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  1. Storm_Kyori

    Pain just below my right knee!!!

    Hey guys, This is probably my 2nd thread here and I might have posted on this before. I have a really bad pain right under my knee. Just recently got worse. I went on wikipedia to take a look at the anatomy of the knee and I think it could/might be what Rafa got. Patella tendinitis. I have no...
  2. Storm_Kyori

    My Serve/ Video Soon!

    So I have some vids from a few months back and would like to compare with some I recorded today. I would like to show the vid with this post, but Vimeo is down right now. I can't upload them till later today I hope. Some things that changed over the last few months (6-7) is my grip. I will post...
  3. Storm_Kyori

    PHT vs. Revenge

    Based on these pictures they are really close in ratings. PHT is .5 better in durability and again with comfort. That being said, the one gauge that worries me would be the Comfort. According to specs Revenge is about half a box/square less in that dept. Does that mean that if I found PHT...
  4. Storm_Kyori

    New Colorway for Babolat Team Line

    Those of you that saw the Nadia Petrova v Maria Sharapova, might have seen the new bag. I only saw it for like an instant as it is hard to find the exact time the cameraman showed it. Any news on it? It's the same from what I saw, but the blue is red. Is it only for the pros or will Babolat...
  5. Storm_Kyori

    AeroPro Control

    Hey TW, just noticed you guys are selling the APC, but when you try to choose a gripsize, it doesn't give you any options. Did you sell them all already or is it a glitch? I'm interested in these frames and just wanted to know. Thanks, K
  6. Storm_Kyori

    Vlog #108

    Great vid you guys. Also cool shirt Chris, I've wanted to sport a futbol shirt for the longest time. Did you get a numbered one? If so which number? Did you get it locally? Sorry to bombard you with questions I just would like one. My friend had on a red Italia sweater and I just looked so...
  7. Storm_Kyori

    Home Page Links

    Hey TW, not sure if someone has already pointed this out, but the pics of new Adidas apparel across you home page take you to other brands of clothing. Like if when you click one it takes you to fila. If you click on a women's dress it will take you to nike men's. The pics under these is...
  8. Storm_Kyori

    Babolat Team All Court IV

    Hey TW, I've seen some pics and some posts by fellow members that Igor Andreev and Robby Ginepri have been seen wearing these new shoes. So my question was if you guys had an ETA for the shoes and what colorways would be available. Hope to hear from you guys.
  9. Storm_Kyori

    Gel Challenger 7

    So for those of you that already have seen/wore this shoes what do you guys think compared to the first Challengers? I Like the Wht/Blk colorway. Do guys think it's a good buy or should we wait till the Resolution II's come out near the end of the month...
  10. Storm_Kyori

    Help with restring

    I wanted to ask you experts some querstions to help me with my restring. If you check my sig you'll see my current stringjob. I have 2 rackets, but one is nearing it's end and I'd like to take it in or at least get an opinion so I can decide what string I want. First I would like to know...
  11. Storm_Kyori

    My Groundies (Some)

    Hey TT, Just wanted some feedback from you guys on "some" groundies. Before you go asking for something let me say a few things. Sorry no match play. I know you guys say to other posters "We can't evaluate your strokes unless it's during a match because you hit different during...
  12. Storm_Kyori

    New Babolat Products

    Hey TW, Saw this on Pro Racquets & Gear Section and wanted to ask you guys if you had any info on some of the new Apparel by Babolat. I'm really looking forward to the Team All Court IV Red. If you guys could find out an ETA, any info really would be...
  13. Storm_Kyori

    Babolat Aero Storm Review

    Hey TW, I wanted to ask you guys a few questions. For those of you that were part of the play-test for the Storm, which co-poly was the one you guys string the racket with and around what tension was it? If you take a look at my signature, you'll notice I own 2 of those. The current string...
  14. Storm_Kyori

    Muscle Pain and Stamina Development

    Firstly I wanted to ask about a pain I've been having on my right bicep. I posted a thread on Tennis Tips/Instruction and got no feedback. Well anyway, I get this reaccuring pain on my service. I've had some of my friends say it's that my racket may be too stiff, but I highly doubt it, because...
  15. Storm_Kyori

    How to find a (good) doubles partner

    I've been having trouble lately finding a good doubles partner. I'll give you guys a bit of background just in case it might help you tell me what's up. I've played some USTA League, cheap and some competition outsise what I usually play. I'm rated 3.0, and when our team plays we get stomped...
  16. Storm_Kyori

    New Babolat Bag

    I was just curious to know if Babolat was going to come out with any new bags anytime soon. I understand you guys just got the new colorway to the Classic Club line, but I was hoping of buying something a little more red. I called your office and they said that the pics were pretty accurate as...
  17. Storm_Kyori

    Serve Pains/Troubles

    I apologize in advance as there probably is another thread with someone having a similar problem to mine and also there are quite a few serve threads. My problem is this: When I serve, I have overstretched and probably pulled my bicep on my serving arm. I once did that and from my shoulder to...
  18. Storm_Kyori

    New Babolat Bag

    I've tried to email and contact Babolat, but I haven't had any success. I was wondering if Babolat was going to make a bag for the Aero Storm Racquets. I know the cover for it is the same as the Aero Pro, but it would rather get a bag with red as opposed to yellow. I haven't seen anything about...
  19. Storm_Kyori

    Running Shoes Vs. Tennis Shoes.

    I sometimes find myself debating between the two when purchasing something to use out in the court. My problem has always been that tennis shoes feel really clanky, bulky like I'm wearing working boots. Of course after the break-in they feel decent. The problem with running shoes is since they...
  20. Storm_Kyori

    Babolat XCel 16 Vs. Babolat Xcel 16 Power

    This may have been posted or discussed elsewhere, but unfotunately there doesn't seem to be like a search function with liek keywords. Maybe it's just me and I can't fnd it. I would like to know if there is like a major difference between the two and which do you prefer. I'm going to be...