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    GSG/MEP gets beatdown by BOSS of Atlanta 4.5

    Okay - I think Ian wins easily.. Back to my original prediction.. I have seen Boss of Atlanta beaten by another player on the channel.. It's great that tennis troll is finally getting MEP some good opponents. I guess its hard where MEP lives. He must live in an area that has weaker 4.5s...
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    JMac's first pitch - pretty darn sweet.. Maybe there is a link between throwing and serving eh? <g>
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    stalking the ball..

    How many guys do this? Do you think of your dominant hand at a 'catch' the ball level? How out in front should your racquet be.. Jeff's lesson on this? You guys all agree.. I think in Jeff's lesson racquet is more off to...
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    So does anyone hit with wrist laid back in backswing?

    I know on the ATP forehand - almost all the guys lay their wrist back via relaxed wrist and swing speed. The forehand starts with strings pointed at ground but wrist neutral - and then it lays back on swing. But does anyone start with the wrist laid back in the backswing - and then keep it...
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    How to defeat lob queens/Kings

    Was watching my teammates tonight and our top team was having a lot of trouble against some lobbers. My teammates just played back and tried to hit groundstrokes. They have good groundstrokes and so they won. But they lost a set and won the final set 7-5. But is this not a bad tactic in...
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    Backspin or Topspin lob - Rec Doubles.

    Question for doubles players.. You want to return over the net man with a lob off of decent serve - backspin or topspin? Flatish maybe? What about a weak serve? same thing? The guys I am playing against are not the Bryan Brothers so as long as the lob is decent - it will cause chaos...
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    What do you guys use for a safe second serve?

    Hey guys, I like my serves for the most part - but my kicker is not great. My coach wants me to toss it well to the left and a bit behind and I just find it a bit awkward to hit. I can hit em - but it just feels uncomfortable to hit in regular social play.. What do you guys hit for a...
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    Anyone try the FYB new video?

    I am not a huge Will Hamilton fan - more marketer then tennis pro IMHO. However I really am not great at doubles - and there just isn't a whole lot on doubles out there. So I wonder how good his course is? Is it worth the 48 bucks? Anyone get it yet? I don't want to link it because maybe I get...
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    Any good volleyers?

    My forehand volley has been really floating lately and it doesn't have enough zip in general. Any good volleyers have some tips on this.. I find my backhand volley is way more solid then my forehand. It just feels like the continental grip leads to a racquet face that's so open on the forehand side.
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    Doug King doesn't seem to be into keep the plane the same..

    Any of you guys check out this promotional video from tennisone (Which is the teaching tennis part of this website I guess).. What do you guys think - this similar to the flip Macci teaches? It's pretty interesting how the tennis establishment...
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    Timing of swing..after ball bounce or before

    Hey I moved to Norcal - and the coaches are too happy with my forehand. They absolutely want to see a nice looping forehand. Which is fine by me.. My only question is - how do you time such a shot. I think we all agree that you first move into position with the shoulders turned and both hands...
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    Apologize to Djokovic?

    Ya know maybe Novak did know what he was talking about with the serve: Grats to Yandell for being man enough to change his mind...I read this in an article about Fed's serve.. Kinda surprising after the huge debate we had here a while back..
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    Berdych forehand..Push Pull? Old School? Modern?

    What do people make of this guys forehand? He has an over the should finish (alot of the time) so is it a modern forehand or more like the Agassi forehand. There isn't much pronation right? But he can do well with it... It strikes me as an old school push stroke - but it probably isn't..I...
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    Is FYB wrong about the windshield wiper forehand?

    If you watch the FYB video it talks extensively about how you hit the ball by swinging up MORE on the ball then with a 'traditional" forehand and you can't "tac on" a WW to a tradtional swing. However - perhaps my eyes are deceiving me but I would swear that Roger Federer DOES NOT use an...
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    Need more pace on my slice serve..

