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  1. Duzza

    Calling Prince enthusiasts: Identify this racquet

    Hi guys, A few years ago I bought a racquet from someone on the forums and it lay around my house for said years. I started using it recently and found it to be absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, now I'm using it as my main racquet I only have one I'm looking for at least one more. I know its...
  2. Duzza

    Mardy Fish

    He lost first round. My friend said he saw Fish apparently doing similar things to tanking after being fed up with waiting hours and hours for rain to clear. He was apparently hitting balls flat out with a continental grip. Anyone else heard anything about his loss?
  3. Duzza

    Anybody here an accountant?

    Granted I'm only in first year of a 3 (potentially 4) year course, I would still like to ask around and see if I can find any good tips, advice or stories from accountants in either sector of the workforce. Have any of you worked for a big4 firm? How do you think your grades in university...
  4. Duzza

    Need ideas for a "ball"

    Let's just forget the fact that its less than 24 hours away. I'm going to a costume shop tomorrow and would love some ideas. I'm a guy by the way. Theme is "Toys and Stories" so very broad. Someone is already going as Woody, but maybe Buzz Lightyear? Also, big costumes are funny but the head...
  5. Duzza

    Verdasco with a visor hat?

    I never liked this about you? More for ladies I reckon...
  6. Duzza

    Steve Guttenberg Facts

    Here we can post facts about the multi millionaire movie star from such films as Police Academy. I'll start him off: - Steve Guttenberg has tried composing music in the past but they always sound too much like pre-existing works. Fearing legal action, he only plays them at small informal...
  7. Duzza

    Does this look like Nadal?

    I've always thought this AFL footballer looks like Nadal. Who is with me?
  8. Duzza

    What option will be most popular in this thread?

    I say the third option.
  9. Duzza

    I have my Uni trials tomorrow!

    Woohoo! Very excited. In Aus, since we're too lazy to field a team all year round for inter-college sport we just do it for one week in September. This year in sunny sunny Gold Coast! That's my main driving force to make the team. Unfortunately I'm working 9-5 at an office and will have to...
  10. Duzza

    Best Xbox 360 2player game?

    Hi, the problem in my household is it's hard to find more than 2 people willing to play at the same time. What in your opinion would be good? I enjoy Soccer, Tennis, any sport game which I have those 2 of but my brother hates them and gets angry when playing them... We've also tried: COD4...
  11. Duzza

    I like Federer being seeded 2 :)

    And talk about a load of pressure off compared to last year! Underdog and he has the French title.
  12. Duzza

    The strangest thing thats happened to you

    The old saying "stranger things have happened" can be thrown around all it likes, but is there something that has happened that we might not be able to say "stranger things have happened" to? I heard on the radio this guy (in Australia) bought an item on e-bay. He then realised that it was...
  13. Duzza

    Should Soderling retire?

    Please Discuss.
  14. Duzza

    Funny Concept

    edited for the kiddies
  15. Duzza

    Why is it that Serena Williams...

    No matter where in the world, loses, and has to blame her loss on ANYTHING but the opponent. I know this case wasn't AS bad as some, but her arrogance prevails in anything she says... “I had an opportunity, and I got really tight, and I pretty much gave it to her,” said the second-seeded...
  16. Duzza

    Gift ideas for one year anniversary?

    My girlfriend and I are celebrating our one year anniversary next weekend. We hired out a house by the beach and are splitting the bill. I don't think she expects me to get her anything big (if at all), she's not someone who likes to be bought. Do you guys have any nice ideas? I've been racking...
  17. Duzza

    Maccabi Challenger

    So I found out that about 2 suburbs from me there's a challenger going on. No idea on the details but I watched Colin Ebelthite play some Taipei guy and Daniel King Turner vs Ivo Slek(sp.). I left when Greg Jones was going up against Brydan Klein. Other mentionables included Danai Udomchoke who...
  18. Duzza

    Do CAPs fit on i Radical MP?

    Just a quick question.
  19. Duzza

    This is bugging me

    I'm trying to think of an actor from maybe the 50s or 70s that claimed he knew or was part of the CIA/FBI/KGB. They made a movie about him...and I'm really bugged by it.
  20. Duzza

    Bryan Brothers food in AO Final

    It looked chewy and blue. Any idea? :D
  21. Duzza

    Gonzalez vs Verdasco both wearing bandanas old school way

    Looks disgusting in my opinion...who knows it may grow on me but I think we've been there, done that. For those who don't know what I mean :
  22. Duzza

    Devvarman def. Moya in 3 sets

    Even though Moya is probably "over the hill" I still thinks it a good effort to beat the 6th seed. Well done Somdev.
  23. Duzza

    Need your opinion - Oakley Frogskins

    I don't care whether you like the look or not, you probably think they look stupid :D. Anyway, I bought 2 pairs, one from the 80's an original make, used and in black. Will definitely use these as my day-day sunnies. The other pair though, is a re-release, one of the 3000 limited units for it's...
  24. Duzza

    College material?

    I was just cruising the internet when I actually found a video of a girl I know/played with! She's a very good player, played State Grade in Victoria here this year and definitely helped me out in doubles!
  25. Duzza

    AO 09 - Which day will Fed play?

    Hi, I want a high chance of seeing Fed play and was wondering if I should go on an odd or even day? As in day 1 will no.1 seed (Nadal?) play or no.2 seed(Fed)?
  26. Duzza

    Say I use HEAD racquet

    Is it true that for optimum performance I have to use HEAD strings??? what happens if I string with a different brand???
  27. Duzza

    Ultimate Top Spin 3 Player

    I have a pretty amazing player for doubles, but not a singles one yet. I can't seem to make him perfect :( Let's say that you "somehow" found a glitch in the game that enables you to use free points to make your player which I have. I would like to know each category what you would put. You...
  28. Duzza

    How to choose a lip balm

    Highly important instruction :
  29. Duzza

    Please suggest for me 5 poly sets I should try off TW

    I am planning on getting a cheap syn gut reel (most like OG Micro) and 5 sets to try as hybrids. Suggestions please!!
  30. Duzza

    Hybrid good for my arm?

    I did Sonic Pro mains/Head syn gut 16 crosses @ 56lbs on a nSix One 95. At first my elbow was hurting like normal, but it's feeling a bit better after a few sets. What do you guys reckon? I usually use SPPP full @55