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  1. lim

    Diego Fila servebot tee

    Are they out yet or did Reilly give them to a fan? Find it hilarious if he lurks TT
  2. lim

    You can slide on hard courts?

    You can do it in any shoe I’ve done it. The main thing is you have to be at peak speed right before you stop so that you have enough momentum to carry you through the slide. Most people have a mental block so they will take like 3 steps to deccel afterwards instead of sliding. That being said...
  3. lim

    Why does Murray dislike many of the younger guys?

    He should thank Zod for gifting him that last game. Would really like to see him play daniil. That will be hilarious
  4. lim

    Diego Fila servebot tee

    am I seeing things? Is this actually real?:-D
  5. lim

    Racquetholism at it again...360+ Prestige Mid or Pro?

    +1. The mid is amazing when you are on offensive but it suffers massively once you are in tough defensive positions especially when there are points on the line. if its just a stick for casual play I'd pick the mid all day.
  6. lim

    How many beam types are there??

    Box beam- ps85/ps90/prestige/vcore 97 Round box beam-ps/rf97/vcore95/speed Rectangular-blade/pure strike Aero-ezone/pure aero Round-pure drive
  7. lim

    Shoe Demo at TW?

    I'll usually get one my normal size and then one +- 1/2 size depending on the recommended fit so you're looking at least 2 pairs p/order. if trying multiple models it will definitely add up quickly but there's no good alternative locally so its basically unavoidable
  8. lim

    Andy Murray UA shoes

    barricades look good on him. such a shame none of the top atp guys stuck with them
  9. lim

    Head Prestige 2021

    glad to see they brought the dark red back
  10. lim

    What type of fan does tennis need now?

    avg age of tennis fan is like ~61.. so yeah how about a younger audience so we can get through the next 30 years :-D
  11. lim

    How Rafa Nadal Has Influenced Casper Ruud

    Rudd is the 250s version of BWEHH
  12. lim

    Federer promotes Rafa Nadal Academy

    Even next next next gengoat Leo Borg trains there.. I mean its gotta be good
  13. lim

    The Lacoste Club

    Organizing my stash. Here's a couple of my pre ND era favorites Stanimal IW 09 Servebot USO 2010
  14. lim

    Did any lawsuits come out of the whole wilson glide shoe debacle? I assume a bunch of ppl snapped their ankles trying to slide on hardcourts.

    it is one hardness and its a different layup than what Adidas and nike are using since it is noticeably more squeaky but the point is most brands just have some variation of a herringbone pattern whereas gel 8s are completely engineered to have pivot points. if both those brands copied the asics...
  15. lim

    Trailer of 4-part docu series on Rafa Nadal Academy

    Just watched the first 2 episodes. Nice to see how involved Rafa is and btw the lefty from the first episode just won USO boys juniors.
  16. lim

    Did any lawsuits come out of the whole wilson glide shoe debacle? I assume a bunch of ppl snapped their ankles trying to slide on hardcourts.

    Good point OP. This info is always hard to decipher from reviews as well b/c the play testers usually don't move well enough make an informed point of view of sliding. Durometer or the equivalent would work- believe there is an A scale and D scale. Thats what they use for...
  17. lim

    rublev with new gravity pj?

  18. lim

    Djokovic Lacoste USO Polo (Blue)

    I have a few pre 2019 and they still look good. some of the back labels are all cracked but the newer ones don't have that huge white/black box on them anymore which should be an improvement. and to whoever said their croc logo fell off, the ones post 2018 are stitched down
  19. lim

    Nike Vapor Lite All Court

    IMO these take down styles are targeted for social players that go out like once a week/weekend and need a shoe that looks like a tennis shoe rather than a high performance tennis shoe where fit/materials/construction make a huge difference
  20. lim

    Djokovic Lacoste USO Polo (Blue)

    They're up on Lacoste now The quality is fine-nothing superior about the fabric or the construction compared to other brands but the designs are good lately-nice colors and good patterns. If you plan on wearing it a lot I would get it. It's definitely one of the more memorable kits this...
  21. lim

    In case you were wondering whether Raducanu or Djokovic was the bigger US Open story...

    for the next few months until AO everyone will be back to being obsessed over whether novak will get 21...novak is tennis lol everyone else is just there for the ride
  22. lim

    Was this Novak's own 40-15 ?

    rg was a gift and sw19 was a gift so he's still playing with house money
  23. lim

    What was KEY to Medvedev's win tonight?

    the German giraffe taking him to 5 in the sf.. I don't think he had the will power to do go 5 even if he got lucky and took the third after than break Daniil gifted him
  24. lim

    Please help me pick a pair of new shoes...

    not a cage wearer but I got the same size as I wore in vapor x. having said that they are roomy now that the footbeds have settled in. will probably need to double sock them
  25. lim

    What happens if....Medvedev wins?

    Wow a game away from being straight setted
  26. lim

    Please help me pick a pair of new shoes...

    The GPs soften up dramatically. If you size up the .5 recommended the toe box thing goes away in a few hours of matchplay
  27. lim

    NextGen forehands have ceiling effects in terms of SW

    Alcaraz has a next gen forehand- his racquet tip points towards the net at preparation, but Rublev, FAA, citybus all have modern forehand preparation so how is the legacy being lost