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  1. halalula1234

    Jack Sock topspin 1hbh

    serena hits a 1 handed backhand often at the start of warm ups for some reason.
  2. halalula1234

    Venus vs Maria Sharapova- Wimbledon 2005

    Venus when shes on is probably one of the greatest if not the greatest player...her combo of explosiveness, speed and power is unmatched. ofc she is either hot or cold and can often lose matches from winning positions.
  3. halalula1234

    where can I find pictures/footages of players leaving the court?

    well just any footage of her entering or leaving the court.. i just need a shot of that hand bag where i can see my key ring ! :-? Does anyone know of a place where i can find like hour long match footages? i may be able to find it in there
  4. halalula1234

    where can I find pictures/footages of players leaving the court?

    Hi guys, Just wondering where would I be able to find footages of players leaving the court after their Anz openmic interview at the aus open? I just saw serena leaving the court and saw that she was using a key ring that i gave her on her handbag! so I really wanted to get a screen cap of...
  5. halalula1234

    Vegetarian Pros

    Venus williams after her sjogen syndrome diagnosis... appearantly she is on a mostly vegan diet....sometimes she cheats by going "chegan"
  6. halalula1234

    The 2014 FO women's final - Sharapova vs Halep

    Doesn't Venus have 7 ? + 13 doubles and 2 mixed doubles slams. Considering singles only Maria would be greater already I would say, she has won on all slams. While V only 2
  7. halalula1234

    The 2014 FO women's final - Sharapova vs Halep

    Luck was not on Halep's side with the calls and Maria taking forever to serve and pooing in the toilet. But I think Maria deserves a congrats, she has worked hard to improve and it paid off, we never would have thought she would win the FO twice. Her attitude is annoying but her drive and...
  8. halalula1234

    The 2014 FO women's final - Sharapova vs Halep

    omg Simona u need to stop rushing on your serves
  9. halalula1234

    The 2014 FO women's final - Sharapova vs Halep

    Me three! Shes not a very big lady she needs a good defensive slice like Justine :)
  10. halalula1234

    The 2014 FO women's final - Sharapova vs Halep

    LMAO! she reminds me of Micky Mouse in pain
  11. halalula1234

    The 2014 FO women's final - Sharapova vs Halep

    Come on Simona, I would love you to win, a humble and great player. No attitude issues.
  12. halalula1234

    The 2014 FO women's final - Sharapova vs Halep

    Agreed, I find her so annoying when she does this. Stop with the attitude and screaming, so annoying! This is why we need Serena...tame that banshee
  13. halalula1234

    Use your speed if you have it - where do you stand?

    i stand usually half a feet to a feet behind the baseline, if they have a slightly weak serve i try to take it inside the baseline
  14. halalula1234

    Which pro player do YOU most play like?

    I have no idea!. A few years back I used to copy a certain pro like Federer or Nadal or Henin etc and just copy every aspect of their game, it did not work!. I have now discovered my own game and I would say its a mixture of a lot of my favourite players. Forehand - no idea , just a regular...
  15. halalula1234

    Underarm Serve

    I got complained at once when i served like that with side spin, the opponent just got ****ed off and told me not to serve like that. I was like..."what is your problem? its perfectly fine in the rule book to serve like that"... If they make a fuss about something that is perfectly legal and...
  16. halalula1234

    How fast do recreational players serve?

    I think those who can play properly and has had lessons and an OK technique can get up to 100mph or more, but i think the average would be 80-90mph?
  17. halalula1234

    Serena should have been called for hindrance

    So well said! You shouldn't let your opponent's screaming and their deliberate attempt to **** you off distract the way you play...Its easier said than done, but Its always good if you can ignore them and just keep playing.
  18. halalula1234

    Milos grunt is cute.

    He's a cutie pie
  19. halalula1234

    what is wrong with jelena jankovic's voice?

    I've just watch this video and thought JJ's voice sounds very strange maybe she has a cold or sore throat? but I couldnt help but laugh a little because it sounded very robotic!
  20. halalula1234

    Finally, evidence that the 1hbh can do something better than the 2hbh: topspin

    I use the same grip as gasquet and my backhand is my main weapon and has a lot of spin. one thing that i like about 2 handers more than 1 is that it can handle really fast skidding balls a tad bit better by having 2 hands to help u block it back
  21. halalula1234

    What's your playing style and why?

    I dont really know what my style is....I normally go for winners whenever theres a chance, and when im defending I try to look for opportunities to become offensive again.. I come into the net only if i hit a nice set up shot because Im a bit hot and cold there. I think im probably a counter...
  22. halalula1234

    Did Bartoli deserve to win the Wimbledon ?

    I was rooting for her <3 She is amazing and I really love her determination and how people never took her seriously. I just love it! She proved it!
  23. halalula1234

    Should women be given three service attempts instead of two?

    would u like to see schiavone and bartoli in ther bikinis?
  24. halalula1234

    Can you rank these women in terms of big hitting?

    Seles Li na Dementieva Sharapova Azarenka Henin Ivanovic Clijsters Graf Capriati Its very had to order them. they are all really powerful! except i would go with seles for having the most powershots consistently + most accurate. Probably graf or clijsters or ivanovic for the forehand and...
  25. halalula1234

    Serena Williams serving

    yeh!! i notice that too!! very often!
  26. halalula1234

    If Serena Williams was on the mens tour...

    16 and 17 is really young and brassch played a very unorthodox game. Anyway the point still is that mens are far superior still in tennis