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  1. Phantasm

    DIY Balance Board Question: Where should the tape measure start?

    Question for those who made their own balance board: Where is the correct placement for 0? Do you start the tape measure/ruler/ balance measurement from the end of the dowel towards the handle side or from the center point of the dowel? Planning to use a 1/2 inch dowel so depending on where I...
  2. Phantasm

    Wilson H22 Users Club

    I feel like there's enough active users or users who've used this frame to start a discussion thread about it. Wilson makes this wonderful frame but does not make it available to the general public. They instead hide it behind all these other paintjobs. Sometimes, disguised as a Blade, Burn, or...
  3. Phantasm

    New Zoom Cage 3 Colorways

    Do you have an expected release date for the new Zoom Cage 3 colorways? Interested in getting a pair of the Blue Lagoon ones. Thanks!
  4. Phantasm

    Head Speed Racquet Users

    I feel like some over the multiple versions, the speed line has lowkey produced some awesome racquets. Players who use the Speed line, what version do you use? What do you like about it/what made you bite and switch to them. A few I liked demo'ing: The youtek/ig speed pro was nice with that...
  5. Phantasm

    Anyone own the Adidas Tour 12 Pack Bag?

    Anyone purchase this bag? Can you provide input on how you like it? sturdiness/build quality? Weight/bulkiness/size? Design seems nice with plenty of compartments without looking too cumbersome.
  6. Phantasm

    Different string tension depending on Court Surface?

    Do any of you use different string tensions depending on the surface you play on? I know many hard courts are probably the most common in my area, but there are different hard court finishes as well as areas that have Har Tru and clay. For those who play on multiple surfaces with multiple...
  7. Phantasm

    2017 Wilson Burn

    Looks like Japan already has some demos of the 2017 Burn CV Model. Video review (In Japanese language) Paint Job follows suit with the new Prostaffs and Blades with the black and red-orange coloring at 3/9... Black paint is glossy and not matte black unlike the other prostaff/ blades...
  8. Phantasm

    Question for Andy - Gut/Poly Hybrid DR98

    Hi Andy, Just saw your review of VS Gut you did. What poly did you use in your hybrid setup and what tension for your DR98. Did you stick with Tour Bite your regular poly of choice or something else? Would you go tighter or looser from your experience with it or use a different poly...
  9. Phantasm

    Head Bags Padding and Quality?

    How is the padding and quality of the Head Tour and other Series Combi bags? I'm currently using my old Wilson nCode 6 pack bag that I've had from way back when and wanted a Head Bag since I'm primarly using Head frames lately I got a Head Elite Monstercombi for 20 bucks on clearance elsewhere...
  10. Phantasm

    Racquet/Demo Advice

    I'm a longtime Wilson user, currently using a Hyper Prostaff 6.1 MP 95 16x18 as my main stick that I've had for 10 years. Would probably consider myself as a baseliner. After a 5-6 year-ish period of very inconsistent and scarce playing, I've been hitting and playing on a more regular basis...