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  1. srv vlly

    How long does a playtester use a shoe before reviewing?

    When a TW playtester is reviewing a shoe, how long do they wear the shoe before reviewing it? Is there an hour requirement? (i.e. playtest for 10 hours before review.) Thanks!
  2. srv vlly

    Where is the best tennis city in the world?

    Somewhere with plenty of tennis courts, good weather, and a wide range of skill level. Or maybe there is other criteria. You decide. Let's try to figure out where the best tennis city in the world is. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  3. srv vlly

    John Patrick Smith swinging a Microgel radical in 2020

    Still a good stick! Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  4. srv vlly

    Chicago Tennis

    I will be moving to Chicago in January 2020 and wanted to see where people play and if there are any groups to join. I am NTRP 5.0 and am looking to get some good hitting in.
  5. srv vlly

    Kyrgios x Kyrie Sneaker Collab
  6. srv vlly

    Freshly Strung Racquets

    Am I the only one who doesn't prefer freshly strung racquets? I use a Cyberflash/OG Micro hybrid and I prefer the strings after a week of playing. I feel like once the strings have broken in I have a better feel for the ball as opposed to a fresh racquet. Does anyone else feel the same?
  7. srv vlly

    Tomas Berdych Bag Check while pulling out the instinct you can clearly see the orange radicals in his bag. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL :)
  8. srv vlly


    Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had a website that will play the journeymen dvd. I remember catching it on tennis channel a few years ago, but now im very curious about theyre filming because i want to do the same type of video for college tennis.
  9. srv vlly


    I'm finally getting back into shape. Does anyone have any plyometrics workouts, or a site that has them. Thanks in advance
  10. srv vlly

    tw leather grips

    are u guys getting a new shipment of them anytime soon? thanks
  11. srv vlly

    protein shakes?

    I notice that almost everyone and their mother drink protein shakes following a workout at my gym. I was also reading online that it is important to have a form of protein following a workout to repair muscles. I also read on this site that you shouldn't eat anything following a workout so you...
  12. srv vlly

    Utterly confused with my weight.

    Well I weigh approximately 182 lbs. Yesterday I weighed myself before I went to play tennis and I was 182. I came back from tennis 2hrs later, and I was 178. Then today I weighed myself before I went to the gym, I was 180. When I got back from the gym, about 90min later I was 182. I didn't...
  13. srv vlly

    pros workout?

    does anyone have any pros workouts? i looked around and havent really found any.
  14. srv vlly

    new head atp bags.

    The 2008 head atp bags are in at tw. I must say they look pretty sweet. Go check them out.
  15. srv vlly

    how does this sound?

    I am going to the gym after a 5 month layoff. here is my cardio that i now do. 25 minutes on stationary bike, 15 minutes on treadmill, and 10 minutes of jump rope. i also play tennis about 4 times a week 2hrs each time.
  16. srv vlly

    roddick to win either us open or wimbledon in 07!

    thats right i said it. i really think he has a serious chance, after watching the first set against federer at the tms, he looks like he has what it takes.
  17. srv vlly

    do you wear tennis sneakers outside of tennis?

    do you wear them, or do you wear more casual/trendy sneakers, such as jordans, or dunks.
  18. srv vlly

    red code

    anywhere i could buy it in ny, for regular price, as in w/out the price of stringing. thanks
  19. srv vlly

    most popular grip size

    which on is it?
  20. srv vlly


    does anyone know how much it costs to use AIM on boost mobile? i need this answer urgently! thank you tw board members
  21. srv vlly

    starting a racquet store

    where could i get racquets from like a store would. i am looking to start a store but i need to know where to get my resources from. can anyone here help me find a place to get inventory?
  22. srv vlly

    6 month warranty

    how worn down does it have to be to be sent in for adidas?
  23. srv vlly

    how are the Tecnifibre Spinfire strings?

    any experiences?
  24. srv vlly

    tennis racquet wholesalers

    where can i find a tennis racquet wholesaler. i am looking to open up a pro shop, nothing to rival tw, that would be my wildest dream. but if anyone knows of a wholesaler or where i could find one please let me know. thanks and keep volleying
  25. srv vlly

    what sneakers should i buy?

    i need a new pair of tennis sneakers, i need durability, and a decent price, and comfort. i already have had a pair of barricades but i need a second pair. thanks.
  26. srv vlly

    new strings

    i am a serve and volley type player. i used to use klippermate synthetic gut, but it dosent last long enough. i need a new string for my mains one that is durable, but wont take away from the touch i need.
  27. srv vlly

    any channel to watch grass court season leading up to wimbledon?

    any american channels, or anyway i could watch it?
  28. srv vlly

    barricade bag review!

    my coach has the new barricade bag. it looks so big on tw, and looks really hot right. the bag looks very small, very very small. it still looks tight but not as much as the picture advertised. a no no in my book.
  29. srv vlly

    major problem

    i have a major tournament play problem. for some reason i cant beat someone that is a worst player than me. not extremely worst, just slightly. i cant finish points for some reason. any advice?
  30. srv vlly

    help me choose

    which sneakers should i buy. lotto speed raptors, reebok pumps, or upset dmx? i play about 6 days a week for about 3hrs a day, and i burnt through barricade 3's in about 2 months. thanks the og serve and volleyer