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  1. looseswing

    pretty tough/hard riddle

    Friend showed me this, see if you guys can reason it out. I have not figured it out yet, he's going to tell me the answer tomorrow if I have not gotten it by then: 200 men and a queen are living on an island. Queen has brown eyes, 100 men have blue eyes and the other 100 have green eyes...
  2. looseswing

    bourne supremacy plothole?

    not sure if this was ever discussed in the movie, but during the part when bourne tells them to send nicky to meet him in that plaza and then he manages to escape the cia with her, why didnt the cia just put a tracking devce on her to make sure they knew where she was?
  3. looseswing

    problems at tennis center, need advice

    Hey guys, I have a quick question for you. I work for the tennis center run by my university at the front desk. When I was hired for the position I was told I would be sitting at the front desk answering phone calls, scheduling courts, collecting money etc etc. Recently my boss has asked me to...
  4. looseswing

    interesting workout- not tennis specific

    Hey guys, here's a very interesting full body workout I found. Just to warn you in advance its pretty long, if you skip to page six it'll show you each day and the exercises/set numbers to perform. Was wondering what you think of it...
  5. looseswing


    Hi all I had what I hope as a fairly simple question that I've been curious about. Does the amount of time your sore after a workout reflect at all how hard/how much muscle tissue you've broken down?
  6. looseswing

    tennis is stale?

    Hey all, just a quick question...I am taking a marketing class at school and we have to do a paper on a stale product. From a lot of the browsing I've done on this board I've noticed that many of you saying the ATP/certain tournaments need to make changes to increase popularity. I am just trying...
  7. looseswing


    ANY RHCP FANS OUT THERE! I LOVE CAPS BTW. im a huge fan so just thought id see
  8. looseswing

    lose weight or gain muscle first?

    Hey guys, this is a general fitness question. Im trying to do both, but I know its not possible at the same time. So before I devote months to one then the other, which is the better one to do first? And how long should I spend before switching between the two? If it helps I am 18, 5 foot 6, 145...
  9. looseswing

    travel help...

    Hey guys, random question for everyone since travel-wise I am an idiot... I was wondering what would be the best way to get from ithaca, ny to amherst, mass? Would it be better to drive by myself, or go up to syrcause and get from there to amherst somehow? i tried looking up tickets for trains...
  10. looseswing

    guitar hands

    Hi guys, I just started playing the guitar. I have been trying to find one I like, but I have really small hands, so its hard to find one that fits me. Does anyone have any tips/guitars?
  11. looseswing

    weight vs. muslce

    Hi all, I know that its not possible to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time. I know that you have to do it in phases, but which phase should I start first? If it helps I am 17, 5 foot 7 inches, 137 pounds. Thanks in advance
  12. looseswing

    paying on dates

    when you guys were in high school did you pay for everything while on dates?
  13. looseswing

    Fight Club

    Was it a really new and great movie that gives insight into the human character, or was it a sick and twisted movie that shows how empty we all are.
  14. looseswing

    how to change from "push" to "pull" forehand

    Hi everyone! To start off describing my forehand, it is kind of like Sharapova's (even though I am a guy). I didn't develop it like hers on purpose, thats just the way it happened. I am a 4.0 player. I have a lot of free time this summer and a good hitting partner, so I decided to work on...
  15. looseswing

    poker help

    Hi guys, I need some advice about texas hold 'em. I have never played the game before, but for my summer camp I got elected in a random election to represent our dorm in a competition with the other dorms. I really need advice as to how to play this game well because I know that at least two of...
  16. looseswing

    muscle mass

    I am going to start working out and was wondering if you guys have any really effective ways to put on muscle mass. I am pretty sure this question has been asked before, and I am sorry that I am reasking it without searching, but I am very busy at the moment and can only stop on the site...
  17. looseswing


    I have been working on modeling my forehand after Safin's. Anyone have any tips on how to hit a forehand like his? I know I should do my own stuff etc, etc, but it is a lot easier to have a model to work with.
  18. looseswing

    on those scrambling balls

    My coach said to me today that on the scrambling balls at the level that I am playing I can't throw up lobs but have to start just going for bigger shots off of them. It was at the end of the lesson so I did not have time to ask why, and I don't see him until next week. Do you guys have any...
  19. looseswing

    top romantic comedies

    what are your favorites among mine: heartbreakers there's something about mary
  20. looseswing

    k-factor lead tape help

    I am removing the leather grip from my k90 and putting on two wilson pro overgrips. How much lead, and where, should I add to the butt to create a balance which is the same as my k90 with leather grip and overgrip? Immediate help would be much appreciated.
  21. looseswing

    cyberflash reels

    Hi, on the TW website it says the reels of cyerflash 17g will be in stock on the 24th of January and this date has passed. Are the reels in stock or will they be delayed. Thanks
  22. looseswing

    which one is better

    reaction or sensation, keep in mind in reel form the reaction is $40 more than sensation for the same length.
  23. looseswing

    TW Hybrid Stringing

    TW if the strings that I want to hybrid are not on the drop down list should I choose "string not on this menu" and then type the names and tensions of the strings I want in?
  24. looseswing

    vids of my strokes

    groundies: volleys:
  25. looseswing

    my strokes

    Hi guys, I'm going out to hit in about twenty minutes and my dad is coming along to video tape my strokes. Are there any particular angles that I should get so you can critique them (just my strokes, not how I place the ball etc.)?
  26. looseswing


    TW, will there be a preorder for the k-factor raquets, or will the raquets be on sale starting from Jan. 22 only? Thanks
  27. looseswing

    stretch shortening cycle

    What is it? Should 4.0s like me try to implement it? How to do it and get a feel for it?
  28. looseswing

    inside out forehand

    Hi guys, I am having a lot of trouble with this shot because it is often flying wide on me. Anything I should concentrate on to stop this?
  29. looseswing

    stringing the last cross

    I was stringing up my redondo with prince lightening at 58 and the string has almost completely blocked the last hole for the cross, only a sliver is showing of the top of the hole. I tried moving them apart with a think stick but it didn't work because I thought the string would break. Any...
  30. looseswing

    weighting with overgrip

    I put on two wilson pro overgrips instead of the regular wilson leather grip and wilson pro overgrip on my racquet. How much lead tape should I put on my racquet and where should I put it? Thanks for your help in advance.