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  1. Omega_7000

    Alcaraz: "My game is similar to Federer" Alcaraz thinks his game is similar to Federer and recognizes his serve needs improvement. He is indeed exciting! Hope he hires a coach that can improve his serve and doesn't turn him in to another high percentage grinder.
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    Genuine question: What is your problem with Nick?

    People often criticize him for being candid, and then he has a cathartic moment where he dares to not be a sheep and criticize Djokovic, and people still hate him for it. It's fine if you don't like Kyrgios, nobody is making anyone like him, you are free to dislike anyone you want. Other players...
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    Will Djokovic scream at IBM Watson?

    Will he scream at IBM after he beats Garin? "Novak Djokovic Not Very Favored, According to Wimbledon Website"
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    Why is Rublev so bad at the majors?

    As the title suggests...Why is he so exceptional in 500 events but always sucks at the slams? Is it fitness? confidence? movement? or is he only good in BO3's?
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    The Hypocrisy!

    When Federer was 34, everyone was shocked at him being able to compete with the top dogs on faster courts with an efficient/aggressive style of play..............The same posters now claim Nadal will be impossible to outlast on the most physically demanding surface at the same age with a style...
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    Endurance/Stamina problems after 1st set

    I get too tired too quick and this has been a major problem me for the past few months or so when playing tennis. I start fine and then my technique, anticipation, footwork goes out the window when i'm fighting fatigue, exhaustion. Strangely i can still run fast but my muscles feel too tired to...
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    Wilson Blade 98 18X20 String Recommendations

    Any string recommendations for Wilson Blade 98 18X20 string pattern? I've used a full bed of Wilson NXT in the past but i feel like there isn't enough power with this setup. Any recommendations? A full bed of Luxilon...
  8. Omega_7000

    Wilson Pro Staff 97 String Recommendations

    I'm currently playing with Wilson Pro Staff 97 (see link below), I've tried a full bed of Luxilon ALU Power & Wilson Duo Control (Luxilon 4G Rough & NXT Control). Both string beds were ok but I think Luxilon ALU power...
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    2019 has been the worst year for Fed fans

    The most pathetic year for Fed fans....Losing wimbledon after holding championship points and both Djokovic and Nadal winning two majors each....Also, STILL no sign of any threat to Djokovic and Nadal in slams from anyone besides a 38 year old Fed.
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    How can everything always goes Nadal's way?

    Federer needs to slog through Nadal and Djokovic and still ends up getting match points to still lose the match.... Nadal gets to face nobodies to win this USO and gets to avoid Djokovic at both FO and USO.... It's amazing...I was micking their jinx threads but it looks like Pantera and other...
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    How is Dominic Theim # 4 in the world?

    How is this guy still # 4 in the world after accomplishing nothing significant on any surface other than clay??? He is good only on one surface and is still Nadal's puppet there...Just goes to show how pathetic the tennis field is right now outside the 34 to 38 year old top three players. :rolleyes:
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    6-3 6-0 Nadal vs Mdevedev

    The scoreline from Rogers Cup final. Does anyone really think Medvedev stands a chance against Nadal? I saw the highlights and he basically had no answers to anything Nadal was throwing at him. He has no weapons that can hurt Nadal either except maybe his serve. It's going to be washout...
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    Wilson ProStaff 97 String Options

    I've been using Wilson NXT with this racquet and noticed a loss of control. Do you guys have any recommendations for a non-hybrid string bed for for Wilson ProStaff 97? I've come across a few recommendations online and it's very confusing, 1) ALU Power 16L...
  14. Omega_7000

    Nadal lucky due to lost era

    I think Nadal, Murray and Djokovic lucked out to some extent because they never had young players consistently challenging them. Federer had Nadal Djokovic and Murray...These guys have Dimitrov, Nishikori and Raonic. It's amazing how there isn't a single player from this useless generation that...
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    How can the #2 player serve this bad

    # 2 ranked player who is supposedly the biggest rival to Djokovic serving 50% in a slam final. Really disappointing from Murray.
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    Who will be tougher in the final?

