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  1. NothingButNet

    Tennis' Golden Era is the FedEra

    Being recognized by all objective observers as the GOAT can't be easy, but Federer has sacrificed himself upon the altar of sport to B E C O M E tennis itself by sealing a 20th Slam. When he goes, tennis goes. Want proof? Don't think I've ever seen the ATP try to flog tickets for the O2...
  2. NothingButNet

    Secret tennis facts

    u kno tnns? prove it rank yourself...then post something you think most of us aren't likely to know about this sport we claim to follow so closely :D I rate myself a 'Super Fan' and have heard lots of odd stuff about the ATP/WTA/ITF rulebook over the years I'll be a man about it and confess...
  3. NothingButNet

    All about the $$$

    Players act as though it’s all about the titles and prestige of the tournament, but one motivation drives them all. As a player and a fan, it’s intriguing to see (especially emerging and lower-ranked) players earn career-changing sums of money on Tour. That first big win or super-deep fluke...
  4. NothingButNet

    I’d consider it a success if…

    [what the title says :p]
  5. NothingButNet

    Laver Cup = Exho?? Errr…no

    A week has passed. Rajah Federer’s homage to the living legend ATG - one of the few living players to have a Grand Slam court named in his honor - was an unparalleled and, admittedly, unexpected triumph. In its confetti-strewn and stale Moet afterglow, spectators and the sport’s commentators...
  6. NothingButNet

    The 'Only Slams Will Do' Club

    Too lazy to trawl the the TTW hive mind is rumoured to be superior. Two questions: Across a full season, has any player won ONLY SLAMS and no other title? Federer at some point will undoubtedly earn the right to create such a joke of a schedule that he'll blatantly only be...
  7. NothingButNet

    Feeling sorry for Rafito the Hum-Bull

    Poor Rafa: Will unleash a Category 5 hurricane against the Gentle Giant's backhand, reducing Juan-Martin to tears and the pro-Delpo contingent to swears. Will become something of a villain to the masses. Is lugging around the weight of an undeserved No.1, knowing he dodged a bullet this SF...
  8. NothingButNet

    It's Vanderweghe or the Highway!

    The brash, trash-talking American's certainly seeing herself as a force to be reckoned with. She's weaponised her backhand, added a dollop of aggression to her game and topped it all off with an renewed, tactical (in her words, "complex") approach to the game these last few weeks that's...
  9. NothingButNet

    Brand Diplomacy: Are players 'allowed' to criticise fellow endorsees?

    Ever get the sneaky suspicion that when a big story breaks, there's sometimes a deafening silence from a few players? Loyalty is one thing, but some of these usually outspoken guys and gals would normally be expected to have more than a few things to say...especially if the issue at hand...
  10. NothingButNet

    King Kygs on the Kusp...!

    Here's how it's gonna go down. Cincy 2017 is going to be the turnaround tourney - book it! Santa's going to bag this Masters and from here on in, this taste of glory is going to see him finally buckle down and stake his claim as the AussieMalayGreek GOAT. The kid's talent is...
  11. NothingButNet

    Returning to tennis after injury (the comeback trail)

    Just wanted to pool the wisdom of the forum into one thread so those looking to hit the courts again after a layoff could have something to refer to. Whether an injury was medically supervised or you more or less "self-diagnosed", the tricky part for me is deciding when to go. Even if...
  12. NothingButNet

    Pacific X Feel line

    Hi guys - any idea on when these will be available through Tennis Warehouse Europe? Will they also retail at the X Force line's prices, more or less? Thanks in advance!