a heavy boat anchor, so in my out of shape state I busted out my Ai98 (Ivanovic) and I ended up sticking with it for the past few months. The racket was always a bit mysterious to me, never quite felt the love for it...until the last few months I...
  6. VacationTennis

    Soft main/poly cross vs poly main/soft cross

    I got into a debate with my wife and I'm looking for clarification on why you would use a poly main with a soft cross. Me: I'm a big gut main/poly cross guy because of the hybrid spin potential, comfort, and low friction. I've run many of these combos but never the reverse of this. Her: She...