    I know Djokovic is the overwhelming favorite in the final but who will give a tougher match between Raonic and Murray? Personally I'd like to see how the new and improved Raonic does with his big serve and power hitting against Djokovic. I think Raonic has an outside chance as his game doesn't...
  17. Omega_7000

    Wilson 2015 Blade 98 18X20 Tennis Racquet

    I've been using the Wilson k blade 98 racquet for the past two weeks and feel like I have developed tennis elbow and pain in my wrist. I was using a Wilson K Factor [K]Blade 93 for the past two years but I've lost power and...
  18. Omega_7000

    Wilson 2015 Blade 98 18X20 Tennis Racquet

    I've been using the Wilson k blade 98 racquet for the past two weeks and feel like I have developed tennis elbow and pain in my wrist. I was using a Wilson K Factor [K]Blade 93 for the past two years but I've lost power and...
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    French Open::: The men are separated from the boys!

    Now that Djokovic has routinely put away Nadal, the men have been separated from the boys. Potentially a final between Wawrinka & Djokovic...unless we have a upset. I'm happy!
  20. Omega_7000

    Djokovic said he was feeling fatigued

    Something wrong with him? He said he wasn't feeling normal and fatigued after 2-1/2 sets in his post match interview...Anyone have info on this? That's gonna make Ralph the hands down favorite if he is indeed not fully fit.
  21. Omega_7000

    Bruguera & Nadal - 3,300 rpm average topspin

    Interesting article backed up with facts...Thought Nadal's average topspin was the highest in history as per his fans on this board....Bruguera hit with the same average topspin...and this was without the use of co-poly strings... ■ Nadal's forehand averages 3,300 rpms, which is about 18%...
  22. Omega_7000

    Mental Games: Nadal Camp

    You have to give it to them...they are very good at maintaining a mental edge over their rivals by never giving them full credit for the win...There is always a caveat..."My knee, back etc. was paining but this is not the right time to mention it" I mean just look at headlines all around the...
  23. Omega_7000

    If you could pick one major?

    You're a tennis pro and have 1 major in your career...Which one would you wish it was? and why?
  24. Omega_7000

    How many Slams would Nadal have if Davydenko had been as dedicated as Federer/Nole?

    What if Nadal played all his finals against Davy instead of Federer...What would the outcome be for Nadal? This post got me thinking...
  25. Omega_7000

    World Tour Finals vs Olympics Gold

    Majority posters would agree that WTF is somewhere between a major and a MS1000 i.e. lower than a major and higher than a MS1000. It seems people are undecided when it comes to comparing it with Olympics gold. Let's take a look at the list of Olympic Gold winners, 1896 Athens  John Pius...
  26. Omega_7000

    Where does WTF stand?

    To sensible posters it would seem WTF would be somewhere below a major and higher than MS1000 and Olympics...But some folks think WTF is merely an exhibition and the ATP awards 1500 points for a glorified exhibition. So I've got a poll to see how people rank the WTF here. Also here is...
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    Rod Laver claims Roger Federer is the best player of his generation

    Laver: Federer is the best player of his generation & cannot compare eras "When I look at Federer, with what he's accomplished, against the competition that he's accomplished it with, I'd have to say I would think that Roger is the greatest player,'' said the Aussie." He also added you can...
  28. Omega_7000

    Toni Nadal furious with ATP:"Rafael didn't win Masters because of them!"

    The Master of the end of the year has been always played on hard court: “The surface can’t be changed because ATP has so decided. I think that it’s not fair to play always on the same surface simply because tennis is also played on court and grass. Probably because of ATP, Rafael has never won...
  29. Omega_7000

    Why is there so much hate for Federer?

    I don't see it anywhere outside of this forum. All my friends that are tennis fans are either Federer fans or respect him if he's not their favorite player. Only on this forum do I see so much hate. People jump on him like vultures feeding on a carcus every time he loses... It's difficult...
  30. Omega_7000

    27 year old peak Nadal vs 32 year old injured Federer

    A 32 year old injured Federer in the worst form of his career almost took out peak injury free 27 year old Nadal in the best form of his career. That says a lot! I never imagined peak Nadal playing at his absolute best would have so much trouble dismissing an old semi-retired injured Federer...