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  1. scineram

    Rog catching up to Rafa - or Rafa slowing down?

    Roland Garros was ******'s 50th title. ******* did the same at Cincinatti 2007. Rafael not winning anything before the Olympics means the 51st title will be the first that Federer wins at a younger age, than Nadal. Also the 11th slam (2007 Wimbledon) was the first Roger won younger than Rafael...
  2. scineram

    Number one ranking in Nadal's hands

    After Wimbledon, before Roland Garros Nadal got 6700 points. Federer 6030. Should Nadal win in Paris and reach final in London he is number 1. Not much for Roger to do, unless winning Paris final. So it ends at 289 weeks.
  3. scineram

    Federer Haters Feeling the Pain

    Just be patient, guys! Courtesy of Sean Randall.
  4. scineram

    "No. 2, No. 3, it doesn't matter much. It's No. 1 that matters."

    FED v ĐOKER When will Novak first overtake Roger in the rankings?
  5. scineram

    AusOpen: Adieu, rebound ace?

    Biggest change since move from Kooyong? Hope it will be fast.:) TA takes a look at Open surface
  6. scineram


    In the light of recent SPOILERS, let us see, what some greats and all year end no. ones produced: Bagel: given - taken Connors 190 - 17 Vilas 151 - 46 Lendl 148 - 24 Agassi 117 - 27 Borg 116 - 17 McEnroe 100 - 16 Nastase 95 - 23...