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  1. LuckyR

    Pat Cash, why do we care?

    Three (count 'em) threads about much admired and respected Pro Tennis commentator Pat Cash's opinions/observations on the Modern Pro game in the top 14 most active threads(??!!??!!) I am still waiting for the Adriano Panatta commentary (also peaked at #4 and won one slam) on the Modern game...
  2. LuckyR

    NOS Nike Breathe Free 2

    How much would a person pay for a pair of New Old Stock BF2s, given the Nike attempts at "improvements" like the 2K series and now the Air Max?
  3. LuckyR

    Condolences to Marc Lopez & his family

    Marc is out of the French (obviously) as his father passed recently after a long illness. I am sure that the Rome title is bittersweet. Here's to better days and may you and your family find consolation in your memories.
  4. LuckyR

    Azarenka, Nike and the WTA

    What is up with the WTA #1, working on a record win streak, wearing gym shorts, warmup leggings and long sleeve T shirt for a Masters Final? We know Nike can come up with great stuff for maria, so it isn't them, I'm pretty sure. It is making Adidas look like fashion geniuses (which they...
  5. LuckyR

    Nadal Indian Wells Doubles

    Anyone know if Rafa is defending his championship?
  6. LuckyR

    Met the local Donnay rep.

    A well know local player (used to own the premier local stringing shop) has apparantly become the local Donnay rep and brought his bag of demos to our club's Saturday Men's doubles roundrobin. Got the chance to speak with him about the sticks, racquet tech in general, string issues and, of...
  7. LuckyR

    AO Dead Spot

    Anyone see the Dead Spot during the Sharapova warm up? Fixed (as recommended by Brad Gilbert) with drilling a couple of holes in the court to let out the air that seeking between the layers of the laminate court.
  8. LuckyR

    Kona 12/27- 1/6

    Anyone up for a hit at 4.0 - 4.5?
  9. LuckyR

    Anyone know Travis Parrott?

    You know, the US Open Mixed finalist. He is apparantly from Portland and still lives here. Never heard of him...
  10. LuckyR

    Opportunity for Fed at US Open

    If Fed can make it through his tough draw and come out the winner, he can match Nadal's feat of owning GS titles on clay, grass and hardcourts in the same year! Of course Nadal achieved it with Fed playing and Fed will have achieved it with Nadal sitting out half the time, but that's not...
  11. LuckyR

    Harry Potter/Roger Federer

    Anyone else think that as Harry gets older that he is starting to look like a young Roger with round glasses? A couple of my daughter's friends see a resemblance.
  12. LuckyR

    Maria is Back

    Won her first round match at the Warsaw Open in three. Woo hoo.
  13. LuckyR

    Sharapova predictions

    Any guesses on which major Maria will play in first? The WTA really needs her now that the Williams are both back and the Serbians are playing so poorly.
  14. LuckyR

    Pusher Owns the GOAT

    I just wanted to post that title. But seriously, Murray winning 4 in a row on Fed, pretty impressive, only the third to do so...
  15. LuckyR

    Papa Federer's Mental Game

    If someone would have asked me two years ago if being a Dad would improve or worsen Fed's Mental Game I would have said it would likely either improve it (if possible) or otherwise leave it unchanged. But now, I would guess it would impact it negatively. Thoughts?
  16. LuckyR

    Known Indian Wells Pull Outs

    With Rafa's Rotterdam injury and Fed's Davis Cup pull out, anyone heard of confirmed players (other than the Williams) not going to IW?
  17. LuckyR

    Kona 1/4-1/13

    Anyone interested in some 4.0-4.5 play?
  18. LuckyR

    The Last Post: How to Turn Pro

    Am reading Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. I used to think all of the posts from wide eyed youngsters seeking advice on what to do to become a touring Pro were pretty silly, in a goofy, innocent sort of way. Well I guess there is a fair amount of research to say that there is in fact a formula...
  19. LuckyR

    Homemade Gleukos

    As I have posted before I read the party line from the Gleukos folks ( ) and thought there was something to it. Especially the blood glucose levels when compared to fructose and sucrose. So I bought some salt substitute and dextrose and took out my calculator. Since the...
  20. LuckyR

    My man Paes, USO mixed champ and in the Men's Finals

    Nice to see Leander doing well. I began following him after seeing him destroy Nadal in the first round at Indian Wells. As it happens, his style is what I am shooting for, so is a good model for me.
  21. LuckyR

    Seniors vs NTRP

    I am considering playing some tournaments this summer and have the option of playing in the 45's or by my rating. What would the typical rating be of players and winners of Senior divisions?
  22. LuckyR

    Hybrid for doubles

    There is no way I could play a full poly setup, arm-wise. So all of you string gurus: if the value of adding poly is a deader stringbedd so you can increase racquet head speed and therefore spin and control without hitting long. How is it for shots where you don't take a full swing, like...
  23. LuckyR

    Happy Tet everyone!

    May everyone have a prosperous next 12 months!
  24. LuckyR

    4.0 - 4.5 in Kona 1/20 - 28

    Anyone available for a hit?
  25. LuckyR

    Anybody going in 2008?

    I'll be there the first week...
  26. LuckyR

    Anyone coming to Portland for the Davis Cup?

    Perhaps folks from out of town might want to meet for a frosty one after one of the matches, ? Friday.
  27. LuckyR

    Sports drink

    For those of you who use sports drinks for energy (as opposed to pure hydration) or are worried about sugar crashes, I recently came across a sports drink with no disaccharides (fructose/sucrose). The name of it is: gleukos. They have a web site with more data etc. In my research about it I...
  28. LuckyR

    Pacific Life Open 2008

    Seriously thinking of going. Any personal experience tips on: where to stay (city and place), where to play tennis, where to eat, which week to go, what ticket package to get, where to sit, whether to buy a package or a la carte tickets?
  29. LuckyR

    Hybrid question for those using it

    I get that a poly/gut hybrid lasts longer than pure gut and that it is easier on the arm than pure poly. But Pros don't have to worry about durability, they get their sticks strung for free. What is the advantage of a poly/gut hybrid over pure gut if price/durability is no object?
  30. LuckyR

    Pro tournaments in the NW

    What are the: 1- Closest Pro tournament to Portland OR, maybe Seattle or San Francisco? 2- Closest Pro tournament to Portland OR that will attract the top echelon of players? Las Vegas or Indian Wells? Anything closer?