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  1. Ronny

    Unsure what racquet to try

    Hey guys, so I'm looking for a new racquet. I had been a long time user of the Radical MP series when the string pattern was 18x20. Over the last year or so I have been using the AeroPro Drive GT and whilst I enjoy the easy access to power and spin, I sometimes find it slightly hard to control...
  2. Ronny

    Any advice on what to demo?

    I'm looking for a new racquet- I've been switching between a MG Prestige MP and a Wilson BLX 6.1 team for a while now. I like how the prestige feels on groundstrokes and volleys; it has good weight behind it and i can generate good power. But at times I feel that the prestige is a tad too heavy...
  3. Ronny

    X2 pr oblem

    hey guys, I got a gamma x2 and recently the base of my tensioner has been getting in the way of my turntable and hitting it when i'm trying to spin it. the screws of the base are loose and the the tensioner is sliding. is there anything else i should do besides tighten the screws? and how far...
  4. Ronny

    did my order go through?

    hey tw, i was just wondering if my order went through? i ordered about 14 items and it was under the email just wondering because i havent been sent a confirmation email. thanks
  5. Ronny

    Lacoste internationally?

    hey tw, i was just wondering if u guys ship lacoste internationally to australia? thanks
  6. Ronny

    Order confirmation?

    Hi TW, I just ordered a pair of blue/white nike 2k10's and was wondering if an order confirmation email would be sent to me? Thanks, Ron
  7. Ronny

    Size from Barricade 6 to Ballistec 2.3?

    Hey guys, i was wondering what size would i be in a ballistec 2.3 if i usually wore a size 11.5 on a barricade 6. i need the correct size as there's no shop near by with the ballistec 2.3 i can try on. thanks
  8. Ronny

    string length and instructions for diablo tour?

    hey im looking for stringing instructions for the prince diablo mp, as well as the string length needed for the mains and crosses.. cheers
  9. Ronny

    string needed for os racquet?

    Hey guys, i string racquets myself but have never done an oversize racquet. mainly mid+'s and mids. so my friend gave me 2 of them to do. they are both head ti s5's and im just wondering if i need extra string or something to string them? or would i go lower or higher tension with them. thanks
  10. Ronny

    stringing head radical same as kblade?

    hey guys i was just wondering if stringing a head radical was the same as a kblade in the sense that i can do an around the world pattern without starting clamps
  11. Ronny

    2008 head tour supercombi bag?

    hey, does anyone remember what the 2008 head tour supercombi bag looks like? i've been trying to search for it and can't find it. i initially thought it was this one : (take out the space) but turns out that is the 2007 one...
  12. Ronny

    Upgrade or new machine?

    Hey guys, I currently have a Gamma X-2 machine and am considering upgrading it or buying a new machine. By upgrading I mean putting a wise tension head onto it. A dealer that sells the tension head 2086 near me has a gamma bracket which you can use for gamma dropweights and I was thinking about...
  13. Ronny

    genesis strings

    has anyone tried them? how do they compare against other polys?
  14. Ronny

    Cyberflash 1.20mm vs Big Ace Micro 1.15mm

    Hey guys, I'm trying to chose between these two strings. They are roughly both around the same price and wonder which one is better? I currently use the big ace micro, but it breaks often and I was wondering if the Cyberflash 1.20mm would feel the same as the Big Ace Micro without losing...
  15. Ronny

    Racquets similar to Youtek Radical MP?

    I'm trying to find perhaps racquet alternatives to the Youtek Radical MP. I really like the feel of the ball impact of the Youtek Radical and want something the same or similar. I currently use KBlades MP's. Considering these ones: TF Vo2 320, MG Radical MP, LM Radical MP, Exo3 Rebel Team, K6.1...
  16. Ronny

    Youtek Radical MP vs Microgel Radical MP?

    Hey, I'm about to get a new racquet and was choosing between these 2. Is there really a difference? The MG Rad is a lot cheaper and I'm considering getting that instead. But is the Youtek better? In what aspects? Thanks
  17. Ronny

    Is this a fake?

    I was just browsing around the bay and came across this. It's a bit cheaper than the retail ones at TW and not sure if its legit. http://cgi.e
  18. Ronny

    adidas outsole warranty

    hey, just wondering how much of midsole needs to be shown in order for warranty replacement? mine is 3 months old and has a hole in the outsole revealing the insole. its not too big but i was wondering if it would be enough for a replacement?
  19. Ronny

    HoN beta keys/invites?

    anyone got any HoN beta keys/invites i can have? :D
  20. Ronny

    Cage II or Barricade V

    Which one?
  21. Ronny

    Cages I or II?

    Hey, I'm chosing between shoes atm and am not sure which to get. The Cage I or Cage II. I've had tried both before and am still not sure on which one.
  22. Ronny

    Federer is classy but his fanboys are not

    this is in response to the nadal one :twisted: seriously, posts by breakpoint and many others are just dumb sometimes, a low serving percentage may mean a lot in a match but a higher percentage doesnt mean that he'll win indefinitely....
  23. Ronny

    how to get more power out of mg prestige mp?

    hey, how do u get more power out of a prestige mp? and how would i lead it so it is similiarly balanced to the kblade 98, but not too hh... thanks
  24. Ronny

    Federer was outplayed...plain and simple

    Federer was just simply outplayed in the final and ppl have to acknowledge it and stop crying about how he tanked or how he needs a bigger frame...outplayed, plain and simple.
  25. Ronny

    brake needed to string exo3 rebel?

    brake needed to string exo3 rebel?
  26. Ronny

    Prince DuraPro, Wilson Pro or Yonex SuperG

    Hey, I don't know which one to chose...I'm stuck between all 3. I've tried all of them and like them all.
  27. Ronny

    The DotA Crew

    Anyone here play DotA??:confused: If so, then discuss about it here lol...
  28. Ronny

    Saw The New Yonex Today

    Hey, I was in my local pro shop today and the Yonex rep was there with the new Yonex RDIS racquets. I was talking to him and he said that the racquets would be released next week. I got to take a closer look at it and really like the paintjob. There were 2 of the red ones which I think is the...
  29. Ronny

    OG Sheep Micro or Syn Gut Spiral Flex?

    Hey, I'm looking for a new syn gut and am stuck between the two. can anyone tell me which one to chose? and if so, what gauge? 1.30 or 1.25? im not sure as its a syn gut and syn gut breaks quickly so im opting for the 1.30 but normally use 1.25mm for poly.
  30. Ronny

    fed super6 bag or ncode super6?

    which one? i can get both for the same price... or maybe the yonex thermal one, it looks very nice