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  1. Slicerman

    how to stop playing too aggressively in matches

    This is part of the mental game of tennis. This is when the phase "playing within yourself" comes in. And also learning to manage your game. Every player needs to accept that its not realistic to attack every single ball. Just simply being human means you can have an "off day" such as when...
  2. Slicerman

    Finally getting to the net.

    That's good to hear. Whenever at net, I feel it's best to adopt a winning mentality; not as a last resort, but going all in. The idea of going to net is in order to attack and winning the point under your own terms. My philosophy is 'the volley is only as good as the shot you hit before it'. If...
  3. Slicerman

    Is It About Feel or Mechanics When Developing Your Strokes?

    Yeah. Very true. I feel like mechanics and feel are strongly interconnected. A lot of good mechanics is about natural momentum. Momentum can be felt through the body interacting with gravity. When I came upon this idea, my tennis became a lot more efficient.
  4. Slicerman

    If you’re not spraying balls, you’re not pushing your envelope.

    That's exactly what Monfils is doing in this recent video.
  5. Slicerman

    Should I switch to 2hbh?

    I think your 1hbh looks better and also more natural. Granted your 2hbh is pretty new. I agree with what others said about not turning/coiling and loading enough on the 2hbh unit turn. The unit turn and kinetic chain for 2hbh should be pretty similar to the 1hbh. Similar to you I started with...
  6. Slicerman

    Windshield Wiper Injury

    IMO, there's deliberate windshield wiper and there's passive windshield wiper. There are legitimate situations for both, especially passive. Passive ww is safe and good because it is the natural outcome of using body's momentum and the racquet is just naturally falling in place. Deliberate ww...
  7. Slicerman

    Light or heavy racket

    This. Or try adding lead tape to your current one.
  8. Slicerman

    Arm issues : Stiff Poly low tension 36 lbs or Synthetic Gut at 55 lbs ?

    I used to play syngut @ 55lbs and now playing poly (YPTP 125) @ 52lbs. In terms of comfort, they're both very similar. The syngut probably had a "crisper" feel. Never thought to try any extremes in tension before. The lowest tension I tried on a poly was 45lbs, when I first transitioned towards...
  9. Slicerman

    How do you know when to retire syn gut?

    I previously used full syngut regularly for 2 years (Wilson syngut power 16) In my experience, it keeps most of its playability until it breaks. But after a long time of use, you will have to re-align the strings constantly. That's usually around the time it the string might snap. As long as...
  10. Slicerman

    Is It About Feel or Mechanics When Developing Your Strokes?

    In my own philosophy of learning tennis. Mechanics IS feel. And feel IS mechanics. Gotta have a balance between the two.
  11. Slicerman

    When to start developing the inside-out forehand?

    I think you should prioritize Inside-out forehand over inside-in FH. I would consider Inside-in a more difficult and advanced shot. I rarely use this shot, as I prefer to use my DTL-BH more. Though I occasionally do use it against short balls. Another difference between these two shots, is that...
  12. Slicerman

    Forearm advice, please - I hit a lot of net shots.

    Your forehand looks good and sound. I can tell that there's more 'brush' compared to 'thrust' of the ball because you're hitting the ball fairly low over the net but at the same time landing a bit shallow. I think if you had more forward momentum it would resolve most of these issues. A drop...
  13. Slicerman

    Is it better to naturally have a flat swing and apply topspin or ….

    I don't think its as simple as which is better. Both have their place and pros/cons. Personally, I use both. I find each are good in certain situations. I find that flatter shots are easier and more consistent for taking balls early. I also find that flatter shots are easier to execute...
  14. Slicerman

    how do i get comfortable with volley grip

    As a beginner, the toughest thing to wrap my head around was figuring out how to aim the serve with continental grip. I would visualize using the palm as the direction of the serve. And make a point to stay sideways on the serve. When you stand sideways, your racquet face will already be facing...
  15. Slicerman

    Serving differently between singles and doubles.

    Do you guys serve differently between playing singles and doubles? I know a lot of players will stand further from the center hash when serving in doubles. But do you guys go for different percentages in doubles? Or alter your serving style and tendencies? Personally, I like doubles because...
  16. Slicerman

    How do You find/feel your forehand grip?

    To me its a combination of feeling the racquet angle with my non-dominant hand and the bevel feel on the dominant hand. That's how I can consistently find the exact grip every time. The grip change should be automatic once its engrained into your take-back/shot preparation.
  17. Slicerman

    You can change ONE match result from tennis history...

    2020 AO men's final - Thiem d. Djokovic - 4-6, 6-4, 6-2, 3-6, 7-6(8)
  18. Slicerman

    Any overgrips similar to Head Xtreme Track?

    I bought a pack of Head Xtreme Track overgrip a couple of years ago on sale. Can't seem to find this overgrip anywhere now. Is it discontinued? Or rebranded as something else? I kinda like this overgrip, tacky but not overly so and also very durable. Been having some dermatitis issues on my...
  19. Slicerman

    Forehand Feedback

    Very nice form. Aside from the things that others mentioned, one thing that stuck out to me is your follow through phase. I think the follow through finish could be a bit more relaxed, such as releasing the wrist and allowing the racquet to drop during the recovery. Its a small detail but it...
  20. Slicerman

    Tips for my OHBH?

    Which is your better shot? your forehand or your backhand? Tactically speaking, it looks like you're taking every expense just to hit a backhand (eg. hitting bh just because you're obsessed with 1hbh :sneaky:) , even though a forehand would have been the better shot in the situation. I don't...
  21. Slicerman

    Hand sanitizers making grip slippery.

    All the more reason for all of us to switch to pickleball :sneaky:
  22. Slicerman

    Incoming short low ball, dtl approach

    A slice approach DTL against a low ball needs to be more of a touch shot with emphasis on placement. There needs to be a bit of "air underneath the ball", in other words, don't try to hit it hard or punch through it, just float it deep into the opponent's court. Granted the situation isn't very...
  23. Slicerman

    Who else is sad there's no Asian tournaments this year?

    Yes, this is very disappointing to me. I don't understand why they can't go ahead. It's fair they cancelled last year, but its weird how they haven't came up with any solutions for this yet. Most of the North American and European tournaments were green-lit. If they managed to get the Tokyo...
  24. Slicerman

    Rate my forehand? Been working on it with a ball machine. Ready for matchplay?

    Can't really make any assumptions about your rating without seeing your movement, serve and point play. Regarding the forehand. Your stroke mechanics look good, but looks like most of the balls are either going out or close to going out. The main technical adjustment I would recommend is to...
  25. Slicerman

    Raducanu may be the winner of US Open but..

    .. the moral victory goes to Leylah :cool:
  26. Slicerman

    What is the best racquet for a counter puncher player?

    You probably wanna try something with a 98 or 100 head size and 18x20 string pattern. For 100 head size, things that come into mind are the Head Speed Pro and Prince Textreme Tour 100P For 98 head size with 18x20, there's plenty of options like Wilson Blade, Babolat Pure Strike and Head...
  27. Slicerman

    What is the best racquet for a counter puncher player?

    Here's my philosophy regarding choosing racquets. I don't really think there's any particular racquet for a specific play style. Just use whatever racquet suits your strokes and with a feel that you like. Once you find this racquet you will get comfortable and used to it the more you play...
  28. Slicerman

    Western grip, low-bouncing court remedies

    Bend your knees and get down low. Squat/crouch if you have to. You should be able to maintain your usual swing and grip in this position. As a western grip player, you also could probably try doing the "short flick buggy whip" as well, but if you don't nail it clean enough there's a risk of...