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  1. alexio

    Do you put Andy Murray at same tier as Edberg/Wilander/Becker?

    apparently, 5-6 slams is their main lighthouse:D
  2. alexio

    Do you put Andy Murray at same tier as Edberg/Wilander/Becker?

    yea, borg shouldn't be lower than petros, (or an alternate ending is.. petros shouldn't be in the same company with big 3 guys)
  3. alexio

    Do you put Andy Murray at same tier as Edberg/Wilander/Becker?

    gaudio=fed at roland garros cus fed also doesn't have numbers, next!
  4. alexio

    The TT Football Club

    surprised you never heard about that team before, probably i was mistaken while thinking about u as a true world football fan;)
  5. alexio

    The TT Football Club

    and their 17-match streak without losing is still going on..(ohyea and btw, 20x gain for those brave guys who decided to put their money against real madrid in that match, really good:D
  6. alexio

    What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

  7. alexio

    Poll: Who had it worse?

    fed, of course, he was much closer than the other two
  8. alexio

    2021 US Open Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Daniil Medvedev

    good post, for example, a great goalie tretiak received an offer from canadiens to play there, but due to those stupid restrictions he wasn't allowed to do it,..and btw, a slight correction that that iron curtain was until 91, so in 3 months cca it's gonna be exactly 30 years
  9. alexio

    2021 USO SF - [2] Daniil Medvedev vs [12] Felix Auger Aliassime

    jeremy irons loves watching match, sitting in the stands
  10. alexio

    2021 US Open Women's Final: [Q] Emma Raducanu (GBR) vs Leylah Annie Fernandez (CAN)

    emma is more pretty but layla is more cool, dunno who will be rooting for more, but anyway will be glad no matter who gonna win, for sure:D
  11. alexio

    Kings :)

    everyone, especially if djokorobo wins just other two matches:);)
  12. alexio

    Brits in US finals

    and they were born in montreal and toronto, two greatest nhl teams, also both those teams are from original six:D
  13. alexio

    Replace Zverev and Medvedev with Fedal in the semis. Do Djokovic's chances increase, decrease or stay the same for CYGS?

    def-ly increasing even despite both are healthy, but in their current 2021 form
  14. alexio

    US Open - Round of 16: Berrettini vs Otte

    otte djoko will be epic af quarterfinal:D
  15. alexio

    Fellow Giorgi chads, rise up!

    yea it can be, even from pc it can be viewed, of course unless her account is private:)
  16. alexio

    There once was a girl from Omsk

    in russia,:D the first thing that comes to my mind while hearing about omsk is they have a pretty stronk ice hockey team called avangard...also, a million-person city, just saying:D