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  1. gregor.b

    One For Posterity ?

    I have recently uploaded a video to not me but ... tube, and it was a fairly lengthy process, as it was a complete, unedited video of how it actually occurred. It was about a20 minute video, but had dead air, as in drinks breaks, minor conversations, no one on court, etc. Am I better off...
  2. gregor.b

    High powered high spin soft poly?

    Title says it all. Does such a thing exist? I am coming back from tricep injury and would like to get back to poly, but nothing is as important as just being able to stay out on court. Have been using Ashaway Dynamite and Gosen Micro 17 and 16, with no arm issues so far. Only real problem is...
  3. gregor.b

    My New 2 Handed Backhand (first Attempt)

    Hello to all TT ers. Here is a first time video of me using a 2 handed backhand after 20 plus years of a one hander. Does it look like it has a chance ? Please feel free to comment positively or negatively. It feels weird but you gotta do what you gotta do. Cheers, Greg...
  4. gregor.b

    Most Typical Reason For Shoulder Clunking?

    To the knowledgable forum members; I have a right shoulder that 'clunks' when lifted laterally and creates some discomfort,but is not overly painful most times. This,coupled with a right clavicle that sits at a lower angle than my left, and arm appearing longer,does not look 'normal'. I have...
  5. gregor.b

    What Plays Softer With Natural In Mains?

    Hello esteemed posters, what,in a general type consensus is the softer string from 1-3: Mantis Power Synthetic Gosen OG 16 Wilson Sensation 16 I am using natural gut in the mains and am trying to find the softest/most powerful combo straight up. Thanks in advance, Greg.
  6. gregor.b

    Suggestions On Effective Rubs For Arm Injury?

    Have any posters out there got any suggestions for EFFECTIVE herbal or medicated rubs that you have personally used? I have injured my arm (ligaments/tendons/muscles) and have now had 1 full month off. I am ready for massage and would appreciate some suggestions from the people out there who...
  7. gregor.b

    Is There Such A Thing As A Soft 98 That Is Universally Accepted As The Best?

    Says it all in the title.After many hours of testing,I am still struggling to find anything to replace my old N Blades. Seems the big thing is the combination of mid weight (325-335 strung) and the flex ( up to 60). Have tried various racquets such as BB Melbourne,Head Prestiges (all types)...
  8. gregor.b

    How To Keep Motivated While Recovering From Injury

    Hello fellow posters.Am currently R & R from triceps/elbow /forearm injuries.What do you do and how do you keep motivated to keep the rehab up even though you know you won't play for at least 1-2 months? It is hard to stay motivated just because you want and the intensity and desire start to...
  9. gregor.b

    Forehand Funk Or What?

    Hey guys,I have noticed a funny thing happening with my forehand from time to time.My left arm seems to get out of sync. I can see what it is but don't know why it happens or what is causing it.Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Greg.
  10. gregor.b

    Help I Am Desperate

    I am in desperate need of advice on a powerful but more importantly comfortable soft synthetic or multi.It is getting cold down here in Australia and elbow and shoulder pain are starting to cause sleepless nights.It is going in an 18 x 20 N Blade and I fit with minimal spin on most strokes...
  11. gregor.b

    Need Opinions On Kobra Tour

    Any Kobra Tour users out there? Just got a couple and need some string/tension ideas for a 5.0-5.5 42 year old.Just leaving the world of tennis elbow so something that won't hate me.
  12. gregor.b

    Is It A Big Jump?

    Hey guys,need some general opinions on whether it's a big jump to go from a FP Instinct (18x19 330 gr strung std balance) to a PDRGT+.My concerns are that I'm 42,what I think you guys would call a 5.0-5.5 (itn 4 in Australia) but do not hit with a huge amount of spin (unless hitting a c/c pass...
  13. gregor.b

    Genuine or Fake?

    Does anybody out there know of a sure fire way of telling if I am getting a genuine racquet instead of a fake-is it likely to have anything to do with weight/balance?