    Okay I am not a good player but my serves are generally by far my best shot. I get complements on them from most everyone I play. I am probably a 3.0 or 3.5. I hit a okay flat serve (it can catch mediocre players off guard and I get the occasional ace). I hit an okay kick serve. It will...
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    String ideas for my Prince Thundercloud?

    I am a very casual player. Likely a 3.0 or 3.5. I play once or twice a week during the season and hopefully once a week in the offseason. That being said it's approaching a year since I got my new cheap Prince Thundercloud. What should I string it with? Honestly this may be a sign of...
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    What to do with a weak second serve.

    I'd like to work on some shots to beat this guy who hits this very weak second serve. Yes - I am not a great player. I can't just hit clean winners off it. About my opponent - He hits the second serve such that it doesn't really bounce that high and tends to barely clear the net. He has a...
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    Prince Thundercloud replacement?

    Any replacement ideas for a Prince Thundercloud TI oversized? I have this racquet for ages now and I don't want to switch but it has little cracks on it and sometimes it sounds funny when I hit. I feel maybe I am making more mistakes because of it. I need to demo some racquets soon - I added...
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    Do you personally pronate in your forehand?

    Pronation in forehand? I was watching some decent players hit (maybe 4.5) and they were pronating LIKE CRAZY on their forehands. Is that good form? I know the modern forehand uses windshield wiper but is it more a shoulder turn or a lower arm turn - or both? These guys hit with very good pace...
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    Anyone ever hear about this guy? Sounds kinda good.. Has anyone heard of Brent Abel? I have a pretty awful serve you think this could help? Pete
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    Frying Pan - Waiters wrist - help?

    Anyone have any tips for avoiding frying pan serves? I do use a continental grip. In fact I can just pronate and hit the ball in no problem. But when I try to go with a full motion I always turn my arm early and end up frying pan the ball... Anyone have some kind of trick to fix this? Pete
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    Arm too close to body?

    I was looking at video of my forehand and I notice my arm is REALLY close to my body like virtually touch it on the driving part of the stroke. Is this something I should try to fix? My forehand tends to float high on me.. Pete
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    My serve..

    I took some video of my serve with my little digital camera and a tripod. I think my form is really OFF and I would like to know if anyone has some tips on how to fix it. I thought I could fix it myself without the embarrasment BUT it's so bad not sure where to begin. I can see my racquet...
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    noob problem..

    I got to say my forehand is bugging me. I want to hit heavy ball with lots of topspin. But whenever I try to hit harder and add more topspin I open up my racquet face. This doesn't happen with my one handed backhand at all BTW... Pete
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    Second serves - mental approach.

    How do you think about hitting different serves? I basically only have one service motion and I want to know when your hitting a "slice" serve or a "kick" serve mentally what do you tell yourself? Do you say i want to hit up on the ball for a kick? Do you not think about it and just say okay...
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    Returns for a weak second serve..

    What kind of shots should I work on to return a weak second serve. I am not talking about those high bouncing ones but balls that barely clear the net. I actually don't like returning them much because i get so close that i just stay at the net - and I am not a great net person. Also while I...
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    Resorting to pushing/underhitting.

    Alot of times when I get into competitive situations I don't really hit out or smack the ball like I can in practice. Anyone know of any tricks to make sure you don't do this? It's only my groundstrokes that really suffer - my serve is about the same. Pete
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    Flaky forehand..

    You guys have any advice on how to fix my forehand? Okay the problem is that I tend to open up my face and send the ball way out or I tend to underhit it (probably to address the first problem). I am a big guy and want a solid heavy forehand. You guys have any tips to prevent such bad...
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    League Tennis..

    You guys are all pretty good players..So alot of you must play in a league right? I have joined a 3.0 league in NYC. And I want to get feel for it. We have our first match later this month (though I don't know if I will be playing). Our "captain" says that he will make out the teams to be...
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    Beating the guy with the Big Forehand..

    Let me say I am not a great tennis I play this guy who can barely beat me. I was actually up 5-3 and blew it and lost 7-5. The guy is not really a great player - he is maybe like a 3.0 with most strokes. But he has a really sweet hard forehand and although its quite flat but when...