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  1. Badabing888

    Zverev to win olympic gold in Tokyo 2020

    Best of 3 sets definitely suits him more than best of 5 sets. And damn the speed of the court and low bounce. More courts like that please ITF and ATP please. What balls did they use as well?
  2. Badabing888

    If Nadal wins this WTF, the GOAT discussion is over

    Rafa's only even won 1 indoor hardcourt title in his career. And that was in a final in Madrid coming back from 2 sets to love down and when he was 20 years old.
  3. Badabing888

    If Nadal wins this WTF, the GOAT discussion is over

    Yeh but he'll still have only won 8 non Clay slams.:rolleyes:
  4. Badabing888

    2020 ATP Finals - Official Thread

    The two players who beat Novak and Rafa to go head to head in the final. Shame I would have been at the final tomorrow had they allowed fans to attend.:(
  5. Badabing888

    If Nadal wins this WTF, the GOAT discussion is over

    This thread didn't age well. :rolleyes:
  6. Badabing888

    If Nadal wins this WTF, the GOAT discussion is over

    Rafa has only ever won 1 indoor hard court title in his career. Still a win at the ATP world tour finals would be incredible achievement.
  7. Badabing888

    Trash. Utter Trash. Djoker Should NOT be disqualified

    For a new grand slam men’s champion all you need is an injury, virus and a player hitting a lineswoman with a ball.:rolleyes::unsure::-D Bit of a troll thread IMO to gain reaction for an incident that has little to be argued over apart from Novak fans stamping their feet in indignation that...
  8. Badabing888

    Fred out of Dubai/IW/RG

    Is it the same knee he had surgery on in 2016? answering my own question. The surgery is to the other knee he had an op on to 2016.
  9. Badabing888

    The TT Football Club

    6 more wins and the title is Liverpool's.
  10. Badabing888

    2020 Australian open final :- [5] Dominic Thiem v/s [2] Novak Djokovic

    I hope Thiem can win tomorrow and win his first grand slam. It would also be symbolic to end Rafa and Novak’s reign at the start of the 20s decade. That is what I am hoping, but Novak is of course favourite. Still, hope Thiem can do a Stan and he’s won 4 of the last 5 encounters with Novak...
  11. Badabing888

    The TT Football Club

    And.... the World Club Champions are .....LIVERPOOL!!!
  12. Badabing888

    What's yer favorite beer?

    I like Cask Ales - London Pride, Tribute, Timothy Taylor Landlord. Pale ales. I’ll drink the local beers of the country I am in. German beer is excellent. Love the Helles lager and also the Weiss beer. Superb!!!
  13. Badabing888

    Ford vs Ferrari - very good

    It’s called Le Mans ‘66 here in the UK. Watched it for free on a preview and yes enjoyed it.
  14. Badabing888


    Both Cut.
  15. Badabing888

    Prequels? Originals? New? Star wars stories?

    prequels sucked overall. 1 and 2 were pretty awful. 3 - revenge of the Sith was the only half decent one. the new ones are just rehashed updated PC versions of the originals to appeal to a new audience and also trigger nostalgia in the generation who enjoyed the originals ie parents now. The...
  16. Badabing888

    How far can you swim underwater?

    I think about 20-25 metres. Don’t swim that often. In fact I don’t think I have swum in a pool since 2017 and that was when I was in Florida because it was so warm and there was an outside pool at the hotel. Hate the pools where I live as they are indoors and either full of kids or old people.
  17. Badabing888

    Bold prediction. Federer, Nadal or Djokovic will NOT win a single slam in 2020.

    I’d be happy with that. Can’t see it happening either. But one of the next gen is going to at least get to a slam final.
  18. Badabing888

    2019 WTF 1/2 Final:Roger Federer vs. Stefanos Tistsipas

    Not surprised really. Movement was lacking today and it is obvious now that it is affecting staying in rallies. Just compounds the errors and not taking the break point chances. Those 0-40 missed opps are becoming more and more common.
  19. Badabing888

    Does Federer need to go 100 sq in?

    Bigger racquet isn’t going to improve his movement, which is beginning to show more and more as he ages.
  20. Badabing888

    Why are CA gas prices going through the roof?

    We pay £1.23 per litre of petrol where I live in the UK, so that’s about £4.66 per US gallon 3.79 litres to 1 US gallon or approx $6 per gallon for you guys. Most of it is tax say around 60%. Does that make you Americans feel better? I put in about 10.5 gallons of gas in my tank a month and...
  21. Badabing888

    The Rugby World Cup 2019

    No complaints. Beaten by a better team on the day physically. Well derserved champions Signs were not good when Sinckler got knocked out by colliding into Maro’s elbow. Dan Cole comes on and gets driven back in the first scrum by the Beast. It turned out to be long 80 mins. i had a gut feeling...
  22. Badabing888

    The Rugby World Cup 2019

    End of an era for ABs for Hansen, Read, SBW, Ben Smith, Crotty, and also for Wales, with Gatland leaving, plus probably AWJ’s last game for Wales. Onto tomorrow’s final. Feeling good for England’s chances tomorrow. Bring Bill home!!
  23. Badabing888

    The Rugby World Cup 2019

    What a game today and the world champions are dethroned after 8 years. England completely outplayed and outthought them.
  24. Badabing888

    Theme Song for Funeral